Welcome To Super Affiliate List Building

alexnazHi my name is Alex Naz.

I’m so excited to help you build a profitable email list.

This is a huge opportunity for you. You are going to build your own business on a solid foundation!

After all, I can’t think of any better job in the world. You are the boss. You can decide to work when you want and from where you want. You can even stay in bed on a Monday morning when everybody else is dragging themselves to work in the cold rain.

The internet has opened up a world of opportunities and all you need is the determination to go and grab them. Therefore I want to say a huge congratulation on taking action and making a commitment to change your life. A commitment to stay on track and learn what you need to build a profitable email list and earn a life-changing income.

I think you are here to actually put this information into action and focus on each step in the system. I think you are that kind of person and I am here to help you be successful.

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Perfect! Let’s move on.

The steps in this course are not hard to implement and if done right you will see good results before you know it.

However, it will require your full attention and focus to comple each step (one at the time) without being distracted or loose momentum.

In the section below you will find three tabs. The first tab is about the system and what you are going to learn. The second and third tab is about mindset and productivity.

I recommend that you go through all three tabs before you move on.


What you will learn Your Mindset (Will Make it Or Break it) Productivity Hacks

Okay, let’s dive into this powerful business system and take a look at what you are going to learn in Super Affiliate List Building.

In this training you will learn how to build an email list with highly targeted, traffic from affiliates.

Super Affiliate Flow new

Here are the 3 Action Steps you are going to implement in the next few weeks or even days if you want to.

Action Step #1: You need a hot-selling digital information product

  • Niche Selection
  • Product Outcome selection
  • Product Creation (Note: You don’t have to create it yourself)

Action Step #2: Then you prepare a product launch

  • Sales Machine Creation
  • Product Management – JVZoo Setup
  • Email platform Setup
  • Attracting affiliates

Action Step #3: Time to launch your product

  • Post-Launch (Go evergreen)

Maybe you don’t know exactly what an affiliate is and maybe it’s starting to sound a little confusing but don’t worry. I’ll explain each step for you.

Now scroll up and go to the next tab.

First of all, my goal is to help you become successful. You can do this!

You have to put in some work and invest your time but it will be worth it. The method is powerful stuff and you just have to take massive action.

This method is not about being perfect or creating a huge all inclusive information product. It is much easier and more profitable if you keep it simple.

My reason “WHY”

Have you been considering why you are doing this? Why do you want to build an email list and have a huge audience?

There’s a lot of power and motivation in “Your reason WHY” – Use the template to write your own reason why. Do It Now!

“I want ____insert what you want here______ because I want to be able to ____insert your reason why here______.”

Here are some examples of reasons WHY:

  • “I want to have 15,000 email subscribers on my list because I want to be able to live on my terms while teaching people how to do the same”
  • “I want build an email list because I would like to have financial freedom”
  • “I want to have 8,000 email subscribers because I would like to be able to have more time to be a good dad and an attentive husband”
  • “I want to grow a responsive audience and create a solid and long term business that will allow me to skip my 9 to 5 job (and work when I want and from where I want and spend time with my family)”
  • “I want 10,000 email subscribers because I would like to be able to have fun and fell good about helping other people succeed”

My simple rules for online success

Do you have a plan and a set of rules that you follow or do you just follow your instinct and what feels right today? Having a plan and your own rules will increase your success rate 10X!

Here are some examples of simple rules:

  • I don’t buy “make money fast” products (new shinning object) and I don’t read the promotion emails because they remove focus from my strategy
  • I have a specific goal and I review my goal daily e.g. I want to make $100 a day = xx visitors and xx conversion rate
  • I plan my weekly tasks on Sundays and I plan my daily tasks the day before
  • I always know my 3 most important tasks for next day before I go to sleep
  • I respect the power of less – and I eat my biggest frog every day! (Meaning I don’t over-complicate things and I always complete the most important task first thing every day)
  • I keep focus on my strategy and I complete what I begin working on – one task at the time 
  • I take massive imperfect action – I don’t want to be perfect, just good enough
  • I work hard and don’t give up!
  • I take good care of my self. I eat healthy, get a good sleep every night and exercise every second day
  • I know that the more action I take, the more I will fail (learn), but also the more I will win! (earn)

You should write your reason WHY down and look at it every day. And if you are serious (I know you are), then also write down your simple rules and look at them every day.

If you want a real business you have to treat it as a real business. I say this because this is where most people fail. You are going to make money with this method but you have to take action and stay focused.work proces icons

You have to realize that there’s no magic tricks, no magic software or shortcuts that will help you make money without putting time and effort into play.

You have to invest a lot of time and even some money to create a business. The good thing is that building an online business is possible – even on a tiny budget.

Treat this as a real business and it will pay you like a real business. It won’t be easy, it won’t be fast, but it will be worth it.

Are you ready to do this? AWESOME!!!

Action Step
Before you go on.

  1. Write your goal and your reason why on a piece of paper: “I want ____insert what you want here______ because I want to be able to ____insert your reason why here______.”
  2. If you have decided on 1-3 simple rules for your online success also write them on the same piece of paper
  3. Put the paper on the wall right in front of you where you work, so you will see it every day!

Now scroll up and go to the next tab.

Coming Soon!

Action Step
Before you go on.

1) Plan a launch date and write it into your calendar.

2) Then make a plan for the next 7 days – You need blocks of time where you can work without being disturbed. The more time you can reserve, the better!

3) Schedule at least an hour 7 days from now to evaluate your progress and plan the next 7 days. This 7 day planning process should be continued every week from now on.

4) Before you go to bed make sure to plan the next day in as much detail as possible. What tasks are you going to complete, when are you going to work etc.


If you need help remember to please ask your questions in our FB-group.