Super Affliliate List Building Profits

How to implement this money making strategy step by step. Let’s take a look at how this works:

Step 1: You to choose a high converting affiliate offer to promote.

Always go for products with 50% – 100% commissions and make sure they have a good JV-page and a professional sales page. I like to test the products I promote either by asking for a review copy or by buying the product. This way I can make sure it is good quality before I promote it to my list!

jvzoo sellers top

1) Find top-sellers to promote is an excellent strategy. But you want to get in as early as possible – therefore I recommend you to focus on up-coming launches.

2) You can easily find profitable upcoming launches that look interesting for your email list and start planning your bonus page and emails in good time. (requires sign in). find products

3) You can also go to the JV Calenders like this one to find high commission product launches:, and

Step 2: You create a bonus page to make it highly attractive to buy through your affiliate link

If you are just starting out and you don’t have bonus products to use in then the easy way is to add PLR products – just google PLR+keyword and choose high quality products that support the product you promote.

You don’t have to be very creative and experienced to do this like a pro! You can just look at what the top affiliates do and find inspiration from their pages. I have signed up to a lot of email list of top affiliate markers to monitor what products they promote and what they do to attract buyers.

Advanced Tip #1: Add scarcity buy adding a count-down timer on your bonuses. I use Instabuilder on my WordPress site, but Clickfunnels does this as well.

Advanced Tip #2: Add a re-targeting pixel on the bonus page to be able to show targeted ads to your visitors – some of them will need to see the offer more than one time to be convinced.

Step 3: Send a promotion email to you list telling them about your incredible offer 

This is easy if you use GetResponse and you don’t have to write your emails from scratch. If you have signed up to some of the top affiliates you can look at what they are writing in their emails and find inspiration for your own promotions.

IMPORTANT! Do never just copy paste emails or copy from others (it is unethical and it won’t work long term)

Step 4: Rinse and repeat… and make even more money!

Advanced Tip #3: If the offer converts well you should consider to scale up by using paid traffic from Facebook. You can make a “lookalike audience” if you have added a re-targeting pixel on your bonus page.

Advanced Tip #4: It is important to keep measuring your conversions and scale if you have a winner.