Step #2: Prepare Your Product Launch

Great job!

You have created your first digital product and you have a traffic magnet that will help you build a free email list.

Now it is time to prepare your product launch.

First you need to setup your Sales Machine. This will automate the whole sales process for you.


Sales Machine CreationProduct Management - JVZoo SetupEmail Platform SetupAttracting Affiliates
Building a sales machine is a vital step and you need good tools to help you simplify the process.

There’s a ton of different tools you can choose from and I suggest you start out with the tools I use.

They work like a charm and you can get started without having to pay anything up front (free trail, no credit card required).

Here’s an overview of the sales machine process:

Super Affiliate Flow jvzoo

High Converting Sales page

First of all you will need a sales page to start selling your product.

You need a good sales page to convert your visitor into buying customers. It takes some training and some testing to get it perfect, but the good thing is that your sales page don’t need to be perfect when you start out.

I recommend you find inspiration from successful competitors. There’s no reason why you should start from scratch when the experts already have tested and found proven concepts for sales pages in your niche.

If you look at some of the best-selling products in your niche and model their design and language you will set yourself up for a good start. You want to use the same structure, the same kind of images, colors and copy writing, but don’t just copy a sales page!

The basics of a great sales page:

  • You will find that great sales pages always start with a compelling HEADLINE that demand attention and make a promise
  • Sales pages also often tell a STORY that reveal the reasons behind your offer
  • There’s also most likely TRUST building paragraphs like “why listen to me” and some customer TESTIMONIALS
  • Then a description of the IRRESISTIBLE OFFER (What You Will Get) and PROOF that the product is actually working
  • And let’s not forget the CALL TO ACTION and BUY BUTTONS

It is easy to take a look at the best-selling products in your niche if you sign up as an affiliate and search products similar to your product. You can even get a look at their entire funnel (up-sells and down-sells) and spy on the sales pages for all their products.

jvzoo find products

If you want to see the Sales Page for this product you can go here: LINK!!!!!

When you have found a great sales page that will work with your product I recommend you go to (support me: affiliate link) and create your own version of the sales page (please do not just copy it). Don’t forget to add legal pages.

instapage demo

Instapage has 45 days free trail and it comes with 80 templates ready to use plus the option to create a new page from a scratch.

It is a powerful app that will let you create stunning pages in minutes and even host them for you.

You will find tutorial and getting started guide here.


Alternative option:

I also use WordPress to build my pages and I love the flexibility and ease of use.

If you are familiar with WordPress you should consider to setup a WordPress site for you pages. It is actually quite easy and not expensive at all.

I use Godaddy for domain and hosting because it is cheap, fast loading and they have one-click WordPress install.

I use Instabuilder (Support me: affiliate link) WordPress plugin to create sales pages, thank you pages etc. It is a paid plugin but it is easy to use and it makes good looking marketing pages.

The good thing about WordPress is that you can also use a membership plugin to secure your download page. This way you will not have to worry about people sharing your download link in different forums. I use Wishlist member to secure my membership sites and I think it is a great WordPress plugin but you don’t need all this to get started.

Note: The Instapage free trail is all you need to launch your first product and to start building your free email list. You can implement more advanced strategies when your income begins to take shape.

Advanced options (not included in this training):

  • Consider adding Google Analytics and a Retargeting Code
  • If possible also add an Exit Pop-Up to maximize conversions
  • Create A/B Split Tests

Ecover and Graphics

Okay, you’re doing great! Let’s look at how to get your hands on good looking ecover and graphics for your sales page.

I use eCoverChampion and Youzign to create my ecovers and graphics. Both are good tools but they are also paid tools. I like Youzign a lot because you can create all kinds of graphics very easy and you can use it free for 14 days. It is like Photoshop (Lite) for non tech people.

I also use to create some of my graphics (logos and banners) if I don’t have time or budget for a graphic designer. It is a free tool and it can help you create amazing stuff in minutes.


If you don’t want to do it yourself I recommend for getting small task done. Look for freelancers with good buyer reviews.

Download Page

Create your Thank You Page / Members Area where you provide access to your product. If you decide to use (support me: affiliate link) you can easily create a page. It can be a very simple solution where your customers get access to a page where they can download your Ebook or watch your videos. You can also add a bonus to provide more value if you want to.

You can also choose to make a more advanced download page by creating a members area with login to secure your product. As mentioned earlier this not hard if you use WordPress. You just need a WordPress plugin to secure your content.

You will also need a customer support platform to handle refunds and other support requests. It can be very time consuming if you don’t have a good system in place. I recommend that you use Zendesk. It is powerful and it comes with a free trail and extremely cheap rates. You can easily create a customer support page using Instapage and just add your Zendesk support email address. You can see an example here:


You now have your sale page and download page ready and it is time to create an engaging JV-page to help attract affiliates.

Just like when creating your sales page, I recommend you spy on the best-selling products in your niche and model their JV-page. This is a powerful method that will help you leverage the knowledge and insights of the most successful people.

The Top-selling products often have an affiliate page with useful information and promotion tools that you can model. affiliates

In general a JV-page should present your product and the commission you pay per sale to potential affiliates. It should also provide affiliate with tools to make it easy to promote your product, such as affiliate link, email swipes and banners.

Remember to add the date of launch and to show a breakdown of the products & commissions in your funnel. It is essential to make it easy for affiliates. Therefore provide easy access to affiliate links, your contact details and promo materials.

I recommend that you provide professional email swipes and banners. You can find inspiration from best selling competitors, but don’t just copy them. If you don’t have time or skills to create banners you can just outsource it. I like fiverr because of the low cost and the ability to filter and find high rated freelancers for your needs.

If you want to see the JV-page for this product you can go here: LINK!!!!!

When you have found a great JV-page that will work with your product I recommend you go to (support me: affiliate link) and create your own version of the JV-page (please do not just copy it).


Action Step
Now take action and create your own sales machine.

Step #1 Create your sales page.

  1. First plan everything. Find the sales page you want to model and prepare the graphics
  2. Go to Instapage and choose a template for your sales page. If you can’t find a template with a similar design you can create it from scratch. Just choose a blank template.
  3. Don’t worry about buy buttons yet, we will add them later

Step #2 Create your thank you page / download page

  1. Go to Instapage and choose a template. The “thank you page” template is a good starting point.
  2. Add welcome text and graphics
  3. Upload your product. It is easy to upload your Ebook to the download button

Upload ebook

Step #3 Create your JV-page

  1. First plan everything. Find the JV-page you want to model and prepare the text, jv-tools and graphics
  2. Go to Instapage. Create your JV-page

I recommend that you sell your product via the product and affiliate platform JVZoo.

Selling via a platform like JVZoo will make the process so much easier for you. On top of that JVZoo has hundreds of affiliates waiting for your product to be launched so they can promote it.

JVZoo is a solid payment processor and they will take care of most of the boring stuff for you.

Now it is time to get your product submitted in the JVZoo sellers area. It is very straight forward and JVZoo have a lot of great tutorials, so I don’t have to .

I have embedded JVZoo’s Product Setup tutorial here to help you get started.


Action Step
Now take action.

  1. Create a seller account at JVZoo. Just go to this link and follow the steps
  2. Follow the tutorials and submit your product inside the JVZoo sellers area.
    • I recommend that you pay 100% in commission to attract as much affiliate traffic as possible and that you sell unlimited quantity (auto approve?)
    • I also recommend that you add a price tag between $7 and $17. This will have a good conversion rate in most niches.
    • It is also possible to use protected download but I recommend that you create your own download page.

You also need an email platform to collect buyer emails and this platform should allow you to send automatic and broadcast emails to your customers.

I recommend that you use GetResponse (support me: affiliate link) to handle you email lists and to send emails. It is a powerful platform and it integrates smoothly with JVZoo.

getresponseGetResponse has a 30 day trail and the platform integrates very well with JVZoo. Let me explain why this is important.

If you combine Getresponse with JVzoo (your product management platform) you will get your buyers added directly to your email list.

Getresponse also has a lot of training and tutorials to get you started. It is an awesome email marketing platform.

It will take some time to get everything in place the first time you do it but it is so worth it! Go..go..go.


Action Step

Now take action.

  1. You need to sign up and integrate your GetResponse account (support me: affiliate link) with your JVZoo account.

I embedded this tutorial from JVZoo to help you. It’ll explain the process.

Congratulation! You are almost ready to launch your digital product.

But before you launch you need some affiliates lined up, ready to promote your product.

After all, you need a lot of free, targeted traffic and other people sharing your product with their audience is what you want.

Maybe you don’t know any people you can ask to promote you product and maybe you don’t feel confident enough to ask top marketers in your niche to promote for you. That’s 100% normal and frankly I felt the exact same way when I just got started.

You will now discover how to get all the traffic you need to grow your email list by having other people promote your products.

How to find top affiliates

find affiliates

Believe it or not. All it takes is a few top affiliates promoting your product and you will get hundreds or even thousands of visitors to your sales page. But where do you find top affiliates?

I have a technique that helps me find top performing affiliates without doing any hard work. It is actually quite simple.

Step #1

Once every week: Go to and other JV pages and sign up for new launches similar to your product. The product vendors will send emails with affiliate leader board result and hand the best selling affiliates on a silver plate for you. This is GOLD INFORMATION!

You can also go to best-selling and recent launches on JVZoo and check the final leader boards on JV-pages to find the best affiliates in your niche.

Step #2

Create a list of top affiliates that you can contact on a ongoing basis e.g. in a spreadsheet. Write down information about the potential affiliate partners:

  • What launch did you find the affiliate? (add link to JV page and the rank on the leader board)
  • Add any personal information that you find
  • And take notes when you communicate with the affiliates to remember important details

Step #3

Now it is time to contact the affiliate and connect with the person. No copy paste email swipe here! It is the relationship building that will bring in the sales.

Build a relationship


You need to reach out and attract affiliates so they can promote your product. But If you start the conversation by asking them to help you it can be hard to convince them. Therefore I recommend that your first move is to reach out to them and ask if you can promote their product to your audience.

It is okay even if you don’t have a list yet. They will appreciate you being willing to promote their product. And if you can find a way to help them with your special skills or knowledge as well it’s even better. Most likely you will strengthen your relationship with them and it will pay off down the road.

You can send a friend request via Facebook and introduce yourself. Keep it simple and uncomplicated. “Hey man…” Add some personal stuff if possible maybe from Facebook e.g. “I saw that you just returned from a vacation… hey that’s awesome…..” or “I saw your recent launch… it was awesome con grants…”

You can choose to record a short video with your introduction, but it is not necessary. When you think they are ready you can ask them to talk via Skype, but only if you are up to it. Just remember, the better relationship – the more likely they will join your launch and promote your product.

Show them you are changing peoples lives


Top affiliates really care about the relationship with their audience and they only want to promote high quality products. Therefore if you can provide proof that your product is good it will help you attract affiliates.

I recommend that you focus on getting positive testimonials and case studies and that you share these with your potential affiliate partners any chance you can.

You can build hype around your upcoming product by discussing it in relevant forums and Facebook groups. Then consider giving away some copies for free and ask for a review or testimonial in return.

Give, give, give…

Affiliates are willing to send you traffic if you give them a high commission of the sale. If you give affiliates 100% commission it will be very attractive for them.

This is exactly what I do. Attracting serious affiliates will help you build your list and this is what a lot of other smart marketers do every day. Heck, the affiliates are building a list of buyers for you – why not give them 100% for their efforts?

Affiliates also like when it is easy for them to promote a product. Therefore I recommend that you give them promo tools and even bonus products to give to their audience. You can spy on top competitors and learn from them what is working.

The best part is that you don’t have to create a full blown training course to succeed with this method. As we have been talking about, if you create a good ebook you will do just great. Your ebook should solve a specific need or problem explained in a step by step manner.

When you begin to master the steps involved in the process you can add more products and build a funnel to increase your ROI. Buyers are very likely to to buy more when they are in a buying mode, therefore presenting them with more relevant and attractive offers right after they purchased is extremely powerful.

Okay, I know what you are thinking – you won’t get paid up front for selling your product. That’s fine. Remember if you where planning to build your list “the old way” you where planning on giving away a free report to make people sign up on your list.

Giving 100% commission will not lose you any money. You will on the other hand get free traffic to build your list without doing the hard work!

Bonus Tips:

  • Create an affiliate sign up form where you collect their email addresses. This way you can inform them about your new product launches and keep them up-to-date on affiliate contests if you decide to implement such in your strategy
  • Promote your affiliate program using Facebook advertising – you can even create a targeted ad and landing page to get attention from a specific top affiliate
  • Prepare a launch with an affiliate contest where the top promoters will win a attractive prize
    Give affiliates opportunity to have 2nd tier commissions. This will give affiliates with a list of affiliates an incentive to refer their affiliates to you


Action Step
Now take action.

  1. Create a list of at least 10 top affiliates that you want to reach out to (keep working on the list)
  2. Get your hands on at least 2 good testimonials for you product – written testimonials or even better on video (it is easy – just ask)
  3. Start building relationships and soon you will have your affiliates lined up for your launch