The HTML5 video player is already being used by several developers and for good reason. Switching from Flash based to HTML5 player results to almost a hundred less lines of codes and smaller size of file. However, creating an HTML website that is user friendly can take a lot of your time. So before going on a project such as generating your own HTML5 video player, it would be better if you can take a closer look at HTML5 video player creations that are out there and see how they did the trick.

One of the best features of HTML5 is its ability to handle video and audio with the <video> element. This newly introduced element allows the implementation of video on a website with minimal coding. With Java based or Flash player, you need to have some kind of third party plugin to enable video play. There is also the thing about Apple hating Flash. If you have an Apple mobile device and you want to view a Flash video, it will not play.

Below are more than 20 HTML5 video player selections for your review. If you find one that you like, please click on the link I have provided with each example for more information. I would appreciate it if you can share your feedbacks with us through the comments. You can also share this post with friends who might get more insight from reviewing a HTML5 video player creation.

ProgressionPlayer – Responsive Audio/Video Player – MORE INFO


This fully featured and easy to customize audio and video player will let you highlight your work easily. When you get this player, you will also receive additional features and a detailed help file.



Like YouTube, this popular site implemented HTML5 video player to share your videos. It also utilizes a HTML5 video embedding iFrame for ads.

Chameleon – HTML5 Video Player with Flash Backup– MORE INFO


if you are thinking of using HTML5 video player for FireFox, you need to create more videos since it does not support MP4. Internet Explorer on the other hand do not provide full screen experience. Chameleon can help you solve the issue.

MediaElement.js– MORE INFO


This HTML5 video player is created with HTML/CSS. If you are using an older browser that do not have support for HTML5, it also has custom Flash player and Java Silverlight that imitates MediaElement API.

Accessible Audio Player– MORE INFO

Accessible Audio Player

APP is a cross browser fully accessible media player. It utilizes Yahoo! Media Player for those that do not support it and the <audio> element of HTML5 for those that do. Accessible Audio Player is available as standalone version or as WordPress plugin, which is referred to as AAPP or Accessible Audio Player Plugin.

Acorn Media Player– MORE INFO


This HTML5 media player focuses on customization and accessibility.

SoundManager– MORE INFO


This player provides a powerful single API that uses HTML5 audio if it is supported and a Flash based fallback if it is needed.

Viddler– MORE INFO


Viddler has a free version but it seems to be focused on professional users that intend to make money from their videos. It has a default player that is more customizable but not as well designed as that in YouTube.

Easyhtml5video– MORE INFO


This free HTML5 video player is a wizard software that helps in creating HTML5 video in your website with just a few clicks.

Dark Onyx– MORE INFO


Dark Onyx is a full video platform that is designed for organizations and businesses of all sizes. It will allow you to customize the player appearance easily, create external playlists, create your own advertisements and share videos over several social media platforms.

LeanBack Player– MORE INFO


This video player uses HTML5 and JavaScript to create a powerful interfact complete with keyboard shortcuts. What is more, it is compatible with Firefox, Safari, Explorer, Opera and Chrome.



This is a whole new beast that is different from popular sites like Vimeo or YouTube. It is a cloud based, full on video management application that comes with very customizable video player as well as other useful features.

Projekktor– MORE INFO


This is an easy to use media player that does not jam like an ordinary slideshow projector. It will allow you to post pre and post roll ads, which can generate some ad income from your videos. It also offers a true full screen mode, playlist options, unified JavaScript API and Flash fallback with RTMP support.

HTML5 Video Player with Multiple Skins– MORE INFOvp1


This video player has new features that include removal of .ogv support, small code improvements and jQuery 9 compatibility.



This is the most popular site for watching and sharing videos. It is also one of the original major supporters of HTML5 video. Embedding a HTML5 video for YouTube will need an iFrame.

(Kaltura)– MORE INFO


This is a standalone HTML5 video player that is used by SublimeVideo and Wikipedia. It is easy to extend and skinable as well.– MORE INFO

blip started providing HTML5 video playback although it may not appear to do so yet. Their transition into HTML5 video can be read through the site blog.



JW Player is not a newcomer to HTML5. Instead it has evolved then adapted HTML5 to improve itself. It works on all major browsers as well as mobile platforms. It also provides a Flash fallback and is skinable.



Flickr is mainly known for its sharing and photo storage capabilities. However, it also provides video sharing and uploading options. If you are going to host a video on Flickr, it will be compatible with HTML5 but it seems you cannot embed it elsewhere.



Like SublimeVideo, VideoJS only provides the video player but it is a really fast and gorgeous one. VideoJS is not a hosted player but a download and they provide skins that are similar to other popular video players such as Hulu and YouTube.



OIPlayer “links” itself to any audio and/or video tags that it encounters. Aside from the general configuration within the plugin, OIPlayer uses the attributes of respective tags for every individual tag.

SublimeVideo– MORE INFO


This HTML5 video player provides iOS support, standard Flash fallback and true fullscreen mode. It has a consistent UI and allows switching of SH-HD video sources with a click. You can also view website video usage stats in real time as well as create playlists.

Degradable– MORE INFOsoukies

soukie's place

Degradable will allow you to embed audio and video on your site using shortcodes. It allows HTML5 native playback for those that are using compatible browsers and offers a neat degradation to other users by way of a lightweight Flash player.