As land creatures, there is something that stirs within us, something mystifying, whenever we see underwater wallpapers. We often wonder in amazement about the things that goes on under the deep seas and oceans. Underwater backgrounds provide us with the amazing sea life that is largely unknown to many of us.

Water covers around 70 percent of our planet’s surface. Aquatic life is very diverse and full of different beautiful creatures that many cannot even identify. Yet, we all love to see marine life and the unique creatures that can be found under the water. Perhaps this is the reason why underwater wallpapers are so popular to people of all ages.

In this post, I have compiled more than 50 awesome underwater wallpapers that will provide a fresh look to your desktop. They present images of fishes and other creatures interacting around colorful coral reefs, set against light reflected by the deep water.

Having one of these underwater wallpapers in your desktop is a sure way of lightening up after a long day. As you gaze into the underwater realm, you can find yourself slowly relaxing, releasing the tension off your tired psyche.


If you like one of these amazing underwater wallpapers, it is easy to download them through the links I have provided with each example. After you are done browsing, please share your thoughts with us through the comment section below. Have you found your favorite HD underwater wallpaper? Do you have a clown fish wallpaper or other kinds of underwater wallpapers adorning your desktop? If this post was helpful, you can share it with your friends.

World Purple California Jellyfish Southern – MORE INFO

World Purple California Jellyfish Southern underwater wallpapers

Dolphin with Fishes – MORE INFO

Dolphin with Fishes underwater wallpapers

Underwater – MORE INFO

Underwater underwater wallpapers

Tarpon and Silversides – MORE INFO

Tarpon and Silversides underwater wallpapers

Underwater HD Wallpaper – MORE INFO

Underwater HD Wallpaper underwater backgrounds

Dolphins – MORE INFO

Dolphins underwater background

Golden Clown Fish – MORE INFO

Golden Clown Fish underwater wallpaper

Bubbles Underwater – MORE INFO

Bubbles Underwater clownfish wallpaper

Octopus Underwater – MORE INFO

Octopus Underwater hd underwater wallpaper

Underwater Beauty – MORE INFO

Underwater Beauty clownfish wallpaper

Underwater Nudibranchia – MORE INFO

Underwater Nudibranchia wallpaper of fish

The World of Jellyfishes – MORE INFO

The World of Jellyfishes underwater wall paper

Turtle Swimming Underwater – MORE INFO

Turtle Swimming Underwater underwater wallpapers[3]

Seals Underwater – MORE INFO

Seals Underwater underwater wallpapers

Turtle on Coral Reef – MORE INFO

Turtle on Coral Reef underwater wallpapers

Underwater Fishes – MORE INFO

Underwater Fishes underwater background

Sea Lion Underwater – MORE INFO

Sea Lion Underwater underwater background

Water Blue Underwater – MORE INFO

Water Blue Underwater underwater backgrounds

Golden-Orange Star Fish – MORE INFO

Golden Orange Star Fish clown fish wallpaper

Marine Turtle Hawaii – MORE INFO

Marine Turtle Hawaii underwater wallpaper

Sea Lion Encounter UnderWater – MORE INFO

Sea Lion Encounter UnderWater underwater wallpapers

Jelly Fish – MORE INFO

Jelly Fish hd underwater wallpaper

Underwater HD – MORE INFO

Underwater HD clownfish wallpaper

Clownfish and Bubble-Tipped Anemone – MORE INFO

Clownfish and Bubble Tipped Anemone underwater wall paper

Metallic Fishes – MORE INFO

Metallic Fishes wall paper of fish

Ocean Fish In Clear Water – MORE INFO

Ocean Fish in Clear Water underwater wallpapers

Turtle and Fishes – MORE INFO

Turtle and Fishes underwater wallpapers

Starfish Party – MORE INFO

Starfish Party underwater wallpapers

Underwater Fish in Bora Bora – MORE INFO

Underwater Fish in Bora Bora underwater wallpapers

Wild Underwater Shark – MORE INFO

Wild Underwater Shark underwater wallpapers

Ice Bear Animal Wallpapers – MORE INFO

Ice Bear Animal Wallpapers underwater wallpapers

Stripes of Gold – MORE INFO

Stripes of Gold underwater wallpapers[3]