Vintage posters started life back in the 1870’s. Initially, printing was only possible with black and white texts. However, with the introduction of the 3 stone lithographic printing process by French artist Jules Cheret, artists everywhere were able to create marketing ideas that they can transform into stunning art that is full of colors.

In recent years, retro designs have made a comeback. From logos to product packaging to website design, people just love the old fashioned look, making retro become alive and classy once again. Retro designs are rampant during the 1960’s and other bygone periods, during which there was no graphic software on hand for designers. There were no font choices, glossy gradients and other tools that can hasten the design process. Artists have to depend on their own hands in creating all details of their artwork.

In this post, we will take a look at vintage posters that exude the appearance and composition of a bygone era. We hope that these vintage posters will serve as your inspiration in your retro vintage projects. If I missed a stunning vintage poster that you know of, please share it with us through the comment section below. You may also share this post with any of your colleagues that might be inspired by vintage posters.

Corn The Food of The Nation – MORE INFO

Corn The Food of The Nation vintage poster


BAD THINGS Vintage V vintage posters

Family Feud: Vintage Variation – MORE INFO

Family Feud Vintage Variation vintage posters

Trama_v2 – MORE INFO

Trama v2 vintage posters[5]

Antique Poster – Maid of the Moon – MORE INFO

Antique Poster Maid of the Moon vintage poster

What’s Wrong? – MORE INFO

What's Wrong vintage posters

Parapluie-Revel – MORE INFO

Parapluie Revel vintage posters

Typography Work Response – MORE INFO

Typography Work Response vintage poster


Signs vintage posters

Just Sayin – MORE INFO

Just Sayin vintage posters

Scenes In The Grand Water Circus – MORE INFO

Scenes In The Grand Water Circus vintage poster

Absinthe Robette – MORE INFO

Absinthe Robette vintage posters

The Escape – MORE INFO

The Escape vintage posters

Romantic Constructivism III – MORE INFO

Romantic Constructivism III vintage poster

The Bottom Line Is The Dollar Sign – MORE INFO

The Bottom Line is The Dollar Sign vintage poster

Kellar Self Decapitation – MORE INFO

Kellar Self Decapitation vintage poster

Start Right Now – MORE INFO

Start Right Now vintage posters[3]

Camp Booklet Cover – MORE INFO

Camp Booklet Cover vintage poster

L’Academie Fuzz – MORE INFO

L'Academie Fuzz vintage posters[3]

Typography Hate Is Baggage – MORE INFO

Typography Hate Is Baggage vintage poster

Don’t Save His Face! – MORE INFO

Don't Save His Face vintage poster[3]

Only in America – MORE INFO

Only In America vintage posters