If you want to integrate events and calendar functionality to your WordPress sites, you can consider the various WordPress calendar plugins that are available out there. WordPress is very easy and straightforward to use and it provides a lot of great features in the standard installation. If you need to have more functionality and advanced control for particular areas of WordPress, you can add them by installing plugins.

If you have a business online and you want your clients or visitors to book apartments, hotel rooms or other services that you are offering, you will be very dependent on an online calendar or booking system. A standard calendar comes with WordPress but it may not offer the functionality you need. This is where dedicated WordPress calendar plugins will come in handy.

There are different types of calendars that can be installed depending on your particular needs. If you need to add upcoming events and important dates for your visitors, you need an event calendar. If you want your visitors to book apartments, rooms, services or the like, you need to install a booking calendar. You may even install calendars that allow scheduling of posts that need to be published. This is done with a drag and drop feature in an interactive calendar at the back end.

Join me in exploring the WordPress calendar plugins I have featured in this post. If you have any thoughts on WordPress calendar plugins, just give us a poke through the comment section below. You may also share this post with your friends if you think it will benefit them.


All-in-One Event Calendar – MORE INFO

all in one

All-in-One Event Calendar is an innovative manner to list down your events and schedules in WordPress. It is also the easiest way to share them with the whole internet community. It collides solid architectural patterns, swift visual design, and potential set of features in order to make the most progressive calendar system in WordPress.

Events Manager – MORE INFO


Events Manager is an event plugin for WordPress with a lot of features based on the ideals of reliability and flexibility. This incredible WordPress calendar has locations management, recurring events, booking management, Google map integration, and, of course, calendar.

Its other features are:

– Multiple Tickets

– MultiSite Support

– BuddyPress Support

– Guest/Member Event submissions

Booking Calendar – MORE INFO

booking calendar

Booking Calendar is a special WordPress plugin that enables online booking services for a website. Any visitor to your site will be able to see the availability of hotel rooms, apartments, houses, or services that you offer. They can also make appointments and reservations. They also have the ability to select from a single day, multiple day, or by-the-hour booking.

WordPress Animated Posts Calendar – MORE INFO


If you will try to notice every calendar plugin, they are very simple and dull. But the WordPress Animated Posts Calendar is different. It is designed with Flash calendar with flexibility, design and animation. Of course, the basic features of a calendar plugin are there but the visitors will enjoy the various colors and animations.

LBEvents for WordPress – MORE INFO


LBEvents for WordPress is a plugin that can allow users to effortlessly make and organize events and showcase them in a calendar. Being easy to use is LBEvents’ main thing. You can easily add any post and page by just inserting calendar base on shortcode. You can also install this very simple and use without any hardship.

WordPress Multiple Events Calendar with Countdown – MORE INFO


This WordPress Calendar plugin is created with both minimalism and functionality. Sometimes, you don’t want any extra activities; you want to go straight to the point. That’s what this plugin will provide. No more extra matters, just the calendar that you need. Secondly, besides from providing the basic, it will also give functionality at its best.

Timetable for WordPress – MORE INFO


Timetable for WordPress is a calendar plugin which is apt for seminars, musical festivals, business events, and sport events. This plugin is specially made for WordPress and it has the capabilities of query and php. This is the ultimate solution in order to attract and show visitors your important events.

Easy WordPress Timelines – MORE INFO


Easy WordPress Timelines is a calendar plugin that makes nice and elegant timelines from posts categories. It comes with a simple yet incredible setting page which assists you in defining default parameters. Because it is “Easy”, you can easily insert a shortcode with your custom parameters and the timeline will immediately appear.

Reservation Calendar – MORE INFO


Reservation Calendar is a WordPress calendar that allows internet users to seemingly rent a time interval to a specific date by using PayPal for payments.

Its other features are the following:

– Lightweight

– Simple payment

– Only SS3 without images

– Shortcode / widget

– Clean and elegant design

– Easy interaction

MB WordPress Calendar – MORE INFO


MB WordPress Calendar is a powerful and versatile calendar plugin for WordPress. It has the following features:

– Event recursion

– All day events system

– Unlimited calendar creation

– Customizable calendars and events through a wide variety of options

– Custom language support

– Multiple and single day events system

– Event priority

– AJAX front-end

BookingWizz for WordPress Add-on for Booking System – MORE INFO


BookingWizz is an add-on that allows you to incorporate bookingwizz into your site powered by WordPress—and that’s without any difficulty. This plugin will automatically install the said application for you with just one simple click. It will flawlessly incorporate a whole system interface into your site. You don’t need to separate login in order to organize your calendars, bookings or events.

Booking System PRO – MORE INFO


The Booking System PRO is a WordPress plugin that will help you create a reservation or a booking system in your WordPress site in a very easy way. Here are its other features:

– Multiple site supported

– Multiple user supported

– Able to book by days and hours

– Ability to group days and hours

– Ability to promote

– Capable of displaying multiple months for nicer visualization

Timeliner – MORE INFO


Timeliner is a very potent plugin that can generate a timeline based on various events. These events can be our blog post, news article, portfolio item, or anything important to you. If you put a date on them then Timeliner will understand hat and automatically timeline your activities. What’s good with this is that it has 2 incredible designs which are both customizable.

WordPress Events Calendar – MORE INFO

wordpress event

WordPress Events Calendar is an elegant and professional WordPress plugin which adds an event calendar to your pages. But aside from this, it has lustrous and fabulous design. It is a cross browser suited and it has languages support. In addition to these, it has multi-calendars in one page, with event widgets. It is well documented and is very easy to customize.

Localendar Calendar for WordPress – MORE INFO


Localendar is a potent calendar with day, week, and month list and block views. It also has a mini calendar widget and an application that tells what’s happening soon. And to top it all up, it is very customizable. Its other features are:

– Email and twitter support

– Calendar in several languages and time zones

– Merge calendars

– Customizable event categories

– Weather forecasts in the local area

3C-Events: WordPress All-in-One Event Calendar – MORE INFO


3C-events is a very dominant WordPress calendar plugin. What’s good with this is that it can be easily used and combined. It has very user-friendly and easy navigation and interface. It can be viewed in different ways like big, mini calendar or just a list of events. This incredible calendar plugin will provide comprehensive suite of statistical information, event publishing and viewing.

EventsPlanner – MORE INFO


EventsPlanner is a very customizable and user-friendly calendar plugin. It can make setting up an event submission form very easy to do. It also has a feature that clearly showcases events on a calendar. You can work out of the provided boxes, making it very easy and quick to use and get started.

Facebook Event Calendar – MORE INFO


Facebook Event Calendar is a WordPress plugin that is designed for those WordPress users who desire to showcase Facebook events on their page. Its other features are:

– Compatibility with WordPress 3.3+

– Customizable CSS

– Easy Shortcode integration

– No comflicting matters with other plugins

– User friendly

– Very simple to integrate

ADJE Event Calendar – MORE INFO


The ADJE Event Calendar is a WordPress plugin which uses WordPress’ custom post type. It integrates with higher API in order to create paid events, accept payments, and add limited capacity towards various events. It also allows registration for free events and add an AJAX-driven calendar with events in the month-views, posted on the front-end of your site.

Smart WordPress Blog Post Calendar – MORE INFO

smart wordpress

Smart WordPress Blog Post Calendar is a very one-of-a-kind way of displaying your archived post in an elegant and sleek widget. Because of this, your internet visitors will have the chance to explore your post archive with all efficiency. Because of this plugin, people can browse the archive and visit specific post just by clicking on your post titles.

WordPress Pro Event Calendar – MORE INFO

pro event

The Pro Event Calendar is a professional and elegant calendar which is very responsive and has the capability to be used inside a widget. Aside from these, Pro Event has the following features:

– It can translate easily.

– It has an easy drag and touch system.

– The layout is very responsive.

– It has cross browser support.

– It also supports Google map.

Sugar Events Calendar Lite – MORE INFO

sugar events

Sugar Events Calendar Lite is a simple and sweet WordPress calendar plugin. Many of the other plugins are too simple or extremely complicated. But Sugar Event Calendar is in the middle; it provides a simple yet complete set of features which are the ones only needed in an event management and organizing.

Advent Calendar Facebook App – MORE INFO


The Advent Calendar Facebook App is the best WordPress calendar plugin for Christmas season. It is actually the best way to prepare for Christmas, especially when you are promoting something. Moreover, its other features are:

– Content offering

– Automatic calendar door switches every day

– Easy setup

– Fangate

– Unlimited baclground options

Calendarize it for WordPress – MORE INFO


Calendars It is a WordPress plugin which features a rich calendar and event systems. This particular calendar plugin aims to hit a much broader audience. It has a very simple point and click interface which adds new events. According to some critics, this is by far one of the best WordPress calendar plugins.

My Calendar – MORE INFO

my calendar

My Calendar is a WordPress plugin that gives event management with multiple ways to display the important events. Here are some of its major features:

– List view of events

– Mini-calendar view

– Display of events in daily, weekly and monthly basis

– Custom platforms for event output

– Recurring events