WordPress gallery theme is a brilliant application for photographers, designers and other like-minded, creative individuals. This is a great platform for them to showcase their wonderful creations in the World Wide Web in a very simple yet professional way.

WordPress is indeed a powerful tool for anyone to conquer the entire internet. Whether you are into business or you’re an artist who just want to show off your talent, WordPress will help you in so many different ways. Take for instance the various WordPress gallery themes available. There are so many that you can choose the right and perfect match for your personal and unique style. WordPress understands that your website should be the expression of your own artistry. That’s why it has created thousands of themes to choose from.

This article will tackle some of the most renown WordPress gallery themes in the World Wide Web. If you are a photographer, a designer or a painter, these are the themes that are right for you. Choose what will express your being an artist. Well, choosing one gallery theme for you will not be hard now because there are so many of them—and the great news is that they are all wonderful and excellent.

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King Size – Fullscreen Gallery Theme – MORE INFO


King size is one of the most popular gallery themes in WordPress. This is the version of an HTML template perfect for creative people who love nature yet formal in terms of packaging their work online. Aside from being top-selling, this template is also the best for photographers who want to present their current and past work of art.

Photocrati WordPress Themes – MORE INFO


Photocrati is probably the most renown WordPress gallery theme in the internet. Maybe because it has so many built-in templates which allow the user to so many different layouts with no need of coding. It is also one of the unique WordPress themes which have built-in image galleries for e-commerce.

Hero – Clean Responsive Theme – MORE INFO


Hero is one of the simplest themes in wordpress. Having a clean yet wide background makes this suitable for companies and professionals who want to advertise their businesses online for proper marketing. This is also good for specifying products and services since it has a mobile responsive design that is susceptible for lines of biz.

Nimble Responsive WP Theme – MORE INFO


Nimble is a bold, huge and beautiful WordPress gallery theme which does not allow its style an fashion to get in the way. To be honest, if you are going to look at all its elements, you’ll find it hard to decide whether they are about style or function. Actually, its colors are not that bright yet the theme still looks elegant and delicious.

PhotoPurePress WordPress Gallery Theme – MORE INFO


Photo Pure Press theme is one of the best design for photographers. This is a professional template which they can use for showing off their creations in the past and present. Also, this WordPress gallery theme is flexible that will give photographers the opportunity to customize their work to invite more audiences.

Trim Business and Portfolio Template – MORE INFO


Trim Business and Portfolio Template is a professional and versatile yet fast and simple WordPress photo gallery theme. With its simplicity you can see the taste of crispness and balance which is very unique and refreshing. To top it all up, it has various excellent features which make the theme very useful for several types of websites.

Flexible Responsive WordPress Portfolio Theme – MORE INFO


Flexible Responsive theme is advisable for all designers and photographers as well as businessmen since this has many features to enjoy while customizing and packaging work. It is described as responsive because the grids are adjustable and user-friendly for both amateur and professional people. This WordPress gallery theme is so enjoyable!

WowWay (Interactive & Responsive Gallery Theme) – MORE INFO


WowWay is a very interactive and a one-of-a-kind WordPress gallery theme for showcasing a creative and illustrative online portfolio. It has various cool features with built-in admin panel—all based on a very responsive grid. Indeed , this WordPress photo gallery theme is the perfect choice in showing off arts and masterpieces.

Web Studio Theme – MORE INFO


Arranged with many feature, this theme is susceptible for photography sites and for those who want to expose their work and make it more appealing. This theme has four colors which are green, blue, orange and purple. The shades are available in dark and light tints. This template is one of the best used themes.

Square – MORE INFO


Square is a minimalistic WordPress gallery theme. But despite its being minimal, it is very powerful and functional. It has compatible applications for mobile devices. It is good for Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad. It also has 2 homepages: one for your portfolio and another for your business endeavors.

Studiofolio Gallery Theme – MORE INFO


Studiofolio gallery theme is very flexible that you can use two types of layouts. You can choose between the full screen and the customized one. This theme is good for creating portfolios of your photographs that will allow you to create the best design for your work. The features of this theme will surely encourage readers as you complete the whole setup.

Daisho – MORE INFO


Daisho is a WordPress gallery theme which is ready for portfolio solutions, especially the portfolios of artistic companies and creative professionals. This is apt for companies and creative individuals because it has minimal outlook which is very corporate and professional looking. But aside from its WallStreet exterior, it has other functional traits such as flexibility, presentation responsiveness, navigation smoothness and approaches which are clutter-free.

Showycase – MORE INFO


With limitless background and image colors, this showycase Portfolio theme is the best for advertising and marketing of your products and services. To start with two skin colors is not really bad because this theme can be customized according to how you want your work to be seen. Photographers and designers can choose this theme for online exposure.

Gleam WordPress Theme – MORE INFO


Gleam is a WordPress gallery theme which was designed to dazzle. It has flashy effects and very smooth AJAX techniques. It makes a very one-of-a-kind experience for visitors that will surely get their utmost attentions. Some of its powerful features are: It allows for custom full background photos for every page. It can easily make a custom eye-catching appearance for every website’s section. It has a full-screen portfolio page.

Shots Photo / Folio Theme – MORE INFO


Shot Folio is customizable and advisable for people who want to advertise their products and services as well as their photographs to share information and knowledge to readers out there. This template allows the designer to resize thumbnails and change the skin colors and background. In Shot Folio, your creations will look very professional.

Expression Photography WordPress Theme – MORE INFO


Expression Photography Responsive WordPress Theme is the perfect WordPress photo gallery theme for photographers, as well as other creative individuals whose way of showing off their works of arts is through portfolios. This gallery platform is powered by the innovative Pexeto Panel. It has several styling options which can give the users opportunity to customize the appearance of their site and create a custom skin.

Rhea WordPress Theme – MORE INFO


Rhea WordPress theme is suitable for all small agencies and companies who need to market and expose their business portfolios online. This theme allows them to customize their chosen design and invite readers to comment or communicate with them through the contact form which works with Ajax, Validation and Mailer.

Core Minimalist Photography Portfolio – MORE INFO


Core Minimalist Photography Portfolio is a minimal WordPress gallery theme which is perfect for photographers’ portfolios. It is designed with the most advanced WordPress features such as “custom post type” and “image uploader”. Aside from these, it also has a wide variety of shortcodes. Thus, it has been the top pick of photographers around the globe.

Chocolate WP – MORE INFO


Powered by Woo Tumblog and Express App, Chocolate WP is now available for its version 3.0 with hundred percent responsive for those who want to present their work beautifully and attractively. Photographers, designers and bloggers can enjoy a wide screen and a slider that will make your portfolio more appealing.

Area53 – Responsive HTML5 WordPress Theme – MORE INFO


Area53 is a very responsive type of HTML5 with various excellent features such as cool slider, content composer (in order to make professional sections in just a few minutes), and filterable portfolio. Other features of Area53 are:

– It has minimal design which is advisable for companies and corporate endeavors.

– It has localization support.

– It is ready for WordPress 3.0 plus.

– It has a custom default log-in for logo.

Glare Theme – MORE INFO



Glare theme is the most advisable for photographers who want to bring their business to the advanced level. This has two types of homepages. You can enjoy having a full screen video background and a photo slider. Designers can use HTML codes and make the whole template more beautiful for more success in the business.

Photoshot – MORE INFO


Photoshot is a very one-of-a-kind WordPress gallery theme. It is especially designed for photographers in order for them to show off their photographs with style, and in a very simple way. Its main main features are:

– It has a favorite box.

– It has a unique menu.

– It can have 3 varieties homepages.

– It has custom shortcodes.

– It can have bountiful documentation.

Artiste – MORE INFO


Artiste WordPress gallery theme is all about professional exhibits of work. Finding prospects in the business is one of the purposes of this theme. Features of this template will surely fit in your requirements as businessmen. You can arrange your portfolio according to your needs and get more clients through beautiful advertisements.

Galeria – MORE INFO


Galeria is one of those WordPress gallery themes with only one page theme. But although it only has one page, it can still be a powerful gallery platform for showcasing your works—whether you are a photographer, a graphic artist, or a web designer.

Here are some of its features:

– It has grid-based design.

– Its styles can be dark or light.

– It is valid HTML5.

– It is powered for jQuery.

Art Gallery Theme – MORE INFO


Art gallery theme gives the designer both creative and professional ways of show casing your portfolio. This theme can be installed easily with just few clicks and allows the photographer, designer or blogger to get traffic since this has many SEO features. So business minded people can also enjoy this kind of WordPress gallery theme.

Evolution Gallery Theme – MORE INFO


Evolution is a WordPress gallery theme with a design that is responsive. Its elements can be either simple or elegant. It has the ability to adapt to different screen sizes—this makes this theme so special. It comes with 4 layout varieties. Each of them is designed to enhance the experience of the user especially when he or she is using mobile phone to surf the internet.

Angular – Responsive Portfolio – MORE INFO


Angular is a WordPress gallery theme which is very responsive. It is perfect for internet users who desire to present their works of art on a clean and minimal portfolio site. But Angular is more than just a clean and minimal gallery platform. In fact, it is made above the Avia Framework, because it has applications that support the bbPress orum plugin.

Envisioned WordPress Theme – MORE INFO


Envisioned is a potent and, at the same time, beautiful WordPress gallery theme which allows the user to effortlessly make multimedia galleries that are professional-looking. It has potent because of the powerful features it has such as allowing the users to easily create versatile layouts in different sizes and ratios.

Bigbang – MORE INFO


Bigbang is WordPress gallery theme which is rich in various functional features with an additional full table. One of its greatest traits is its responsiveness to any device. But what makes it standout is its simple yet aesthetical design which involves 2 variety of layout template, single page portfolio, 6 post formats, 6 page layouts, and 6 blog page.



Helm is very responsive WordPress gallery theme. It is clearly intended for creative professionals. For the record, what makes it standout is its capability of showcasing blog list and posts n full and 2 column layouts. Another good feature of Helm is its ability to generate several portfolio by using AJAX-based sortable—capable of showcasing videos, slideshows and images.