Simplifying the scripting process of HTML for various clients, jQuery is a JavaScript library which is most popularly used today. By making use of a jQuery filter, clients are able to have greater control over matters such as order and the organization and placement of their page or table elements. jQuery has indeed made a lot of things simpler with its easy to use API that makes Ajax, animation, event handling, and HTML document traversal and manipulation across many browsers possible. JavaScript has been changed by the flexibility that jQuery brings.

A web developer can use jQuery on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and others. It also leaves a lighweight footprint since it only comes out at 32kB when minified and gzipped. jQuery can also be added as an AMD module should you decide to do so. Moreover, it is CSS3 Compliant thus supporting CSS3 selectors in finding elements and in manipulating style properties. There are many types of jQuery plugins, including those that deal with user interface, animation, form, input, image, effects, Ajax, HTML5 and scroll.

Whenever there are large datasets, filtering and sorting with jQuery filter table plugins or jQuery sort plugins can make managing elements easier and faster. Some plugins use transitions between images using CSS3. Others pull in different elements from your website based on your input. For a better idea of which plugins to use, check out this jQuery filter list and experience better HTML scripting and elements management.

jLocator – MORE INFO

jLocator jquery filter

Using the jLocator for your site would require no database but rather uses Google Maps API V3. You will be able to search, sort, filter, and place page numbers for your stores.

Filters – MORE INFO

jquery filters

Using custom animation, whether CSS3 transitions or simple fadeIn/fadeOut effect, Filters is a jQuery plugin that’s very easy to use.

jQuery jPList Plugin – MORE INFO

jQuery jPList Plugin jquery filter

jQuery jPList Plugin is a flexible jQuery filter which allows users to sort, paginate, and filter any kind of HTML structures such as UL/LI, DIVs, lists, or tables. Styles are fully customizable as well.

Tonic Gallery – jQuery XML Portfolio Gallery – MORE INFO

tonic galley jquery filter

Highlighting your portfolio of images is so quick and easy when using the jQuery ML Portfolio Gallery plugin. Features include a lightbox preview with descriptions, a category filter and versatile configuration.

Filtrify – MORE INFO

filtrify jquery filter

Filtrify is an advanced tag filtering plugin that uses both HTML 5 and jQuery. With this plugin, you will be able to search within tags and consequently filter items by multiple tags from many categories.

jQuery Social Timeline – MORE INFO

jquery social timeline

Have you been a little left out with the current events and the people you follow on a social network? The jQuery Social Timeline plugin allows you to get status/posts/images/videos from different users in the same social network with different display styles.

Live Text Search Function Using jQuery – MORE INFO

Live Text Search Function Using jQuery

By adding a few lines of codes along with a single text input, the Live Text Search Function Using jQuery on your site can be added with ease. This makes filtering your blog comments easier since you can quickly find ones that have your input text value and determine to approve the comment.

Megafolio Pro Gallery jQuery Plugin – MORE INFO

megafolio jquery filter

You have a wide range of options to customize the Megafolio Pro Gallery jQuery Plugin. It has a fast CSS3 and jQuery engine with numerous transitions and effects, customizable grid layouts, and catergory filter styles.

jQuery Sort and Order Portfolio Plugin – MORE INFO

jQuery Sort and Order Portfolio Plugin

With the jQuery Sort and Order Portfolio Plugin, you are given the option of having extendable filter and order buttons, optional reverse order, and about 30 different variations of animation transition.

jQuery.liveFilter – MORE INFO


To make filtering a certain list of elements or data, those tweaking with HTML can use this jQuery filter which is easy to use and also has a simple layout which is easy on the eyes.

jQuery Fast Live Filter – MORE INFO

jQuery Fast Live Filter

For those who need speed with something easy to use, this jQuery filter is just the thing. Available options for this filter jQuery include callback and timeout for handling items on the list.

Smart jQuery Photos Gallery – MORE INFO

Smart jQuery Photos Gallery

Organize your images and create a gallery in minutes using the Smart jQuery Photos Gallery. It has versatile features that allow you to create unlimited galleries and upload unlimited photos while supporting multiple photos upload and gallery filters.

jQuery Filter Images – MORE INFO

jQuery Filter Images

With this jQuery filter, users can experience see updated pictures whenever they start entering in the search filter area of the page. Search items begin to show whenever the person starts to type.

PicNet Table Filter – MORE INFO

PicNet Table Filter jQuery

A jQuery table filter, the PicNet Table Filter has column filter capabilities similar to that of Google’s. This particular table filter jQuery plugin has received great feedback from many users.

tQuery – Dynamic Tables – MORE INFO

tQuery – Dynamic Tables

Otherwise simple HTML tables are made to look dynamic and more sophisticated with the tQuery Dynamic Tables. This plugin also allows great customization features. Importing along with exporting data is also made easier.

Quicksand – MORE INFO

quicksand jquery filter

Be captivated by the shuffling animation which comes along with Quicksand! Items can be filtered and reordered with a cool shuffling motion, not all plugins have this fun feature.

Filtering Blocks – MORE INFO

Filtering Blocks jquery filter

Filtering Blocks is and especially useful filter table jQuery plugin which can filter a certain lists of blocks. Images are also placed with precise positioning and layout styles are clean and sleek.

jQuery columnManager plugin – MORE INFO

jQuery columnManager plugin

To better handle table column visibility, this table filter jQuery plugin toggles visibility and is able to expand and collapse tables as well while saving the current state until users visit the page again.

Dragtable – MORE INFO

dragtable jquery filter

Since dragging and dropping simplifies jQuery sorting tasks, Dragtable is another jQuery filter which allows dragging and dropping, but users can also focus on table entries which they need emphasis on; not only relying on sorting features.

jExpand Plugin – MORE INFO

jExpand Plugin jquery filter

This lightweight plugin allows users to make tables more expandable. A jQuery filter like this is best applicable for business-related apps which make use of a lot of tables.

TinySort – MORE INFO

TinySort jquery filter

With this small jQuery plugin, nodetypes can be sorted next to its attribute value. TinySort is a simple jQuery filter which is easy to use and free for downloading.

Simple Content Sorting – MORE INFO

Simple Content Sorting jquery filter

Be able to control content through sorting and with the use of its pagination feature. Interfaces are made more sleek and friendly to the eyes with Simple Content Sorting and no page loading time has to take place.

Ingrid – MORE INFO

ingrid jquery filter

Comfortable with datagrid behavior? Ingrid is a jQuery filter which allows users to resize columns, add paginations, sort, and style rows along with columns. Ingrid is another jQuery filter free to download.

JSquared – MORE INFO

jsquared jquery filter

For users who want a search function like that of Google Squared, they can achieve it through using the jSquared plugin. Be able to organize advanced search UI with this free app.


Sortable – MORE INFO

sortable jquery filter

Simple to use, just by clicking and dragging elements, a certain set of DOM elements can be dragged and the surrounding items will adjust to fit. These sortable items also share their draggable properties.


TOC jquery filter

TOC is a completely customizable jQuery filter plugin which allows users to come up with an organized table of contents for their page. With just 744 bytes, TOC is a lightweight plugin which also allows users to automatically highlight current sections.

Advanced Tables – MORE INFO

Advanced Tables jquery filter

Advanced Tables allow users to convert otherwise flat HMTL tables into more appealing datagrids within just a few seconds. Input fields can also be defined to function as a table search field.

Beautiful Data – MORE INFO

beautiful data jquery filter

As nice as its name is, Beautiful Data also has great function. Features such as sorting and paging helps make a boring table into a more interesting one. Also, simply by specifying the needed source file, this specific jQuery plugin allows users to access JSON and CSV data whenever they need it.

JQuery Table – MORE INFO

JQuery Table filter

For anyone who deals with a lot of data which needs to be sorted on a page, jQuery Table can help in making sortable layouts for any HTML table. It also features a toolbar button, can apply pagination, and tweak column properties.

Flexigrid – MORE INFO

flexigrid jquery filter

Data rich but very lightweight, Flexigrid enables scrolling through data and it also makes use of only a little configuration. Column sizes can be modified, and this plugin also features an accessible API.

Table Sorter – MORE INFO

table sorter jquery filter

Be able to successfully sort and parse a lot of data even including data with links inside a cell. This jQuery filter can perform multi-column sorting, and has features like floats, currency, URIs and others.