A customer’s choice is affected by many factors. One of these is the feedback given by another customer.

Most people usually do some research and find information about a product before buying it. For a lot of people, reliable reviews play a big role in their final choice.

This is why it is equally important to have a dedicated, user-friendly feedback option for customers that have bought your product. The technological advancements have made it easy for eCommerce websites and online shops to take advantage of customer reviews. Digital and physical products can be given feedback as an automatic sales process, and it is very beneficial for online business to have a reviews and testimonials next to products.

I’ve looked into the WordPress directory, to find a new plugin that will allow my customers to leave feedback on a website. I’ve found WP Customer Reviews, and I like it. This plugin allows your customers to leave a review and testimonials of your products/services. All submissions are moderated so you can filter out what to show. The reviews are displayed to the visitors in a friendly format, but search engines see the hReview microformat. There’s also an included configurable business hCard to help identify all pages of your site as belonging to your business.

When you install the plugin, there’s a new menu added to your WordPress dashboard. You need to configure it first by going to Settings > Customer Reviews.


Business Information

This option allows you to enable/disable business hCard and change the business card info.


General Settings

You can change the review format (business or product) and enable/disable the plugin by default for new posts and pages.


Review Page Settings

Settings for number of reviews shown on each page, location of review form, form fields, button and text buttons used.


You can add the reviews by going to the page or post you wanted it to show and enabling it.  Fill up the Product name, Description, Model, SKU and UPC for the product.


Publish/ Update the page and you now have a working review form for your customers.


WP Customer Reviews WordPress plugin has all the necessary functions needed to have a good feedback system for your website. It also has some nice added features to make your eCommerce/ Online shop a hit to customers. This is a highly recommended plugin for internet marketers to increase trust for both new and existing customers. If you’re interested in this plugin, follow this link.