Websites using Ajax has become quite common on the internet these days. Ajax means Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is employed to allow client side application to communicate with the application server and update small amounts of data without reloading the page. Before the advent of Ajax, the client side could not communicate directly with the server. Communication was only possible with the use of page loads.

Some actions in Ajax trigger the event such as when the user clicks a button. The call is fired by Ajax, sending a request to the server side of the script through XML. The server side script, which can be ASP, PHP or other scripts take the JavaScript input, access the database if needed and process the data. The script then sends the data back to the page on the client side that made the request, again through XML. Another JavaScript function referred to as callback, captures the data and updates the webpage.

Today, we will be presenting more than 30 creative websites using Ajax. If you are thinking of using the script in your website, as well, you can gain more insights and inspiration from this post. Enjoy browsing and keep us posted of your progress through the comment section below. Do you know of websites using Ajax that were not included in my list? If the websites I have presented inspired you, please share this post with your friends.

Wrangler Europe – MORE INFO

Wrangler Europe

Wrangler is a popular clothing line worldwide. Its Europe-based branch site presents two effects: the original one having the Ajax effect and the lighter version. Although the site seems stunning, it has a lot of preloads that visitors encounter while on the site.

TorontoLand – MORE INFO


This site utilizes the combined technology of CSS3 and HTML5 to set up a simple yet attractive homepage. What’s interesting with this website is its retro look and great illustrations.

20 Things I Learned – MORE INFO


This amazing site features a list about interesting information about browsers and the World Wide Web. Most visitors deemed this website as having the best Ajax design because of its perfect and lag-free effects.

Fajne Chlopaki – MORE INFO

Fajne Chlopaki

This online portfolio site utilizes great simple designs that promote quick download for viewers to see. The transition of every page is quite impressive, thinking that the overall layout design conveys simplicity.

Grip Limited – MORE INFO


Grip Limited is an online advertising agency based in Toronto, Canada. They have very interesting site; it utilizes innovative Ajax web design that aims to attract customers and clients online.

Alexbuga – MORE INFO


This online portfolio is owned by a professional graphic designer named Alex Buga. Its web design is quite impressive, as it features a lot of styling, which is uncommon to sites managed by HTML codes.

Jax Vineyards – MORE INFO

Jax Vineyards

Jax Vineyards is an online winery that offers delectable and indulgent drinks that fit one’s taste. Being one of the websites using Ajax effects, its site is very entertaining to visit, as every element in the site works together.

Riot Industries – MORE INFO

Riot Industries

This design portfolio is a popular site to visit online due to its impressive no-flash effects. It got nice design and concept, great color choices and very usable navigation. Nevertheless, the site conveys simplicity and cleanliness.

Yorkdale – MORE INFO


Yorkdale is a popular shopping center situated in Canada. Their site conveys elegance and glossy appeal to online visitors. However, its design and contents seem to go off together, making it unpleasant to the eyes at some point.

Creative People – MORE INFO

Creative People

The Creative People is an online design portfolio based in Russia. Its website is very appealing to the eyes; its photographs and images are arranged in a creative way. Moreover, its background is very interesting.

World of Merix – MORE INFO

World of Merix

This online portfolio has very impressive web design. Its Ajax effects are utilized very cautiously, combining Flash effects perfectly. Moreover, its use of JavaScript is quite impressive, attracting more visitors to the site online.

Howarths – MORE INFO


Howarths is an online antique store resided in the Netherlands. Its website conveys nice and elegant implementation of JavaScript in producing a breathtaking page effect. Its design concept is very impressive.

Icon Dock – MORE INFO

Icon Dock is an online design firm operated by N.Design Studios, offering a stock of icons in vector and pixel format that can quickly snap in projects. It has an impressive website design, with a nice detail and artistic imagery.

Polar Gold – MORE INFO

Polar Gold

Polar Gold is a Danish web design firm situated in Denmark. Its website got a nice concept, with flickering lights over the typography within the site. Moreover, its illustration is quite impressive to see.

Swear Words – MORE INFO

Swear Words

This website is probably one with the nicest web design concept. How the website is worked to put up a stunning design is remarkable, although the scroller seems to be a bit lackluster on its overall design.



This Ajax-powered site looks like inspired from another great website design. However, the website design is looked more enhanced and pleasing to view. Elegance and sleek style has prevailed in this site.


Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF is one of the newest electric car models released by Nissan. It features 100 percent pure electric, gas-free and zero tailpipe. Its website seems to be very impressive, as it breaks current conventions in web design.

Reserved – MORE INFO

Reserved is an online clothing store showcasing trendy and seasonal apparels from a wide array of popular brands for men, women and kids. Although the Ajax web development of the site is quite pleasing, its background music seems to be lost.



Cargo is a personal publishing program that aims in providing accessible tools and a network context in improving the exposure of creative individuals on the World Wide Web. This site utilizes Ajax effects that present simple, unique and clean layout.

Appear – MORE INFO


Appear is an online graphic design bureau situated in Denmark. Its website gets an awesome web design. Although there are few usability issues, it has a very impressive concept. The colors and typography are perfect together.

Zachary Pullman – MORE INFO

Zachary Pullman

This is an online design firm that offers graphic and website design services online. The portfolio site is simple and attractive, with the use Ajax effects in a different limelight.

Campbell Hay – MORE INFO

Campbell Hay

Campbell Hay is an online graphic firm that offers branding design and art direction. Although the landing page is quite uninspiring, the rest of its layout design is simple and eye-catchy.



Gucci is one of the most popular brands worldwide. Most people know that this brand is founded in Florence, Italy in 1920s. Its website design conveys elegance, as the brand name implies as well. However, there are a couple of preloads that visitors should bear.

Space Collective – MORE INFO

Space Collective

Space Collective is an online design company that offers extra terrestrial ideas over a simple idea. The website got style, which features a sitemap that visitors will certainly enjoy viewing online.

Netvibes – MORE INFO


Netvibes is an online social media monitoring, analytics and alerts dashboard that caters real time service. Its website features an impressive layout design, which attracts more viewers online.

Flickr – MORE INFO


Flickr is a popular online networking site that features photographs from different users worldwide. Its website design uses Ajax effects heavily. Moreover, the choice of colors and typography go along perfectly.

Zillow – MORE INFO

Zillow is an online real estate service company that serves to help people obtain the best in real estate through the use of valuable tools and information. Its website features simplicity and elegance, along with its great photograph backgrounds and color scheme.

BlinkList – MORE INFO


Blink List is a perfect site to organize the web in a customized way. Individuals can organize their web pages they find into cluster of groups to manage them easily. The combination of CSS and HTML produces a simple web layout design.