Anagram – MORE INFO


When speaking of the typography name, it is a type of word play that resulted from rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to create a new term or phrase. This typography makes use of uppercase letters and special characters.



This novelty vintage font features a cursive type of calligraphy with a touch of conventional means of writing the letters and fonts. It is utilized in some logos worldwide.

Deftone Stylus – MORE INFO

Deftone Stylus

This elegant typography features a freehand calligraphy that is almost similar to hand written fonts and characters. This vintage typography is perfect for websites with a throwback approach.

East Market – MORE INFO

East Market

East Market is one of the free retro fonts that suit websites with classic themes. It contains upper & lowercase letters and special characters. It’s a must try for retro sites.

Forque – MORE INFO


Forque is a classic typography theme that features only uppercase letters and special characters. It is commonly used in various retro-themed industrial websites online that viewers will enjoy.