This font is inspired from the official typography of old Idaho. It features basic fonts, lettering and special characters in bold form. This is deemed as one of the most utilized fonts in Idaho during 19th century.

Life Savers – MORE INFO

Life Savers

This typography is inspired from the 50s candies’ advertisement, ‘Life Savers’. At this time, most of the advertising agencies are hiring lettering artists when creating ads in posters. All of the texts were beautifully hand drawn.

Great Victorian – MORE INFO

Great Victorian

Great Victorian is a popular typography commonly surfaced in Europe. Basically, the fonts convey elegance and style, keeping its simplicity and stance. It is perfect for websites holding a Victorian era inspired theme.

Wooden Nickel Back – MORE INFO

Wooden Nickel Back

Wooden Nickel Back is a classic typography that features bold lettering and special characters. This type of font is quite familiar back in 19th century, and it is perfect for websites with vintage themes.

Upper East Side – MORE INFO

Upper East Side

Upper East Side is another retro-inspired vintage font, which is prominent during 1980s. It features upper and lower cases, as well as special characters. It is perfect for sites with retro themes.

Airstream – MORE INFO


Airstream is one of the cursive free vintage fonts that present bold letterings and special characters perfect for typography logos and taglines. It creates additional appeal to websites with wordy contents.