Thousands of people enjoy the best artist websites every day to find inspiration and enjoyment. It is a known fact that inspiration is a driven force and a never-ending process of every individual across the globe. It keeps us going and helps us find motivation, especially for those who are into art works and design.

Inspiration can help us accomplish extraordinary things – even if we have lost hope and direction. New inspiration will also help our artistic mind produce new creative ideas. Therefore, if you are a web designer you probably enjoy researching and snooping around websites – looking for new ideas and new ways of thinking.

Creativity is an important element in every website design. Let’s boost our creativity with some modern web design inspiration. To help you get started we have listed more than 40 creative art websites that utilize creative illustrations, media and interaction to draw online visitors attention. I hope these examples will be a great source of inspiration for you.

Rolu 4 Ommu – MORE INFO


This is a fun and creative website. The boxes can be moves by visitors (drag and drop) and some are showing video.

Endzeit– MORE INFO


This a Typographical website with an unusual layout where you can do exhibitions of your designs and works.

Supported by Squarespace – MORE INFO

001 Art artist websites

Whether you need simple pages, sophisticated galleries, a professional blog,or want to sell online, it all comes standard with your Squarespace website.

And In Between – MORE INFO


It has typographic design with a Grid layout best suited for your blog.

The 5th Auckland Triennial – MORE INFO

005 Art artist websites

It is typographic, Black and White website built with unusual layout like having unusual navigation. Best use for websites dealing with events.

Universal Art – MORE INFO

004 Art artist websites

Universal Art is a very responsive design has a typographic style. Best suited for Applications and start up.

Synthesis – MORE INFO


Synthesis is a typographic website best suited for agency or consultancy website.

La Monda – MORE INFO

006 Art artist websites

La monda is a very responsive typographic design built with with unusual layout and best to use in Magazines about art, fashion, music, photography, etc….

Amy Woodside – MORE INFO

007 Art artist websites

It is a minimal typographic design best suited for you portfolios.

American Friends Musée d’Orsay – MORE INFO

008 Art artist websites

It is Typographic design which is best to use in websites that displays Gallery/Museum

Artiitii – MORE INFO

009 Art artist websites

Artiitii is a very responsic typograhic design which best suited for shop or showcase websites.

Nigel Cooke – MORE INFO

010 Art artist websites

It is a responsive design with Dark typographic styles design for you portfolio

Graeme Swinton – MORE INFO

011 Art artist websites

Graeme Swinton has a typographic style with a Grid Layout design good for your portfolio

National Academy Museum – MORE INFO

012 Art artist websites

It has an unusual layout with typographic design for websites dealing with gallery or museum/

Nowness – MORE INFO

013 Art artist websites

Nowness is design for your blog. It is made in Black and White design and has a editorial and typographic style.

Polly Stanton – MORE INFO

medium 1

This is a light, minimal and typographic website which is best for your portfolios

82nd and Fifth – MORE INFO


Alexandra Posen – MORE INFO

014 Art artist websites

Inventory Magazine – MORE INFO

015 Art artist websites

Stanford Arts– MORE INFO

016 Art artist websites

Rijksmuseum – MORE INFO

017 Art artist websites

Colossal Media Group – MORE INFO


Mo Coppoletta – MORE INFO

020 Art artist websites

Monocle – MORE INFO

021 Art artist websites


022 Art artist websites


023 Art artist websites

Permanent – MORE INFO


Rosemary Butcher – MORE INFO

024 Art artist websites

Strelka Institute – MORE INFO

025 Art artist websites

MoMA — Century of the Child – MORE INFO

026 Art artist websites

Kay Abude – MORE INFO

027 Art artist websites

Ben Quinn – MORE INFO

028 Art artist websites

New Museum – MORE INFO

029 Art artist websites

New Babylon – MORE INFO

030 Art artist websites

Frieze – MORE INFO

031 Art artist websites

It’s Numbered – MORE INFO

032 Art artist websites

Grafill – MORE INFO

033 Art artist websites

Christo and Jeanne-Claude – MORE INFO

034 Art artist websites

Redemption Maddie – MORE INFO


This art sharing website uses the element of minimalism, which utilizes a couple of shades an an interactive multimedia that online visitors will surely enjoy. Moreover, the website is easy to navigate – one great factor that customers will getting its services.

Racket – MORE INFO


The Racket is an art and design studio of two creative web designers residing in the land down under. They are specialized in producing unique and creative piece of craft for web and print.

Rainbow Walk – MORE INFO


Rainbow Walk is a WordPress-powered website created by a freelance web designer, Ling Cao. Its website design presents a simple, yet organized layout which features great contents of all sorts.

Andrew Handley – MORE INFO


This is one of the greatest art websites online wherein a creative designer presents his artworks by coming up with this virtual sketchbook. It utilizes a unique way of presenting content in a creative way.

Paper Beats Internet – MORE INFO


What’s unique with this website is that it employs the use of various hand-drawn elements, providing a messy yet creative look and feel of the web design. Moreover, the contents are neatly organized.

Hey let me hear your thoughts on this collection. Do you like it? Did you get any new ideas? You can also suggest additional creative and best artist websites in the comment section below. Thanks!