In this post, I have compiled a list of useful jQuery date picker and calendar plugins, which will allow you to easily add calenders and date pickers in your web design. Some of these 20+ Powerful jQuery Menu Plugins And Tutorials are free while others are premium versions.

A calender is a quite powerful tool. It will help you keep track of the date and appointments, but also help remind you of important events. With the advances in technology, we are increasingly becoming dependent on mobile devices and Internet. A lot of people have moved on and left their paper calender behind and they will often expect you to have an easy to use calender on your website to show events, releases and so on.

Below, you will find a collection of 25 jQuery calendar plugins and date pickers that can extend the functionality of your website. You can incorporate these plugins directly into your website since they only need minor styling and adjustments.  Thus, you should modify the style of the calendar as well, to fit your own or your clients preferences.

Perhaps you are using another jQuery plugin that is not included in my list? Let us know about your suggestions to this post by adding your comments below. If you find this list useful, please share it with your friends, as well.

DZS jQuery Mini Events Calendar – MORE INFO

dzs jQuery date picker

Need a neat way to present your events in a calendar? This is the plugin for you.

jQuery Time Picker – MORE INFO

time picker jQuery date picker

This is a jQuery based time picker plugin. It allows you to customize the text box. After click on the box you see the window, where you can select the destination time.

Plugin breaks 24 hours to the minute with the desired interval. It is possible to highlight certain time periods, i.e. available time or blocked intervals (for example: from 10:00 to 23:00, the discount is valid from 10:00 to 13:00. Buttons in time from 10:00 to 23:00 will be active, from 10:00 to 13:00 will be selected (default red))

Simple Events Calendar JS – MORE INFO

simple jQuery date picker

This is a basic event calendar that is based on jQuery. It is very configurable and can easily add calendar functionality to your webpages.

Simpul Events by Esotech – MORE INFO

simp jQuery date picker

This plugin will allow you to create post type events. The widget will display an events list and/or calendar.

Ajax Booking Calendar Pro – MORE INFO

ajax jQuery date picker

This plugin has two versions, which are the front and back end. Both can be integrated easily into your CMS. It is completely customizable and auto resizable.

FullCalendar – MORE INFO

full jQuery date picker

This is a drag and drop full sized calendar plugin. Events for each month are fetched on the fly and configured easily to your own format via AJAX.

jQuery.calendarPicker – MORE INFO

calendar picker

jQuery.calendarPicker is a free ultra-light and free web calendar.

JSCalendar (JavaScript) – MORE INFO

jsc jQuery date picker

JSCalendar will add an unobtrusive and accessible date pickers to your own form elements. By using this plugin, you can set up a very cool calendar in no time.

oCalendar -jquery Event Calendar Plugin – MORE INFO

ocalendar jQuery date picker

This is a jQuery calendar plugin that will allow you to have an event calendar to your project or website easily. Events can be added, edited and deleted from the client side.

EvenTouch Calendar – MORE INFO

even jQuery date picker

This is a jQuery events calendar plugin that includes the PHP version. It is similar to Google Calendar but simpler and composed of two parts. These are the horizontal month calendar and week calendar.

Zebra Datepicker – MORE INFO

zebra jQuery date picker

This is a compact, highly configurable and small jQuery date picker plugin. It was designed to enhance forms through the addition of a date picker functionality. Zebra will incorporate a calendar icon automatically to an indicated field. When clicked, the attached date picker will open.

Events Manager – MORE INFO

event jQuery date picker

This is an event registration management, fully featured calendar that features location management, recurring events, Google map integration, calendar and booking management. This is not a jQuery plugin though.

All-in-One Event Calendar – MORE INFO

all jQuery date picker

This plugin is a calendar system that has views for agenda, day, week and month. It features recurrence, .ics feeds import/export, categories and events widget. This is a popular calender plugin, but it is not build using jQuery.

wdCalendar – jQuery Based Google Calendar Clone – MORE INFO

wdcal jQuery date picker

This is a Google calendar clone that is based on jQuery. You can opt for a monthly, weekly or daily view and remove, update or create events via drag and drop.

The Countdown Pro – MORE INFO

the jQuery date picker

This plugin is not a calender or date picker. It will allow you to add countdown functionality to your sidebar or content easily, and allow the users to know the counts. The counting up and down functionality provides full control of the counter. Each counter has its own selector to provide the option of creating particular selector script or style.

Date range Picker for Twitter Bootstrap – MORE INFO

date jQuery date picker

This is a dropdown menu that will let you choose the date ranges for reports. It was designed to be compatible with Bootstrap button and dropdown styles.

jQuery Time Picker – MORE INFO

time pick jQuery date picker

This time picker includes an original PNG file with a couple of examples included to let you design your background. It is intuitive, useful, can be deployed easily and with well commented shortcode.

glDatePicker – MORE INFO

gldat jQuery date picker

This is a jQuery calendar plugin that is lightweight, simple and customizable. Some of its features include current date highlight, show current selected date as well as backward and forward navigation.

Timeframe – MORE INFO

timeframe jQuery date picker

This is a better calendar that is range makeable and click draggable.

Timeline calendar – MORE INFO

time line jQuery date picker

This is a simple calendar that is powered by JavaScript and written over jQuery JavaScript framework. The plugin creates a horizontal representation of months and days, which can be used for displaying a limitless number of events with descriptions.