Today, the number of people using desktop and laptop computers are increasing immensely. In fact, the majority of the population who is in possession of a computer unit spend most of their time in front of screen. At times, computer users experience stress and tension from this work. With this, thousands of individuals gaze on their attractive wallpapers for a few minutes to experience instant relief.

Wallpapers portray either beautiful images of nature, photographs of breathtaking sceneries and interesting photos of varied things. A lot of people make use of these images as their desktop backgrounds. With an overwhelming number of interesting wallpapers that can be accessed online, some people find it quite difficult to select the right image for their computers. One unique form of wallpaper that some individuals enjoy is the inspirational quotes wallpapers. These wallpapers on desktops and laptops can provide ease and comfort to people who are staring in front of the computer for a long time. Moreover, it can boost self-confidence and motivation and provide them the potential in facing any sort of challenges in life.

Below you can find a best wall paper quote 2013 that hopefully will provide motivation and inspiration to you when you need it. Enjoy browsing my list and please tell me what you think.

Personality and Character – MORE INFO

Personality and Character

This wise and inspirational quote from Elmer G. Letterman draws comparison between personality and character. This quote wallpaper is made to fit the desktop page for computer users to enjoy gazing while working.

You have two hands – MORE INFO

You have two hands

This inspiring and motivating message center about providing a helping hand to those who are in need of help. It is associated with two hands trying to reach out together.

Stumbing Blocks as Stepping Stone – MORE INFO

Stumbing Blocks as Stepping Stone

Another inspirational quote and wallpaper on hope talks about reaching goals by taking small leaps in life. It is linked with colorful building blocks and an infant playing with it.

Angry and Happiness – MORE INFO

Angry and Happiness

This simple wallpaper features a direct and striking quote about staying calm and keeping the temper in a calm manner. This thought is very appealing to individuals who are short-tempered.

Silence – MORE INFO


According to Josh Billings, silence is one of the hardest arguments that a person can’t contest about. This is one of the inspirational quotes wallpapers that is most downloaded as desktop and laptop wallpapers.



This simple yet meaningful quote is perfectly paired with an image about a carefree setting where a guy is lying on the lawn while clearing his mind and thinking of nothing.

Sports Quote – MORE INFO

Sports Quote

This is a common inspiring quote for individuals who are trying to achieve their goals in life. This monochromatic image of a young man releasing his strength while working out can be a great inspiring leadership quote wallpaper for every desktop and laptop units.

Fight Club – MORE INFO

Fight Club

This quote is a popular line from the film ‘Fight Club’ starred with Brad Pitt. This monochromatic typography blended with plain orange background is a simple and striking wallpaper for desktops and laptops.

Never Stand Begging – MORE INFO

Never Stand Begging

This is a potent hope saying backgrounds wallpaper about standing alone and doing things on own. This is one of the most used wallpapers for desktop and laptop PC units.