Free western fonts are quite popular in today’s world. You can find western inspired designs in posters, toy boxes, bill boards, logos etc. and cowboys bring a lot of entertainment into our lives through Western movies, country music and cartoon series. Most people just love the wild, wild West, its touch culture and humor and of course its interesting stories.  But where do you find the perfect cowboy font if you are going to create a western inspired design?

Western fonts provides a different look and feel compared to other common font categories of typography. Typically a western font is a Slap Serif font. You will notice that the serifs often are squared, large and bold compared to other serifs. Western fonts are often used for “MOST WANTED” posters and headlines. However, looking for free Western fonts can be a quite challenging task because there are plenty of different fonts available online.

Below are some of the top quality free Western fonts that can be used in your next project. The fonts in this post are free for personal use, but I encourage you to check the commercial usage rights. Also take your time to see the bullet hole brushes collection on Tripwire Magazine. They can add a realistic touch to your western design. Enjoy!

Gringo Nights – MORE INFO

Gringo Nights Free Western Fonts

Gringo Nights font depicts a cowboy theme drawing heavily on the Western culture, which utilizes rusty and grunge elements, as well as bold in texture. This can be a great typography to use when making a signature brand for a particular product.

Poke Western Font – MORE INFO

Poke Western Font

Poke Western font presents a fancy, custom monogram font that is complemented with sketches of hay and other symbolic elements of the countryside. This cowboy font is available for download.

Two Gun Johann – MORE INFO

Two Gun Johan Free Western Fonts

This cowboy western font presents a simple, narrow typography with unique edges which can be perfectly used in Western-themed prints. This is free to download by anyone who is inspired by the Western culture.

Tonky Western Font – MORE INFO

Tonky Western Font

Tonky font is a contemporary type of typography that features narrow fonts embedded with a Western country feel. This is one of the cowboy fonts that are usually downloaded by people inspired by Western culture.

Alfredo’s Dance – MORE INFO

Alfredo’s Dance Free Western Fonts

Another Western font features simple characteristics based on a contemporary feel resembling that of the standard fonts like Times New Roman and Book Antiqua. This can be used in formal-themed medium.

Vanilla Whale – MORE INFO

Vanilla Whale Free Western Fonts

Although this type of font is not purely cowboy-inspired, its elements are inspired from the Western culture. Each font has a narrow characteristic with jagged edges that makes it contemporary.

Body Hunter Western Font – MORE INFO

Body Hunter Western Font

This is one of the contemporary cowboy fonts that use the elements of grunge and rugged to create a messy yet eye catching typography like this. It is added with simple artistic elements like swirls and other sketches to enhance its feel.

Saddle Bag Western Font – MORE INFO

Saddle Bag Western Font

Saddle Bag is a form of typography inspired from an original photo-lettering typeface around 1950s. The fonts are in bold letters, with artistic sharp edges found on the edges of the font.

Cowboy Font – MORE INFO

Cowboy Font

This conventional cowboy font is a popular Western typography that is often used in print and digital media which features the countryside. It features an all capitalized fonts and normal type fonts.

Helldorado Western Font – MORE INFO

Helldorado Western Font

Helldorado font features a western rope font in all caps except for some letters who features lower cases. This font is free to use as a typography in print and digital media.

Brownwood – MORE INFO


This old-schooled Westernized cowboy font is occasionally used by some media that promotes a countryside-themed newsletters and other stuffs. It works heavily on bents and curves.

Nashville Free Front – MORE INFO

Nashville Free Front

From the name itself, this typography is inspired from a recognized state where Western culture is highly regarded. Nashville font characterizes bandits and an old western form of typography that can be used for free.

Trashed Western Font – MORE INFO

Trashed Western Font

This contemporary Western-inspired font features a rusty, corroded and messy typography which brings a contemporary era of typography in digital and print media. This font can be used in styling country-themed prints.

Carnevalee Freakshow Font – MORE INFO

Carnevalee Freakshow Font

This type of typography has been used in some T-shirt designs and other signature brands for particular products. It features simple font characterized with jagged edges and slim appearance.

Bleeding Cowboys – MORE INFO

Bleeding Cowboys

This is one of the artistic free western fonts on the list, which features simple typography enhanced with visual effects that will truly catch attention. This font is absolutely free to use.

Captain Howdy – MORE INFO

Captain Howdy

Captain Howdy font heavily uses the elements of Western culture, as it features bold and capitalized letters. Moreover, it has rugged and grunge texture that emphasizes its cowboy feel as a Western form of typography.

Duality – MORE INFO


Duality is a form of Western typography that features rugged and grunge elements with class-based kerning, as well as numeric ordinals and other symbols. This is considered under the family of a larger font family.

Freak Show – MORE INFO

Freak Show

Freak Show is a simple, cowboy font that features bold and all-capitalized typography with jagged edges on every letter. This is one of the free western font download that can be enjoyed by people.

Heffer – MORE INFO


Heffer font is often used as a typography in several Western-themed movie posters and album covers. It features narrow-sized letters, nominal and ordinal numbers, as well as symbols and signs.


IFC Rail Road

This classic Western-inspired typography features a normal font type with prominent curves on every font edges. Some marketing agencies have utilized it as a font for their signature brands.

Kirsty – MORE INFO


Kristy is a form of an acute serified railroad sign font with touches of Western culture. Despite of its simplicity, which can be comparable to some standard fonts, it can still be a great type of font to use in digital and print media.

Trading Post – MORE INFO

Trading Post

Despite of its non-cowboy feel, this contemporary post can still be considered as a Western font because of certain elements seen in this typescript. The letters are formed from blocks of wood.


Tuscan MF

The Tuscan MF font is quite similar to other standard fonts. However, its difference between these fonts is that it contains artistic elements, which separates it among the basic fonts commonly used in the media.

Western – MORE INFO


From the font name itself, it clearly describes the whole Western culture in every element seen in this form of typography. It is commonly utilized in digital and print media.

Burnstown Dam Font – MORE INFO

Burnstown Dam Font

This comical font presents elements seen in Western culture, although it can be regarded as a fun and amusing fonts to use. Also, this font has already been utilized by some signature brands online.

Panhead – MORE INFO


Panhead is an artistic Western-inspired font that has been utilized by many people who are inspired by the countryside as its main concept. It features narrow fonts embedded with unique styles that make it a Western font.

Alpha Wood – MORE INFO

Alpha Wood

Alpha Wood, as stated from its name, heavily features wood as its main element in creating fonts and numbers. This is widely utilized in some media worldwide, especially in signature brands.

The Dead Saloon – MORE INFO

The Dead Saloon

The Dead Saloon font features narrow typography, and all the fonts are in capitalized form. This is one of the free Western fonts that people should try on their Word documents.

Wild West – MORE INFO

Wild West

This is probably the most common Western font in digital and print media. This classic font is characterized by fonts in a bold type, along with certain elements of Western style.

Perdido – MORE INFO


Perdido is a contemporary Western-inspired typography belonged in a large font family. It features rugged and sporty fonts with minimal effects making it having a Western feel. It is one of the western fonts free download online.

Crunchy Taco – MORE INFO

Crunchy Taco

This Mexican-inspired Westen font contains simple typography in a regular style, which quite resembles a taco in its form. This could be a great font to use in print media and online.

Drygulch FLF – MORE INFO

Drygulch FLF

This font features narrow and slender letters and numbers, with jagged edges that makes it country-looking font. It has been used by several individuals for their personal write-ups.

Future West – MORE INFO

Future West

This font presents bold and thick letters and numerics, which are outlined with white shade in order for the letters to stand out within its outline. This Western font is an example of a contemporary font.

Bou Western – MORE INFO

Bou Western

Bou Western quite resembles from standard fonts like Times New Roman. However, it features blocked edges, which makes it a Western-inspired typography. It is one of the free western downloads that people will enjoy.