A lot of people across nations love anime artworks. It is fair to say that anime characters has become a trendy style today, and it is quite different from the usual cartoon animations we know from our childhood. Anime characters are truly comical, charming, stylish and lovely. A typical anime character will have large eyes, disproportionate body and cute face with exaggerated expressions.

Anime is an abbreviation of animation and this unique style was developed by Japanese artists years back. Today amine is everywhere from cartoon movies, TV-shows and toys for children. It has become a huge industry. No wonder that many people are fans of this anime movement.

This article showcases 35 unique anime wallpapers that will surely look nice on your desktop or laptop background. Enjoy this collection and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Japanese Anime Girl Wallpaper


This heroine is truly an eye-catcher for men who are avid fans of anime, especially pretty anime girls. This wallpaper comes in high-definition format which makes it a perfect background for laptops and desktops.

Fushigi Yoru Wallpaper


As the name of the picture implies, it is a pretty anime girl who shines bright under the moonlight. This image can be a delight to anime fanatics as they can utilize it as their desktop and laptop wallpapers.

Anime Wallpaper


This armed beautiful anime girl is an online character of a free massively multiplayer online role-playing game called Neo Stream. Fans of this game will surely have this stunning lady on their notebooks as anime wallpaper.

Anime Girl Wallpaper


Who could ever deny the beauty of this black-winged girl who seems to represent the flying creatures in the darkness. This Goth-like theme of anime girl wallpaper is available in different sizes.



Clementia is a Roman goddess of mercy and forgiveness. In this picture, the beautiful anime goddess is trying to persuade the guy royalty for mercy, depicting the Roman mythology in the field of Anime World.

FF Wallpaper for Anime Fusion


The male protagonist of Final Fantasy VII is featured in this great wallpaper. Cloud Strife is a handsome anime revolutionist who joined the eco-terrorist rebel organization called Avalanche in order to stop the evil groups from draining the Earth’s energy source.

Sseleman the White Demon


The handsome, yet fierce guy in this image is Sseleman, is a white demon who is purified at his birth through the power of the influential leader of their demon tribe. This image is available in various sizes.

Naruto versus Sasuke Wallpaper


Naruto and Sasuke are two popular anime characters in a well-admired anime action manga and series, Naruto. These two characters are good friends who are in quest of becoming the strongest ninja in their locality.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


Haruhi Suzumiya is a weird girl who loves to look for supernatural phenomena and see supernatural figures. Despite of her quirkiness, she drags Kyon, a pessimistic and skeptical guy who becomes her confidant and friend.

Anime Girl


This pretty anime girl is named Brigita by the creator of this image. She’s a student who seems to hide some magical powers, making her look stunning as a goddess. This wallpaper can be downloaded in different sizes.



Anime can also live beautifully in a three-dimensional world. This sexy anime wallpaper is created with the use of 3D imaging software, with compliments from basic image editing software as well. This image is available in 1248×1024 size.

Sephiroth Wallpaper


Sephiroth is another fictional character of Final Fantasy VII. He serves to be the main antagonist and rival of Cloud Strife. He is more popular with boys who are playing MMORPG.

Saya and Diva – BLOOD+


These two beautiful and sexy ladies are born twins. However, Saya is on the good side, while Diva is on the evil side. Blood + is a supernatural anime manga that will surely be loved by men.

Girl Inside Car


For fans of auto drifting and car racing, this sexy wallpaper will surely be a delight to download as a laptop wallpaper. This picture is available for download in different resolution sizes.

Unknown 10444


Love will cross boundaries, and it will transcend even to the next life. This picture of undying love is a breathtaking image of two lovers who loved each other until the very last of their breaths.

Chun Li


The exquisitely beautiful Chun Li is the main attraction of this wallpaper. Chun Li is one of the well-known characters of a video game called Street Fighter, who is noted to be the first female playable character in an online game.

Warrior Anime Girl Wallpaper


This anime wallpaper will surely captivate the hearts of avid male fanatics of anime. This warrior princess is probably one of the characters of a certain online game. This image is available in different resolutions.

Hentai Girl


Another lovely anime girl will surely entice computer users to have this photo as their laptop and desktop wallpaper. Although the title may seem to be perverted, the image seems to say otherwise.

Anime Girls Wallpaper


Male anime lovers would want to have their computer wallpapers filled with beautiful and lovely ladies. This beautiful image could be a great selection for their desktops and laptops.

Lineage the Chaotic Throne


Another MMORPG classic that anime lovers and online gamers would want to have it as their wallpaper is the Lineage. This medieval fantasy game created by the South Korean game developer based heavily on a castle siege system.

N vs S Wallpaper


Another great wallpaper of Naruto having Sasuke’s reflection. These two characters, who used to be the best of friends, had a truce for quite some time. However, they rekindle their friendship and become partners again.

Helping Angel


Who doesn’t want a helping hand, especially when the one who offers help is a beautiful, young lady like this image. Angels are pure beings who believes that they are always watching and guiding every individual.

So Alone


This lovely image of a woman with wings can be an excellent choice as a desktop wallpaper for avid fans of anime. This wallpaper is available in two sizes: 1024×769 and 800×600.

Devil Slayer


Men should never deceive with the looks of this sexy lady. This wallpaper anime is derived from a manga about a girl who happens to have a job of slaying demons and vampires in her time.

Happy People


It’s nice to see anime characters have also time to get together and think happy thoughts. This picture seems to be infectious as it can be contracted by people who sees it.

Anime Wallpaper


This image is a scene taken from a legendary anime adaptation called Akira. The movie portrays the dystopian version of Tokyo where bikers and drag racers are very common. This picture is available 1920×1200 resolution.

One Summer Evening


Code Geass is another anime manga that will focus on the futuristic life of Tokyo. The picture presents the main protagonist and his love interest, finding comfort on one summer evening.

Shinigami Kurosaki Ichigo


One of the most popular Japanese anime manga is Bleach, which centers around Ichigo Kurosaki (the guy in the picture) and his adventures after he acquires the powers of a Soul Reaper.

Strange Angels


This average teenage boy is a well-known anime character from a series called D.N. Angels. The story revolves around this guy who happens to mutate after rejection from his crush.



As the title implies, the girl in the picture seems to lose her perception as she makes blank stares to nowhere. This anime wallpaper picture is available in different resolutions.

Samurai X


Most people know Ruronuni Kenshin due to the popularity of this anime from different parts across the globe. Samurai X revolves around Kenshin, an assassin who grieves for all the lives he took.

One Piece


If you are an avid anime fan who is fond of watching pirate-themed anime series, then One Piece is the best series that you should watch. This image features the main protagonists who accidentally eat Devil’s Fruit and gave them superpowers.

Naruto Crew


This cute caricature of characters of Naruto can be a great choice as an anime wallpaper that can be downloaded straight to the laptops and desktops. This image is available in 3072×2102 resolution.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams


The image and its title are derived from a hit song of the same title by American rock band, Green Day. The creator used a few lines from the song, making this anime wallpaper a great choice for anime lovers.

True Tears in the Autumn


Autumn is probably one of the best seasons to enjoy. Moreover, it becomes one of the favorite beautiful backgrounds of anime characters. This could be a perfect wallpaper anime for computer users.