Ozumo Oakland – MORE INFO


This restaurant is an elegant and modern Japanese-inspired located in the uptown district of Oakland. The sleek and sophisticated design of the website portrays the physical look of the sushi bar.

Mashiko Japanese Restaurant – MORE INFO


This popular sushi bar and Japanese restaurant in Seattle has one of the best Asian website designs, focusing on its minimalism look and interactive buttons that customers will surely enjoy.

Rainbow Chinese Restaurant – MORE INFO


This Chinese restaurant in Minnesota offers a wide range of classic, savory Chinese dishes that are served with cocktail drinks that people will surely enjoy. The website invests on images that will surely draw people’s attention online.

Sushi Den – MORE INFO


Sushi Den is one of the leading sushi bar and Japanese restaurants in the United States, offering quality dishes for 25 years already. The contemporary feel of the website makes it elegant and classy-looking.

Kashmir – MORE INFO


Kashmir is one of the oldest Indian-inspired fine dining located at the heart of Metropolitan Manila. They served savory Indian dishes along with cocktail dishes that Indian dish lovers will surely enjoy.

Lolo Dad’s Brasserie – MORE INFO


This all-Filipino cuisine is probably one of the best dining experience in the Philippines, catering local and foreign customers. Aside from the popular Filipino dishes, they are also serving some of the Western dishes with an Asian touch.

Wokcano – MORE INFO


An Asian restaurant set with a contemporary feel, this fine dining has six branches that are all operating throughout California. It features sushi, maki rolls, kimchi, and other popular Asian dishes.



Dim T is an all-Oriental fine dining that features a great number of Asian dishes served in a classy and elegant restaurant. The website utilizes large images as the website background to attract customers online.

Bamboo Club – MORE INFO


For food lovers who want to experience Pan-Asian cuisine, this restaurant is probably the best choice. Highly-regarded as one of the best Asian restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona, The Bamboo Club is a favorite food spot among local residents.

Chantek – MORE INFO


Chantek is a Thai-inspired restaurant that provides savory dishes from native Thailand and other Asian countries. Along with sumptuous dishes, they are also offering a lively atmosphere and a hospitable staff as seen in their website design.