Asian restaurant website designs can be quite inspiring and pleasant for the eye, just like the popular Asian cuisine. The Asian cuisine has been a trend in the food and restaurant industry for ages. Many people are lured with the exotic food and spicy flavors that can only be found in Asia. These dishes comprise the food choices that originated from China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. You can also try the fiery and bizarre delicacies in the other side of Asia which includes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the neighboring countries.

Indeed, Asian restaurants are a unique kind of business venture. It is propitious to serve Asian dishes compared to the usual local food dishes and fast food selection around the globe. One main reason for this is that most of the Asian dishes contain spices and catchy flavors that are appealing to the palates. Not to mention, Asian restaurants offer a unique kind of service compared to the usual restaurant establishments. The serious Asian inspired restaurants do also take advantage of beautiful Asian restaurant website design to attract customers. A lot of restaurant websites use restaurant menu templates to build their online presentation. Check out the collection of useful templates on

Restaurant websites are a strong way of promoting the food, menus and special atmosphere in the restaurant. This will help restaurant owners reach out to their potential customers online, display their menu and showcase the authentic dishes that they offer. Also, it can help boost their business through making reservations online, providing inquiries and asking for contact information. Below are some of the best restaurant websites presenting great Asian website designs that will surely make you crave!

Sunda New Asian – MORE INFO


Sunda New Asian is a classy Asian restaurant resides at the heart of Illinois’ metropolitan city, Chicago. They offer surprising and flavorful Asian dishes from China and countries in Southeast Asia. This is one of the Asian web designs that people can easily deal with because of the simplicity and easy navigation of the website.

Wild Ginger – MORE INFO


Wild Ginger is a contemporary Asian restaurant that showcases a number of hefty and flavorful Asian dishes served with Western’s popular wine and cocktail drinks. The restaurant website design centers heavily on big photographs of their dishes lain in a slideshow presentation, enticing online viewers to try their savory dishes.



This another Asian Restaurant is located between the two popular avenues in New York. They have even other branches in Las Vegas and Sydney, Australia. Its website works perfectly as it uses mainly red color, which is a common shade for an Asian cuisine.

Ginger Boy – MORE INFO


Ginger Boy is an all-Asian cuisine dining club that offers mouthwatering Asian dishes served while it’s hot. Australians have been patronizing the restaurant as it offers a wide range of freebies and discounts that they will surely enjoy.

The Noodle Box – MORE INFO


The Noodle Box is a Southeast Asian noodle bar located in Canada. Its website works well with different styles of typography and the limited number of colors and shades, focusing on warm colors.



This Indian-inspired food takeout and delivery services offers the best Asian cuisines with a touch of a Western twist. They are offering food dishes that are best for meat lovers, and vegans as well. The use of bright colors, along with easy navigation draws customers’ attention online.



Osaki is a Japanese restaurant resides in a Latin-speaking country. What’s unique in its restaurant web design is that it works with colors that are rarely paired with Asian cuisine. Instead of utilizing warm colors like orange and red, it makes use of green and yellow shade in complimenting the design of the website.



Daimu is a Japanese-inspired Brazilian restaurant that offers classic Japanese dishes that are presented with a Latin touch. The minimalist design of its website makes it elegant-looking and classy, which depicts the physical setup of the restaurant as well.

Hapa Sushi – MORE INFO


Sushi is a Japanese trademark dish that is well-known by many people across the globe. Visiting the restaurant’s website will surely turn sushi lovers on, as they are offering lots of sushi and sushi-inspired dishes that are savory and mouthwatering. The slideshow of sushi along with food choices is a great factor of gaining customers’ attention online.

Golden Century Seafood Restaurant – MORE INFO


Chinese traditional restaurants are popularly known in different countries across the globe. This certain Chinese restaurant offers seafood dishes cooked in a Chinese way. Large images are working perfectly on the website.