With the ongoing craze about social media marketing along with Facebook being a major social media player, most businesses cannot go wrong with creating a Facebook Business Page. Almost everyone regardless of age, gender, and social status uses Facebook daily. Therefore, businesses can easily begin to reach their target market and new potential customers through creating a creative and effective page on Facebook.

Statistics indicate that every person spends a minimum of one hour a day browsing Facebook alone and that a single user has about an average of 130 friends. It makes it very easy to spread and share the word throughout Facebook. When your business page or some of its content is liked by people it will be automatically shown in the their Facebook news feed and it can therefore attract attention from their friends. Those friends are likely to also become interested because of the social proof coming with the like from ones friend.

However, most businesses have already joined Facebook, but you business could still be missing out on an  important factor when creating a company Facebook page – the Facebook business page design. In social media marketing you try to attract your potential customers through short texts and images. You need to have an appearance, awesome content and cool features that will visually attraction your visitors and keep them interested enough to like your page.

To help you get started it is always a good idea to learn from the top level companies. Here are some of the best and most effective Facebook Business Pages that can serve as your inspiration on your way to creating your very own successful Facebook pages for business. Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Monster Energy – MORE INFO

monster energy

They are just one of the many Facebook company pages that know the value of saving money through social media marketing. They have attracted hundreds of thousands of customers just be merely staying active on Facebook.

Subway – MORE INFO


Being the largest single brand restaurant chain all over the world, they have managed to stay on the top of the food chain business without shedding a whole lot of money for advertising. With over 20 million likes, Facebook business pages can learn a lot from Subway.

Zappos – MORE INFO


They may still be a small company as compared to big players like Levi’s and Guess but they are definitely a culture cultivator that makes them one of the best Facebook business pages today.

Levi’s – MORE INFO


They are already 140 years old yet they kept the classic elegance with continuous marketing reinvention while maintaining the high quality of the clothes. The great thing about this Facebook company page is their emphasis on sponsored stories on their current initiatives so MORE INFO people will be aware.

Angry Birds – MORE INFO

angry birds

They are undoubtedly one of the most loved mobile games today with millions of fans worldwide almost instantly. The addictive game is an instant success and their Facebook business page design adds MORE INFO attraction.

Bare Minerals by Bare Escentuals – MORE INFO

Bare Minerals by Bare Escentuals

Despite their company Facebook page boasting of a minimalist design, they have managed to make the page all about their loyal customers. Everyday conversations and updates can be seen about real people and the magic of their mineral makeup.

PlayStation – MORE INFO


Still being the bestselling console to date, the PlayStation Facebook business pages are a great source of information, perspective, and insights from both the company and the users as well.

Disney – MORE INFO


Disney had always close to the hearts of millions of people from around the globe. With their Facebook Business Pages, they were able to stay close to people and have continued to touch billions of people whether on the big screen, quick videos, or even pictures.

Bonobos – MORE INFO


This is one of the best Facebook business pages that provide stellar advice with regards to men’s fashion. They have made men come out and ask advices that generated tons of useful comments and feedbacks.

Texas HoldEm Poker – MORE INFO

Texas HoldEm Poker

They have definitely brought poker back in the modern world. This game has almost everyone reviewing their knowledge about poker to play the game perfectly. Poker fanatics love the company Facebook page as they give tips, advices, and updates.

Red Bull – MORE INFO

red bull

They now are MORE INFO than just a simple energy drink that athletes and sports enthusiasts love. With the launching of their Facebook Business Pages, they continuously show the world with current promos and happenings.

Fox News – MORE INFO

fox news

Everybody wants to know what is happening in the world at every possible minute. With a Facebook company page like that of Fox News, people from all corners of the world can stay in tune with the latest news at no extra cost despite the lack of cable satellites.

Burt’s Bees – MORE INFO

burt's bees

Anyone who loves nature and highly effective organic products know about Burt’s Bees. They have taken their 25-year-old business to a higher level with the launch of their Facebook Business Pages to connect to their loyal customers and introduce new products faster.

Clarisonic – MORE INFO


Their Facebook business pages keep their loyal customers from around the world updated with their promos, events, and new products. Customers also get a chance to win MORE INFO products by sharing their experiences.



One of the most loved auto makers in the world today shows their Facebook Business Pages as a proof why people love them. The Facebook business page design is simply neat and elegant reminding visitors the great feeling of being in a BMW.

Volkswagen USA – MORE INFO

Volkswagen USA

With over half a million likes on their Facebook Business Pages, they remain one of the automakers competing for supremacy around the globe. They not only attract potential customers with a highly appealing Facebook business page design but also give valuable information daily.

Windows – MORE INFO


Who can miss this application giant in Facebook? Whether it is social media marketing or traditional marketing, they have been capturing the hearts of their customers with highly efficient applications and useful information provided by the website as well.

Old Spice – MORE INFO

old spice

With over 75 years in the industry, Procter and Gamble has kept the spice brewing for Old Spice label. They have always been known for their marketing glory but the recent launches of various Facebook Business Pages had made marketing extremely viral for the brand.

Red Mango – MORE INFO

red mango

The best thing about Red Mango’s Facebook business pages is the fact that the owner personally sees and manages it. He uses this social media marketing platform to connect to customers and share a bit of his mind to them.

Starbucks – MORE INFO


The most famous coffee shop in the whole world has about a number of Facebook business pages depending on the country to better suit their local customers and keep everyone attuned to what is brewing and most especially ongoing and upcoming promos.

Porsche – MORE INFO


They may be a multi-billion dollar brand but they have made a way to connect to people from around the world regardless of bank account status – their Facebook company page. Porsche owners use this page to interact with other owners or simply admire the classic elegance.

Adidas – MORE INFO


Being one of the most multifaceted shoe brands all over the world, Adidas stays in touch with the rest of the world through their Facebook company page. This also shows their goal of being the shoemaker of the young and future generation.



The world’s most innovative electronic and gadget company uses their company Facebook page to give information about their products and latest releases. This definitely helps seal the deal with interested consumers.

The New York Times – MORE INFO

new york times

They are the most respectable news authority all over the world and their Facebook company page has been giving highly valuable and useful information. Whether they posts about quotes or real-time news, they remain a source of inspiration to many people.

Skull Candy – MORE INFO

skull candy

Skullcandy is truly the new generation’s preferred brand for edgy and fashionable headphones, apparel, and accessories. The launch of a user-friendly widget on their Facebook lets visitors even listen to music, watch videos, and buy merchandise.

Stella & Dot – MORE INFO

stella & dot

This is a direct selling company that showcases their Facebook Business Page as an entrepreneurial business platform. They connect to hundreds of thousands of customers through their Facebook page by regularly uploading new items and ways of how to wear them.

Coca Cola – MORE INFO


This is a company that would not stop at anything when it comes to getting ahead of marketing. Regardless if it is media marketing or internet marketing, they are always on top of their game.

Walmart – MORE INFO


This is one of the most-loved stores with big deals and discounts given away at almost every minute of the day. They have just made themselves bigger than ever with the recent Facebook Business Pages that lets consumers updated with everything that is new and cheap.



Who can forget these extremely delicious chocolate cookies? Their company Facebook page boasts of a simple yet irresistibly delicious design that would make any Facebook user crave for a bite instantly.

People – MORE INFO

people mag

People generally love celebrities and their fabulous life. With People’s Facebook business pages, everyone can get a glimpse of what is happening with A-list celebrities and their life behind the camera.

McDonalds – MORE INFO


Aside from their extensive chain of fast-food restaurants and scope of branches around the globe, they also have a foundation. Their Facebook business pages shows their diversity when it comes to producing good food and helping others.



Can you think of a male who has not liked NBA Facebook fan page? This is where they get all the juicy details of what is happening in the courtside and the player’s as well. The updated posts keep basketball enthusiasts up on their feet as they wait for what is going to happen next.

Travel Channel – MORE INFO

travel channel

Travel enthusiasts and world explorers simply love the enticing Facebook business page design of The Travel Channel. Visitors especially love the “daily escape” that gives them inspiration to work hard to travel to MORE INFO wonderful places.