Creative event websites can help you find inspiration for your own projects. Traditionally, event organizers only resort on their promotional strategies online through some of the popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace. In fact, some planners won’t go beyond redistribution of the event through advertisements such as print and visual media while others only utilize community papers and cheap flyers.

It is essential for the event planner to create a steady brand, especially for annual events and celebrations. Most of the annual events have already put up their own event website wherein they showcase activities and memorable experiences about what’s happening and is going to happen. Below are some of the examples of the event websites that are inspiring to visit online. Each of these websites presents different styles of website layout as well as the artistic development of the events they featured online. The idea behind this is not only to showcase appealing events website design but to provide you with the inspiration to create your own events website, as well. Enjoy this resource and please leave us a comment. We will be happy to hear your thoughts.

Circles – MORE INFO


For individuals with creative minds and impeccable skills in creative design, this conference could be a great avenue for them. This creative conference showcases diverse topics about creative design, as well as the traits that designers should possess when being creative. Moreover, its event web design depicts how creative the event will be.

An Event Apart – MORE INFO


This event is a two-day intense learning session dedicated for passionate designers and developers using the standard-based way of website designing. The website’s normal-looking event website design explains the idea that a website doesn’t have to be fancy in order to attract online visitors.

Hull Digital – MORE INFO


Since the advent of the technology, many creative designers have already ventured into web design on the World Wide Web. In this annual conference, individuals from different well-known fields in technology, branding, business, mobile, education, web and among others are gathered to share their works of art in multimedia.

Tahoe Tech Talk – MORE INFO


This annual conference offers interaction between different creative blog developers and website creators in Lake Tahoe. The simplicity of the website, as well as its easy navigation, allows attendees of the conference to attend the event.

UX Fundamentals – MORE INFO


This yearly workshop provides an introduction to web designing to amateur creative designers online. While learning the basics of web design, they are also taught with practical applications of the web design and layout.

New Zealand International Arts Festival – MORE INFO


This international festival of the arts is a biennial celebration held in the metropolitan city of New Zealand, Wellington. It features the best creative arts coming from different parts of the globe, along with the celebrated arts entertainment in New Zealand.

Technique Retreat – MORE INFO


This unique 48-hour production camp is dedicated for website creators and digital designers. It features nonstop drinking, eating and hands-on workshops facilitated by some of the best creative designers in the industry.

Summer Opening – MORE INFO


Summer Opening is a celebrated yearly event in Portugal that features good music from local and international music scene. The fascinating fact about this event website is that it is acknowledged and been nominated as one of the finalists in Awwwards, wherein outstanding web developers are recognized worldwide.

Mary Trufel – MORE INFO


Mary Trufel is a celebrated fashion designer that showcases her collection though her events like fashion collection presentation. The simplicity of the website showcases her works in a simple and elegant way.

Awakenings – MORE INFO


The Monumental Awakenings event is a week long celebration of music in Amsterdam. It features local homegrown musicians and talents, as well as surprise guests from the international scene. The event is so popular that even some of the day-events are already fully booked.

Open Day – MORE INFO


Edit Open Day is a two-day workshop about Social Media Marketing, UX for Digital Interface, Responsive Frameworks, Mobile UI Design and among others. This has been one of the successful events in multimedia design in Spain.

Sasquatch Music Festival 2013 – MORE INFO


This highly acclaimed music celebration happens every Memorial weekend every year. It features some of the great artists in the music industry, including some of the internationally known artists like Imagine Dragons, and Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis. This website is perfectly designed that features information about the venues where the event will take place.

Barcamp Omaha – MORE INFO


Barcamp is not an ordinary conference. It is a two-day event that presents without a list of expected speakers, a concrete schedule and a proper flow of the program. What’s unique with this event is that they have open format that nurtures relationship and networking.

Brand New Conference – MORE INFO


Most of the yearly events have been organized for the sole purpose of just meeting and coming together. In fact, some occasions are organizing sharing of knowledge and new information with other individuals. This nice event website shows what the conference is all about.

Bumbershoot – MORE INFO


Bumbershoot is a local event in Seattle that celebrates local music, as well as popular songs across the globe. Due to its long history, this event has been a tradition in the locality. This is one of the few events websites that sell tickets in the event place.

Converge SE – MORE INFO


For those who want to attend a website design conference, this could be a perfect avenue for them. What’s unique with the event is that it promotes fun while learning the basics and updates of web designing.

Design Week Portland – MORE INFO


This annual event focuses on the unique design culture in every locality. This could be a great wonderful networking event for those who are into web designing to gain more insights about web creation.

Festival Mundo – MORE INFO


Although the language barrier could be a main problem with this event, the occasion is still open to all creative designers who have craft for web design. Its event website presents a great piece of artwork that online visitors will surely enjoy.

Future of Web Design Prague – MORE INFO


This first-class yearly event is dedicated to all website designers and creative web developers. It features the most renowned speakers from the field of web design with their important topics in relation to web design.

Future M – MORE INFO


Future M is a yearly conference for marketing specialists from different places in the United States. It features a one-of-a-kind experience to media trend setters and marketing tycoons in knowing the future of the Marketing industry.



Web Expo is a once a year conference that held in Prague, wherein people from multimedia and web industry are gathered to get updates about design, business and development in the web industry.

Do Lectures – MORE INFO


This biennial event is all about a simple gathering event that allows enthusiastic creative designers to come together and hear inspiring talk about people who are driven to create simple ideas.



The Build is a little gathering that focuses on congregating talented website practitioners from different parts of the globe in sharing their techniques, ideas and inspiration from their works. They also have one of the nice websites online.



Amped is an annual hack-day of rockers, showcasing the talents of indie rock bands and hit makers as well. It has been an awesome event that happened every year, celebrating rock music in different hype.

TechCrunch Disrupt – MORE INFO


This is a three-day event and startup competition among tech geeks and multimedia enthusiasts gathered together to immerse in a debate about the updates of the technological world, as well as its effects in the world today.



FITC stands for Future, Innovation, Technology and Creativity. This event organizer has already produced more than thirty conferences since 2002. It hosts eighteen metropolitan cities worldwide, presenting the latest updates in multimedia designing.

The London Design Festival – MORE INFO


This nine-day celebration of work of arts in multimedia design is set to happen in the world’s creative capital. It presents a wide platform of design disciplines and works that are gathered to create a unique and accessible event for all.

Expression Engine and Code Igniter Conference – MORE INFO


This outstanding event website presents conferences that tackle about EECI and its updates. The event is all about internationally renowned speakers, as well as new programs that are related to the main topic.

Greenbelt Festival – MORE INFO


This unique event presents a combination of music, arts, justice and faith. This has been a one-of-a-kind event that is patronized by a number of individuals from different places. Its website tells the complete information about the event.

Image Festival Rotterdam – MORE INFO


Who would have thought that a group of fashion bloggers has their annual event. As its website presents, the yearly conference of fashion bloggers is happening to share their experiences in fashion and style.