Minecraft is one of the highly popular PC-games today. Millions of people worldwide play Minecraft and jump into the role of the well known game character Steve. It is a sandbox construction game inspired by various online games. The main objective is to go on adventure, search for resources and survive the wildness of the Minecraft world. You can place and break blocks within a three-dimensional environment. This way you can build structures of blocks to protect your character against weird monsters. You can also go further and create wonderful and fantastic creations. The amazing game can even be downloaded for free.

There are plenty of interesting places that players can visit and enjoy and it can be challenging to survive monster attacks and find enough food and resources. This well-loved interactive online game can also be enjoyed with out playing. You just need a Minecraft desktop background. Aside from enjoying this online game for free real fans can also find plenty of Minecraft wallpaper HD designs available for free download. Listed below are my top picked designs that you can choose from.

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This is a beautiful wallpaper showing Steve on his bed near the water side.

For Miners Only – MORE INFO


I like this Wallpaper. Wouldn’t it be nice if creepers could read?

Nature – MORE INFO


Isn’t beautiful? Minecraft is a marvelous place. With this wallpaper you can look at it on your screen when ever you want – without having to worry about creepers.



Run Steve! This wallpaper is a true reproduction of Minecraft living.

Grass of Minecraft wallpaper – MORE INFO


This is a beautiful Wallpaper showing a grass and soil block from Minecraft as is might look in the real world.

Minecraft Windows Creeper – MORE INFO


Take cover! A creeper can blow your entire house in the air if you’re not careful.

Steve Minecraft – MORE INFO


The world of Minecraft is hostile and impassable, but you can find a quiet place in the sun.

Minecraft Home – MORE INFO


This wallpaper show a cozy house by the riverside. It is fun to build a home for Steve on a good spot.



This wallpaper is a creative ans minimalist artwork showing one of the most important tools in Minecraft.

Pirate Ships – MORE INFO


Can you find pirate ships in Minecraft? Well I have never come across them myself, but this is a nice Wallpaper.

Minecraft Enderman Windows – MORE INFO


This is scary! I like Endermen to stay inside Minecraft. They can be quite daunting.

Minecraft Wallpaper – MORE INFO


Steve is always brave and he sometimes has to sleep out in the open among dangerous monsters.

Sunset – MORE INFO


This Minecraft wallpaper is showing a peaceful sunset just before the monsters come wandering out from the caves.

Minecraft Wallpapers HD Picture – MORE INFO

HD-Picture-1 minecraft wallpaper hd

This dark, yet vividly cool picture describes the world of Minecraft. It features kingdoms, a vast plain of land, forests, and even a lake in the middle. This minecraft backround is available in high definition.

Minecraft Wallpapers in HD – MORE INFO

HD-8 minecraft wallpaper hd

One of the great things about Minecraft is that players can actually play a part as a hero or heroine in the game. This figure seems to be a light in shining armor riding on his horse, preparing to save someone.

Minecraft Wallpapers in HD – MORE INFO

HD-16 minecraft wallpaper hd

This is a classic screenshot of what transpires during a Minecraft game. A player is attacking his opponent with the use of a nuclear bomb in destroying his opponent’s territory. Raw, yet awesome minecraft wallpaper hd to download.

Minecraft Wallpapers in HD – MORE INFO

HD-25 minecraft wallpaper hd

A lot of people online are engaging in customized artwork. Take this custom-made image where a cute kitten is chased by minecrafted creatures. This comical image can be a perfect Minecraft wallpaper HD in desktops and laptops.

Minecraft Paradise – MORE INFO

Minecraft-Paradise minecraft wallpaper hd

This pixilated tropical island with amazing mountains along the shoreline is a breathtaking scene that is perfect for laptops and desktops as minecraft backrounds. This image is available in various sizes.

Minecraft Pumpkins – MORE INFO

Minecraft-Pumpkins minecraft wallpaper hd

This Minecraft text surrounded by illuminated pumpkins is a Halloween-themed images that can be utilized as a website decoration or a desktop wallpaper. This image is available in different sizes.

HCL Wallpaper – MORE INFO


This is certainly one of the most downloaded wallpapers due to its endearing architectural design in Minecraft mode, from a little tower standing in the middle of a number of houses surrounding it.

Steve in the Dark – MORE INFO


Steve in the Dark is a Minecraft character played by some avid Minecraft players. His fierce look made him one of the strongest players in the arena. Opponents will surely get ready to be dug by Steve.

Elmita Eclipse – MORE INFO


This great screenshot from one of the games in Minecraft is probably one of the classic moments in the game. It quite resembles the usual eclipses, but this one is surely breathtaking.

Autumn – MORE INFO


As the title implies, this perfect season creates a perfect scenario where the trees are ready to settle themselves for the upcoming change of season. This image is available in various sizes.

River Cottage – MORE INFO


This adorable image of a cottage sitting in front of the river can be a great selection as a minecraft wallpaper in high definition especially for avid fans of the Minecraft game.

Happy Halloween – MORE INFO


Halloween, sometimes credited as All Hallow’s Eve, is a yearly celebration observed by many countries worldwide a day before remembering the saints and souls who departed from Earth. This Halloween-themed image is available in different resolutions.

Minecraft Nightlife – MORE INFO


The nightlife in Minecraft is something that players look forward while playing the game. This image is taken from a screenshot, and is being enhanced with the help of Adobe Photoshop.

Lakeside View – MORE INFO


This lakeside image in Minecraft mode seems to be a real image when having it a quick look. Nevertheless, this picture makes a great desktop wallpaper for a number of laptops and computers.

Moonlit Forest – MORE INFO


Another moonlit moment in the forests of Minecraft. The serenity of this image depicts the calmness of the environment of Minecraft during night time. This picture is available in 1600×900 resolution.

Asteroid Creeper – MORE INFO


Space creepers are one of the main antagonists of the game. They are often encountered when the battle takes place in the space. This asteroid creeper can be an adorable image when placed as desktop wallpaper.

Beautiful Jungle – MORE INFO


This beautiful jungle is one of the attractions in the Minecraft game. There are plenty of jungles who are attractively created for the pleasure of players’ sight while engaging in recreation fights online.

Oh My Ghast! – MORE INFO


This wallpaper is extracted from a t-shirt design which served to be one of the collectibles of the Minecraft Game. This comical and striking image is a great selection to be a desktop wallpaper.

Minecraft Avatar Collage – MORE INFO


This image contains the avatar of the characters commonly found in the game of Minecraft. Every character has its unique features and abilities that makes them a great choice in the battle.

Notch, the Creator – MORE INFO


Notch is one of the characters that are often seen in Minecraft. In this image, he is computer-generated which makes him look more of a cartoon character than his original image at pixilated character. Available in 3300×2549 resolution.

Tree in the Plains – MORE INFO


This common screenshot figure in Minecraft is enhanced with the use of Adobe software, making it a cool wallpaper for desktop and laptop computers. This image is available in 1678×876 resolution.

Minecraft Floating Island – MORE INFO


Another breathtaking attraction in the world of Minecraft is the Floating Islands where characters may reside and take a break for awhile. How cool is it if floating islands exist in real life?

Save Sheep – MORE INFO

sheep wallpaper

This image is somewhat a friendly reminder to players who are fearless and heartless to online earthlings in the game. Sheeps are cuddly creatures that should be preserved in the game.

Peaceful Sunset – MORE INFO


This is probably one of the fewest wallpapers in the list that could blow your mind away. With just a little enhancement with the help of certain softwares, this piece of the image is a best wallpapers download that users can perform.

ForoMinecraft.com with Arnold – MORE INFO


This three-dimensional image is based on one of the maps found in ForoMinecraft.com. It is a metropolitan where trade must take place. This picture is available for download in various sizes.

La Cene Leonardo da Vinci – MORE INFO


Resembles the ‘Last Supper’ painting of Leonardo da Vinci, this image contains twelve people with different personalities that can be found in the Minecraft. This comical and appealing picture is a great work of art that can be downloaded as desktop wallpapers.

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