Creating a successful logo design can be a tedious and challenging task for a designer. It is of course also fun and motivating to create a powerful logo. The logo is part of the visual branding of a company and it has to provide a big impact on potential customers the first time they see it. I believe that a logo can have a tremendous impact on whether a company will make it or break it. There is of course more to it than just having a great logo, but the logo plays a major role. It serves as a method of connecting the company to the potential customers and to communicate the core values and vision. Moreover, it should reflect the company and its goals.

Basically, logo design necessitates knowledge regarding the business and how the logo will convey information to its consumers. A logos has to be timeless, relevant, and in line with the services and products offered.

As a logo designer you always need to develop your skills and techniques to keep up with competition and client demands. Below are a collection of Photoshop logo tutorials that can be utilized in creating a logo design for a brand or company. Although it is essential for many designers to begin with paper and pencil, a logo tutorial can provide the tools needed once working in the computer. Please leave us a comment and share this information with your friends.

How to Make an Awesome Logo


Surely, it is very tough to design a logo if you don’t have the experience to do so. However, you will engage to have cool logos to draw if you are open for learning.

Create an Origami Logo


Origami is a Japanese art which means folding a paper. Started in the 17th century, origami has evolved from a simple art of paper folding into a modern art form that can be utilized as an illustrator logo.

How to Design a Logotype from Conception to Completion


Designing a logo should based heavily on the practicality, wherein the product should utilize in everyday business as proposed. These photoshop logo tutorials will help people design logo from conception to completion.

Creating crazy cool logo


This illustrator logo tutorial focuses on designing logo with the use of creative and dynamic mind. For those who are planning to create a unique and modern logo, then this tutorial is right for you.

Design a Print-Ready Beer Label in Adobe Illustrator


There are many ready made labels and logos that can be utilized in creating a design logo for a certain product. For instance, if you are searching for a design logo for a root beer product, this Illustrator logo tutorial can be utilized to have an own label of beer.

Vintage Logo Design in Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


For businessmen who want their products to have a vintage logo on it, then this tutorial can help them generate one. This tutorial focuses on the use of Photoshop CS6, which is quite challenging to utilize than Illustrator, which is known to create logo designs.

Brainstorm 9 Logo Process


The process of brainstorming is a technique used by graphic artists to produce a number of ideas in order to overcome a problem. When designing a logo, brainstorming is essential in order to understand the context of the product and how should it be delivered to the consumers.

How to Make a Cartoon Style Cereal Box Logo in Adobe Illustrator CS3


Logos can entice consumers to purchase a certain product. For businessmen who want to sell their products, they should have an eye-catchy logo to attract consumers. This is one of the photoshop logo tutorials that make use of Illustrator CS3 in creating a logo.

Create a Cool Music Logo on a Grunge Background


Music logo is also essential in order for the tracks to sell in the market like hot pancakes. This could be a great start for musicians who are starting in the music industry. This do-it-yourself tutorial is a logo inspiration 2012 that can be used by musicians.

Star Wars Text Effect


The Star Wars franchise has been an integral part of almost every individual nowadays. Because of its influence, some products are branded with text or logo effects that are quite similar to the Star Wars logo. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to make one as well.

Create a Swirly Type Treatment


Swirly type is another effect that is commonly used in some logos to draw customers’ attention on the certain product. With the use of Adobe Illustrator, this tutorial will help designers to create their own logo designs in a swirly type with the use of some brushes and a free font.

Photoshop Logo Jelly Remake

Photoshop Logo Jelly Remake

Who could have thought that a jelly can be a great logo design potential? With the use of Adobe Photoshop, one can transform a simple jelly into an unforgettable logo design.

Designing a Cake Shop Logo

Designing a Cake Shop Logo

In order for a cake shop to be widely known in public, it should have a striking logo design that will make customers drool over and patronize the shop. Create a stunning logo design by using photoshop logo tutorials like this one.

Modern Day Green Logo Tutorial


Some designers make use of the color green in logo design if it represents nature. In creating a modern-day logo designs, this tutorial will teach one on utilizing basic tools and methods in Adobe Photoshop in generating a customized logo from scratch.

Making of Metallic Transformer Logo

transformers logo

Making your own Transformer Logo is something enjoyable and exciting task to do. You can add your own effects and have it as your own design. This tutorial makes use of Adobe Photoshop.

Creating A Rockstar Brand Logo and Styleguide in Illustrator


Creating a strong and articulate logo design for a brand identity is one of the most gratifying jobs in graphic designs, especially when used in various applications like making a rock star brand logo. For starting rock star musicians, creating an own brand logo will help them be known in public.

Vector Bacterial Logo Tutorial in Adobe Illustrator


As the title implies, this one of the illustrator logo tutorials is about creating a high definition logo about microscopic bacteria which is commonly dealt with medical and chemical science.

Create a 3D Glossy Box Logo in Photoshop


The use of three-dimensional effect is another technique in creating outstanding and unique logo design. With the aid of Adobe Photoshop, this tutorial will help designers to generate their own logo design in 3D.

Photoshop CS6 Logo Tutorial: Clean Professional


Adobe Photoshop CS6 is the 13th major release of the Adobe Photoshop. The use of this logo design tutorial will surely create one a clean professional logo for the company.

Real Apple Logo in Photoshop


People are fond of getting ideas for their logo from the reputable companies like Apple. In this photoshop logo tutorial, a photo of real apple is utilized in copying out the Apple logo. Quite interesting!

Constructing the Perfect Logo


The logo has been the key to success for entrepreneurs who are just starting in business. However, creating an original logo out on existing logos is something that can be remembered by consumers.

Creating a Retro Logo


Retro is a design that is culturally outdated or aged in trend, style, or fashion. Despite its archaic and obsolete look, this element could be a perfect design for a logo.

Spiderman Logo


This tutorial can really be a delight for Spiderman fans from different parts of the globe. This tutorial will focuses heavily on creating your own Spiderman logo with the use of an Adobe Photoshop software.

Glossy Vector Web 2.0 Logo Text in 5 Easy Steps


A simple glossy text effect could be used in designing a logo. What’s unique to this method is that it can be created in just a few minutes. This tutorial presents five easy steps on creating a glossy text vector that can be utilized in logo design.

Environmentally Friendly Green Type


Nowadays, people are thinking about the green movement to counteract the destruction and abuse of nature. With the use of the Adobe Illustrator, this tutorial will help designers create their own green logo conveying a pro-nature message to the people.

The Process of Redesigning a Logo


There are times that product manufacturers are thinking of redesigning their products’ logo in order to increase product sales. This tutorial can help one redesign their logo and make it more eye-catchy for consumers.

Cloud Logo


Creating a cloud logo is one of the common things that people do in Photoshop today. This tutorial will help designers create their own cloud logo for their products or services.

Simple Multimedia Business Logo


When creating a business website, it is essential to have a trademark such as a business logo. This tutorial will help web developers create a simple multimedia business logo with the use of Photoshop.

Photoshop is a software that lets designers create their own design for their products or services. In this tutorial, fitness center owners will have the chance to create their own fitness logo for their centers.

Professional Logo


Creating a professional logo is something the designers should look forward doing in order to present the products and services with dignity and respect. This tutorial will help graphic artists to make their own logo in a professional way.

Futuristic Web Logo Design Tutorial Using Photoshop

Futuristic Web Logo

Another way of drawing people’s attention is through creating a logo that is designed in a futuristic way. This depicts that a product or service can transcend from various ages and time. This tutorial will help people formulate their futuristic logo design with the use of Photoshop.

Rectangular Glassy Logo


Glassy logos are making trend in the industry today. This will surely draw people’s attention and patronize the product that these logos are promoting. In order to make one, one should follow a simple tutorial about making a glassy logo design.

How to Create a Retro Style Texturized Logo


People who are into retro style can make their own logo design in a retro style textured way. This tutorial presents simple steps on how to generate a logo that can draw attention from people who are into retro style as well.

Firefish Mascot


Mozilla Firefox is one of the most used web browser today. Also, a lot of people are amazed of its logo. This easy tutorial will help designers create their own mascot based on the Firefox logo.