Retro and vintage has been a popular trend for quite some time now. Actually retro is everywhere today. We can find retro inspired typography, web design, music, posters, furniture’s, clothing and so on. In web design the vintage style tends to give websites an strong and interesting appearance. People just love the feeling of “back in the good old days”. This kind of design can really attract the attention of internet visitors. It is no surprise, retro website design has been one of the popular ways to engage customers and new leads online.

What’s with this retro website design? First of all, there were so many great things and cool designs from back then. This makes it very exciting for web designers to explore in their retro designs. There are numerous materials wherein designers can find inspiration from. There are old posters, old movies, old style typography, handwriting fonts, old fashion, old packaging, and many more.

Fortunately, there are many dedicated web designers who created beautiful and alluring retro website designs. Here are 45 attractive vintage websites. If you are a designer, these could be an inspiration for you. Please let me know what you think in the comment section, and do remember to share this resource with your friends. I also encourage you to take a look at this post about retro style themes for WordPress.

Prahba Web Design – MORE INFO


Prahba Web Design is a firm retro website design which is very ideal for online businesses. If you pick this site, your page will be posted with a vintage billboard with a classic lady seemingly entertaining the online guests.

Jackson Fish Market – MORE INFO


Jackson Fish Market is an incredible retro website design which showcases an old marketplace for fishes. This is a classic design which makes any company looks more professional and reliable.

This is Tommy – MORE INFO


This is Tommy is one of those unique retro vintage designs. It has 2 columns which are very ideal for advertising and selling labeled music such that of The Beatles.

Small Stone – MORE INFO


Small Stone is a beautiful retro design. It showcases incredible vintage designs which use mind’s eternal creativity. There’s a vintage radio mixer on top of the site which makes the whole design so vintage.

Mom & Popcorn – MORE INFO


Mom & Popcorn is a very attractive and alluring retro website design not only because of the popcorn but also of the dozen vintage photos here like a vintage sky blue and white 50s car, illustration of vintage poster models, and many more.

The Literary Bohemian – MORE INFO


The Literary Bohemian is a retro styled web page. This vintage design is a total hip. It showcases postcard prose, poetry, signs of life, travel notes, lodging and a lot more.



ISO50 is an incredible retro website design. Indeed, it is vintage. There are so many retro things on the web page. One of the most commendable 70s’ icon is the old AGFA VHS.

Dallas Advertising – MORE INFO


Dallas Advertising is another fantastic vintage design for a website. It has a very simple and pretty classical music introduction. The main theme of this beautiful retro website design is the old and classic airline.

Team Fortress 2 – MORE INFO


Team Fortess 2 is a very attractive vintage website design especially to the younger generation. There’s an incredible coolness in this design. There’s a vintage poster with beautiful drawings and texts.

Level2d – MORE INFO


This is a retro website design that features a vintage and classic cinema. But what makes this one of the most desired design is its designer. According to many customers, they listen very carefully to their clients and deliver the desired output perfectly.

The Dollar Dreadful – MORE INFO


The Dollar Dreadful has a classic newsletter layout. It is black and white and the images and drawings can be traced back to 1882. These elements make the whole retro website design very “classy”.

Team Fannypack – MORE INFO


Team Fannypack is another retro website design that features an old newspaper layout, which makes the whole design so vintage and classic. But what makes this design stand out is the comic strips and helpful services in the page.

The Hipstery – MORE INFO


The Hipstery is a very classy retro website design. Its main image is a vintage and thick reading glass. But aside from that, there are other vintage and retro patterns, icons, people and old places.

What Is Your Problem – MORE INFO


What Is Your Problem is a very clean and minimal retro website design. It features vintage fonts and classic images. But most importantly, the works of Freud is being highlighted in this design.

Huxley Prairie Fextival – MORE INFO


Huxley Prairie Fextival is a retro website design that features a local festival in the 70s. You will some vintage fonts here. The colors used re indeed retro: light blue, light green, red and brown.

Vintage Clothing – MORE INFO


This vintage design for a website is very ideal for online shops especially for those selling dresses. It has a dark brown background. The fonts used are very vintage, making the website look classy.

Flatwoods Folk Art – MORE INFO


Flatwoods Folk Art is a clean and minimal vintage website design. It captures the classic sailing feel, complete with old images of ships, sculptures and jewelry, and vintage naval fonts.

The Wayward Irregular – MORE INFO


The Wayward Irregular is another clean and minimal retro website design. It only has a white background. What brings the vintage feel is is the font used and the old photographs.

Kultika – MORE INFO


Kultika is a very attractive retro website design. There’s a vintage image of a woman with a crystal ball—seemingly welcoming online visitors. There are numerous vintage images in this design making it very retro.

The Antique Piano Shop – MORE INFO


The Antique Piano Shop features old and cartoonized images of 17th century men and women playing piano. There are also images of old pianos. The fonts used are also vintage looking.

Sensi Soft – MORE INFO


Sensi Soft is a very surreal retro website design. This special website platform is designed by a worldwide service company with the same name that specializes in advertising. Their designers are professional animators which guarantee you an artful design.

Site Web Viareggio – MORE INFO


Site Web Viareggio is a clean and minimal retro website design. It has little fonts, there are no other elements than two women in sailor uniforms. Well, the whole design is centered on navy fashion.

Stolen Design – MORE INFO


Stolen Design is a very clique retro website design. Although the main theme of this design is Japanese, the vintage feel is still there as its whole design is focused on shades of black and gray.

Amelia Earhart Book – MORE INFO


This retro website design is created in honor of an important historical figure, Amelia Earhart. You’ll see incredible old photographs of the flying lady in this attractive design. There is something with her that makes your site stand out: an unafraid aura.

Cottonseed Oil – MORE INFO


Cottonseed Oil is a very beautiful and attractive retro website design. There are numerous vintage images in the whole page. There’s a hippie van, an old building, a 17th century man, and more.

Maryland Magician Baltimore Washington DC Area – MORE INFO


This retro website design is very attractive and classy. Old fashioned magic is its center theme. There’s a vintage poster posted on an old bricked wall. In the poster, Eric Henning is being featured.

The Retrovert – MORE INFO


The Retrovert is a very attractive retro website design. There are vintage images all around the design. The font used is also vintage. Every internet surfer will surely stop when they lay their eyes on one the pages of this design.

Mister Aero – MOE INFO


Mister Aero, as the name suggests, is an aerial-centric retro website design. It has bright colors which make the web page very attractive: navy blue and orange. What makes it vintage is the old, World War I pilot uniform wore by the welcoming image of a man.



Style4U is a very vintage retro website design. It has classical Italian style. It has touches of pick which makes it more attractive. Aside from that, there are several vintage images such as the big telephones and boxed television.

Lataka Disseny – MORE INFO


Lataka Disseny is a very attractive retro website design. It has many colors which make it more alluring in the eyes of internet users. There are vintage illustrations and shapes all around the main page.

Ernest Hemingway – MORE INFO


This retro website design is dedicated to Ernest Hemingway, which makes the whole design very vintage. If you are a fan of Hemingway, there are an incredible collection of his memorabilia in this design.

This By Them – MORE INFO


This By Them is a very attractive retro website design. There are so many alluring images. The images are handcrafted and inspired from various art works which make them eye-catching.

The New York Moon – MORE INFO


As its name says, The New York Moon features vintage images of the fascinating Big Apple. Its main image is an old and classic radio. The fonts used are also very retro. The layout is set like an old New York newspaper.

Media Boom – MORE INFO


Media Boom is a very interesting retro website design. It has a pretty animated introduction. It also showcases a very strict and straight crafter vintage style which will definitely look good in any screen size.

Thrust Exhaust – MORE INFO


Thrust Exhaust is a very attractive retro website design. It has bright colors. The images used are very alluring. The main theme of this design is automotive. Thus, this design is ideal for website promoting cars and other vehicles.

Thunderfuel – MORE INFO


Thunderfuel is another attractive retro design for website. It is actually designed for gamings. Well, the colors used suit that well. However, this can also be used by designers and other artists who want to showcase their talents.

Orlando FL – MORE INFO


Orlando FL is a very vintage retro design for websites. It has a classic newspaper layout. The illustrations used are very 17th century. Orlando FL is designed by Fisticuff Design.

Blue Moon Dueling Piano Bar and Restaurant – MORE INFO


The inspiration of this retro website design is a vintage bar and restaurant in the 80s: the Blue Moon, where there are pianos playing all night. What makes it attractive is its beautiful design of an old poster posted on a bricked wall.

CSS Tinderbox – MORE INFO


CSS Tinderbox is another clean and minimal retro design for websites. The layout used is an old newspaper. There are also vintage images which make the whole design very unique and attractive.

Fred Perry – 100 years – MORE INFO


Fred Perry is a website design which features some of the most exquisite British vintage youth fashion. In the 70s and 80s, the youth had a very loud and recognizable voice. This design showcases that power.

Tennessee – MORE INFO


Tennessee is another attractive retro website design. There are a lot of color images which can attract any passing internet user. This design is very ideal for travel agencies who are looking for great locations for their vacation.

This Land Is Hovland – MORE INFO


This Land Is Hovland is a very alluring retro design for websites. It makes you have a virtual experience of Hovland—a great place with magnificent landscape views. These scenic views make the site more attractive to internet visitors.

Tradition Threads – MORE INFO


Tradition Threads is a retro website design inspired by a local football team. There are actually vintage photos of classic icons of that said team. Well, from its layout, you can say that it is very ideal for online sport shops.

Rejected Robot – MORE INFO


A 70s robot makes this whole design very fascinating. But aside that, it also has a colorful layout. The fonts used are very attractive. The colors used in the texts are also extravagant. This is really an eye-catching design.

Big State Game – MORE INFO


Big State Game is inspired by sport passion of old. People were so enthusiastic with sports. This design features that characteristic using incredible illustrations which makes the whole design very attractive.