It is nice to look back and remember our childhood days. There are times when we confide to our childhood memories – the fun and enjoyment – when we are bored or just searching for means of relaxation. In fact, we are many adults who like cartoon artworks, assuming that we are young at heart. Most of us might have drawn the attention of seeking cartoon-inspired things such as designs or wallpapers for desktops. Cartoons are fun and enjoying to watch. No wonder some desktop and laptop owners have their cartoon wallpaper design on.

Cartoon wallpapers in the computers are quite popular and they provide a lot of joy for workstation users and cartoon fans around the world. It is nice to get a glimpse of one of the unique desktop backgrounds. It will most certainly make you smile and it can will help us forget the worries we carry for a moment.

Listed below are some of the amazing cartoon desktop backgrounds that you can find online. Enjoy browsing the list and please leave us a comment. Also, don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

Cookie Monster


We all know cookie monster as one of the Muppets on the popular show Sesame Street, who is known for his voracious appetite for cookies. This blue-colored friendly character is available in 1920×1200 definition.

Prison Break


This dark vector type of cartoon wallpaper is inspired from a hit series called “Prison Break”, about two brothers who tries to escape from the crime they never committed. This cartoon background is available in 1600×1200.

Happy Hills


This vector-type of cartoon background consists of bright colors depicting how glowing and happy the animated hills under a bright day. It is created under Illustrator CS5 and Intuos4. The happy hills background is available in two sizes: 1280×1024 and 1920×1080.

Killer Whale


In contrast from its description, this cute little whale is the main attraction on the wallpaper. With different shades of blue seen in the background, the killer whale wallpaper can be a great choice for individuals who love the water environment.

Baby Spider


This is probably one of the cutest cartoon wallpaper in the list. The young spider seems to be surprised in the picture. This will let you feel young once you stare at this colorful cartoon wallpaper.



These little creatures will surely provide enjoyment and pleasure to youngsters and young at heart who are working on their desktops and laptops. This wallpaper is available in three resolutions: 1280×1024, 1440×900, and 1680×1050.

March! Cute Army


This cartoon wallpaper consists of different little earthlings organizing a cute march on a bright, sunny day. The blend of bright colors makes this wallpaper a perfect choice for desktops and laptops.

Panst and Panda


It is uncommon to find two different species teamed up together in celebration of Chinese New Year. This two unlikely yet cute animal couple is gearing ahead to welcome another year of prosperity and luck.

Micro Animals


It is quite fascinating to see a very small and cute elephant wondering on a vast plain in a sunny environment. What’s unique with this wallpaper is that it is entirely made up of Adobe Photoshop. This is available in five different sizes.

Okami in Pandalan


Deemed as one of the most popular desktop wallpapers in the list, Okami in Pandaland is loved by a number of computer users nowadays. The unique Oriental look of this breathtaking picture makes it loved by many people.

Plusone and the Wallpaper


For avid fans of three-dimensional images, this wallpaper can be a perfect choice for their desktops. It consists of a number of cute and funny little human-like earthlings from diverse professions and the nature of living.

Umbreon Wallpaper


If you are a Pokemon fan, you will really know this cartoon specie. For those who don’t know this character, it is a Moonlight Pokemon creature evolved from Eevee at a time when it gained a complete trust on its trainer at night.

Monsters Wallpaper


Although he claims to be a monster, this one-eyed creature is immensely popular with many people because of the success of the film, Monsters, Inc. Sulley, as seen in the wallpaper, is a jolly creature who is devoted to his work by assisting his best friend in scaring children to generate energy.

MePhiJiCe Wallpaper


Aside from Umbreon, four little Pokemon creatures are featured in this cartoon wallpaper that will surely loved by Pokemon fans. Each specie is representing a bright color that will definitely bring out the childish attitude of every computer user.

Cloud Strife Wallpaper


Men who love online video games, particularly the Final Fantasy, would like to have a Cloud Strife wallpaper on their desktops. Cloud Strife is a fictional hero character in the game who serves to be an ‘icon’ of the game.

Skeleanimals Wallpaper


For people who are into Gothic and Emo, having this cute wallpaper can be a great addition to their desktop. Three cuddly animals, a rabbit, panda and tarsier, are featured in their skeletal figures.

Dinos Go Rawr Wallpaper


Dinosaurs are known to be scary creatures, but it presents otherwise on this cartoon wallpaper. In this picture, a cute little dinosaur is roaring, providing ‘rawr’ expressions on the rest of the wallpaper layout.

Chicken Little Wallpaper


Who would have thought that a simple folk tale about a little chicken who believed that the end of the world is near will become a high-grossing film presented in three-dimensional picture. Well, almost everyone probably loves this character on their desktop.

The Incredibles Wallpaper


The Incredibles is another computer generated film about a family of superheroes living in peaceful life in a suburb. With its immense popularity in the film, a lot of people are making use of them as a great wallpaper for their desktop computers.

Cute Cartoon Animal Wallpaper


Who will ever think that a sheep want to dye their white fur with color black? In this picture, four cute and cuddly sheep are working out to have their color shifted into black with the use of a paint.

Movie Animation Wallpaper


Along with other movie cartoon characters, online users would probably love Cars sitting as their cartoon wallpaper on their computers. It’s becoming a trend for some moviegoers to have animated movies on their desktops.

Onigiri Club Wallpaper


These delicious rice balls are more than cute enough to be designed as a wallpaper on a computer. Users will not just be drooling for hunger with these caricatures, but it is also very pleasing to see and visualize.

Ice Age – Scrat Wallpaper


No one doesn’t probably know Scrat, a well-determined squirrel who is very obsessed with collecting acorns. He is probably one of the hottest items in the desktops nowadays, as it brings charm and smiles to workstation users.

Cartoon Wallpaper


Pororo and his friends are well-known among preschool children and young individuals. In fact, some computer users are fond of the characters to the extent that they place their picture as their desktop cartoon backgrounds.

Baru the Cartoon Puppy


This wallpaper will make computer users disembark on dream land. This cute puppy will surely adore a number of users that they will place it directly as their wallpaper.

Kings of Leon Wallpaper


It is nice to know that musicians can be caricatured and live as a cartoon figure. The Kings of Leon is a Grammy award rock band that sells records like hot pancakes worldwide. This image is available in 1600×1200 resolution.

Chasing By Boss


This funny computer-generated caricature is a piece of delight for computer users who want it as their cartoon wallpaper. It shows a little chick and it has been chased by a cartoon monster.

Spektrum XI 16


An unexpected journey between little creatures in an improvised air transportation can be a great plus as a desktop wallpaper. This is available in various sizes, from 320×480 up to 2560×1600.

Halloween Witch


This seasonal wallpaper consists of a computer-animated which that can be a delight to be used as a wallpaper in all seasons. This dark, yet the cool image will surely be loved mostly by male computer users.



This 10 year old genius cartoon character is an all time favorite for kids who love to work in a secret laboratory. Dexter cartoon wallpaper is a fun and bright choice for your desktop.

Cake is Awesome


A combination of sweet rock wallpaper, this is one of the unique desktop backgrounds that blend good taste and good music. The chocolate cake makes you want to taste while playing the guitar! It’s cool and hippy!



This new cadet Raz possesses phsychic powers to turn your desktop into a cool and simple background design. There is not much details on the upper portion just as not to distract your icons.

Sheeperd and Chicks


This is so cute! A plain white background and a small detail with a sheep being followed by three chicks are lovable and pleasing to the eyes. The sheep says “Stop following me!”

Cheese Puff


This cheesy wallpaper looks so vivid and yummy! Yellow background on your desktop is so neat to look at clean. Cheese puff cartoon character is popular among teeny boppers.



This adorable lion wraps up the list of the amazing cartoon wallpapers. This cuddly young earthling can be a great wallpaper for children and children at heart. This image is available in different sizes.