Most people use the Internet every day, but if you ask a random person about the footer designs he came across today, he would probably get remote in his eyes. The truth is that a footer design and the web designer behind it is the least to be appreciated by most online visitors. I think it is related to the fact that the footer is located at the bottom of a website. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of beautiful footer designs out there, and we have decided to show you an enjoyable collection.

Web designers often focus their attention to the upper part of a website, including the navigation and sidebars and for a good reason. This part of a website – above the fold – is where the visitors most likely will be aiming their attention. This trend is also characteristic of many websites templates and WordPress themes. However, footer designs can be customized in order to gain the interests of visitors. A creative footer on your website can be used for “call to action”, showcasing your portfolio goodies, increasing the visitors’ chances of staying on the site and much more.

Below are some of the creative web footer designs that we where able to find in our research. I hope you will find valuable inspiration from the collection. Please let us know what you think and feel free to suggest more interesting footer designs. Also, don’t forget to share this inspiration with your friends.

Hit Reach Web Design and SEO – MORE INFO


Hit Reach is a cool website with an even cooler footer. Their core services are Website Design and SEO, but they also combine a range of other services including Web Development, WordPress Website & Plugin Development, PPC Management and more.

Snailbird – MORE INFO


This personal website of a freelance designer utilizes images on the website footer instead of texts. The author of the site places her portfolio and works in the future, complementing its design as well.

Duirwaigh Studios – MORE INFO


This website also utilizes the footer in placing the profile of the company, as well as its contact information and social networking accounts. Also, they place a link where visitors can reach the company.

Tapbots – MORE INFO


The creative footer of this application website conveys simplicity and ease when it comes to navigation of the site. With the addition of cute and appealing icons, the website footer serves as the gem of this website.

Bits and Pixels – MORE INFO


Bits and Pixel’s website present another excellent example of creative website footer design. This website footer serves as the communication between the author of the website and the online visitors.

Northern Classics – MORE INFO


The cool footer of this Dutch website makes use of images and multimedia that is related to the featured topics presented on their site. It goes beyond the standards of the traditional layout by using moving pictures that make the visitors fascinated with it.

Jared Johnson – MORE INFO


Some websites that follow the traditional format of web designing make use of the footer as the avenue of placing the contact information of the company or service. In the case of designer Jarad Johnson’s site, he placed his contact information in the footer. In order to attract viewers, he makes use of vibrant colors and different scales in his website footer.

Rubbik – MORE INFO


The web design of this site contains one of the best creative footers because it contains necessary information about the site, including a complete list of links that will keep visitors coming to the website.

Mecannical – MORE INFO


This is probably one of the best website footer design online because it draws heavily on social interaction between the owner of the site and its visitors. It contains a feedback section where visitors can relay their opinions and questions regarding the services offered on the side.

Cantilever Fish & Chips – MORE INFO


The single page website of Cantilever Fish and Chips utilizes their website footer to present their contact details, location and the opening hours of their store. They follow the conventional method of placing the information at the bottom part of the page. However, its attractive and innovative way makes the website stand out among others.

43 Folders – MORE INFO


What is great with this site’s website footer design is that it brings its creativity to the next level through combining various basic aspects of web design while playing with contemporary designs and images.

Seed Hunter – MORE INFO


Seed Hunter’s website footer keeps the traditional format, but it is utilized in presenting the credits and the production team behind the program of the website. It is quite attractive as its design goes with the flow of the total design of web layout.

Jason Mayo – MORE INFO


There are some websites that opt to place the author’s profile in the footer part of the web page to provide an insight on who is behind this noteworthy website and to add credibility on the site as well.

Bimbi Sicuramente – MORE INFO


Another website footer design that features simplicity and organization showcasing visually appealing splashes of vibrant colors and beautiful images that are closely related to the main theme of the site.

Wire Roses – MORE INFO


The classy web page footer design of this site maintained its traditional form by placing necessary footnotes and important information about the company or the services that they offer to people.

Yuru Inspires – MORE INFO


What makes the website footer of this site unique among other sites is that its creativity doesn’t only promote the appeal to its visitors, but it also makes the navigation of the website easier by online visitors.

Green Woods Country Club in Winsted – MORE INFO


This country club’s website has effective and cool footers as it reveals how web developers can integrate a number of information about the site in an efficient and valuable manner.



The Eyewear designer website takes the idea to another level wherein its navigation is placed on the footer instead on the header. This initiative limits the options presented to online visitors, leading them directly to their product displays.

The Midnighter’s Club – MORE INFO


The Midnighter’s Club possesses a website that contains a beautifully-designed website footer design which draws heavily on the simplicity and elegance of the design. Its design conveys that it is created as a clear-cut approach.



Striking pictures and beautiful images are some of the elements that make a footer visually eye-catching to online visitors. Take this website for instance. Its footer design makes use of colorful images in order to draw the attention of online users.

Web Designer Wall – MORE INFO


The footer of Web Designer Wall contains links to their recent content posts and comments, along with their short profile. It is a known fact that linking to the latest comments can be a good strategy if the website contains a strong community behind it.

Spark Box – MORE INFO


There are some websites that utilize creative minds in creating their own footer design. For instance, the Spark Box website contains two versions of the design that visitors can switch through clicking on the link provided.



This entertainment website prioritizes social media because these networking sites draw a number of visitors online to their website. With this, their social media links are placed on the footer so that the online visitors can visit the website’s social media outposts after browsing the site.



The footer design of this website showcases the creative minds of the web developer and author by placing appealing images and pictures, which enhances the look of the web design.



There are product websites that don’t feature calls-to-action on their headers. Instead, they are placing it within the footer, which is a good way of attracting more users who are curious about the product or service that they are offering. – MORE INFO

This website application has the similar approach with Karma, wherein call-to-action button is placed on the footer to draw online visitor’s attention. Moreover, it is interactive to online visitors while keeping its simplicity.

The Noun Project – MORE INFO


Since placing a call-to-action buttons on the footer is an efficient approach, some sites take another step by including forms on the footer wherein visitors can send suggestions or make subscriptions to the website.

Carsonified – MORE INFO


The risk of creating a unique design of the footer is well-taken on this website. It is beautifully presented as it separates the footer of a website from the rest of the web design.

The National LGBT Museum – MORE INFO


The footer of this single-page website serves as the highlight of the site, which contains a large contact form wherein online visitors can fill-up and contact them. Moreover, this approach minimizes hesitation for the visitors to contact the group.

Story Pixel – MORE INFO


On this website, the designer mixes various color palettes and design elements on the footer, complementing the overall layout of the website. With this experimentation, the look of the footer is certainly visually appealing.

New Babylon – MORE INFO


Placing sponsors and supporters on the footer makes the website more credible, especially when the site is promoting events. This website makes use of the footer in displaying sponsorship information, which is separated from the main content of the website.

Kikk Festival – MORE INFO


Another website utilizes its footer to display sponsors and supporters. However, one thing that makes this website withstand different event sites is that they use their creative minds in presenting the footer in a well-crafted way.