If you are looking for an unconventional and radical design for your website, Grunge is the best web design for you. It is a stylish design trend that gives a dirty look yet enticing to online visitors. The elements are less structured and disorganized, warped, blemished, crumpled, rough and grimy. It is inspired by urban and industrial architecture, punk, rock and heavy metal, and incorporates graffiti and skater elements. It is a cool style that will be perfect for an artist or musician portfolio, for clothing or fast food shops, or any person who wants to have that organic feel and grungy look on their website.

Although some people think that grunge is trashy and unpleasant, that is absolutely untrue. Once you have collaborated grunge with the corporate and clean cut layouts designs for your website, it will have that authentic, bubbly look and is not boring. It doesn’t overshadow other elements at all. Sometimes it is nice to add accents to your website to achieve a more realistic look. If you need some grungy inspiration for your own website or website template it is wise to research for other grunge website designs. To help you get started I have listed 30 amazing samples of grunge websites for your inspiration. Let’s take a closer look!

Von Dutch Originals – MORE INFO


Von Dutch means “stubborn as a Dutchman.” It depicts a grungy web design that was influenced by the legendary artist Kenneth Howard who created this clothing and accessory product. Von Dutch never compromise with imagination or quality.

Sourcebits TangledDecals – MORE INFO


One best ways to attract visitors to your website is to put some accents that are playful and colorful. Sourcebits TangledDecals used bright colors and animated bubble-like shapes circling the upper left part of the homepage. The background has tribal design and a pinned old sheet with a tangled look.



XHTML Café utilizes a subtle hand-drawn element that showcases originality and uniqueness in terms of styling and technique. It is definitely fun to look at and they can turn your designs into standard compliant hand coded XHTML and CSS.

Eighty Two Design – MORE INFO


It may look a bit organized but the design has a grime feel. This grunge web started designing flyers and promotional shirts for non-profit youth events. Eight Two Design offers web design services to those who do good works for a cause.

Blog Me Tender – MORE INFO


The real cloud background and the sketches of an air balloon and vintage air engine is visually appealing. It has a stylish web layout that is easy to navigate and the smiley icons are just cool.

Blog Solid – MORE INFO


Blog Solid has earth tone background with a deep-seated feel that makes it look scruffy and very unconventional. This site is for bloggers who wants some helpful tips, advice and creative ideas for better blogging.

Biola Undergrad – MORE INFO


One of the best grunge websites, Biola Undergrad has overcrowded elements and textures. However, it doesn’t look so messy at all and this one needs no refurbish. The style is definitely cool and very alluring to students and online visitors.

Jared Campbell – MORE INFO


The official website of Jared Campbell is grubby yet sturdy. The photo clip adds a more radical accent to his website and makes a very striking style. It provides an interactive feature that is easy to navigate by his fans and followers.

nYq Design Studio – MORE INFO


This dark vector type of grunge design looked so rugged and full-blooded. You couldn’t help but notice the shady style of nYq Design Studio with its dark blocks background exhibiting a two-toned color (black and white) making it simple and cool rubbish.

Pikaboo – MORE INFO


Pikaboo utilizes a cutting edge eye-catching visual element with a cut-out image, crumpled background and animated snowflakes. What’s unique about the layout is that it is so easy to navigate allowing online visitors to see their work collections.

Art Expo New York – MORE INFO


The grunge elements to this website are added to the grid layout which makes it more appeasing and allows the content to flow appropriately. Here, you can find the world’s largest fine art show, providing dealers, collectors and buyers great access to numbers of innovative works from artists and publishers in one location.

31Three – MORE INFO


31Three has slight touches of grunge design that gives off sufficient amount of elements and texture keeping the design neat and thorough. The three round-shape element are cool accents giving the design its spunk.

Matt Hamm – MORE INFO


Matt Hamm is a professional web designer, web developer and illustrator. This is another example of grunge website design that uses subtle texture backgrounds that doesn’t look messy and unsightly. You will notice only a few elements in the design with a hand drawn character below the large font text that looks so playful and bubbly.

Andreas Hinkel – MORE INFO


Andreas Kinkel has that athletic look that is less structured yet fun to navigate. It goes beyond the unconventional layout and style that makes fans and visitors enthralled with it.

Not Your Average Joe – MORE INFO


Here is another type of grunge web design that displays the creative art of drawing elements. The design looks so disorganized which actually draws the attention and curiosity of online visitors. The scribbles are so captivating making it not just your average website.

Elan Snowboards – MORE INFO


Elan Snowboards is an expression of grungy websites that is visually appealing with its cluttered equipment as background. It is a well-thought approach of a non-conventional design with subtle elements that makes it looks unorganized yet embracing a broad definition of originality and style.

The Farmer & The Chef – MORE INFO


This website displays a comic sketch of a farmer and a chef that literally illustrates a heavy grunge style websites. The water-color paintings and drawings is an amazing grungy hand drawn elements that is totally pleasing to the eyes with its vibrant color and texture.

{ths} – MORE INFO


By simply looking at the pages of this website, you will instantly notice that it is indeed one of the grunge websites that’s heavily refurbished. {ths} is visually dazzling and has good taste. The craziness of the texture and the grumpiness of the background element is never dull and predictable.



Joby is very passionate about designing creative, modern and user-friendly websites accented with bouncy colors and types. This website adds a different grunge element with the iconic hand drawn image without distressing the text and logo. It’s cool and hippy!

Abbey Theater – MORE INFO


Abbey Theatre is Ireland’s national theatre bringing upon the stage the deeper emotions of their country. The element of the small logo “A” has a grungy touch that’s somewhat hard to decipher at first. It is a radical approach of style and design for grunge websites.

Discover The Cabin In The Woods – MORE INFO


Even though this website is fully filled with dark grunge, they still manage to keep the proper objectives for their website lucid and focused. It’s something the designers can take credit of and be admired of their creative concept.

Born Living – MORE INFO


This may seem look so messy and stain, one looking for a comfy and clean shelter would make a second thought. But this is a paradoxical approach of the designer to create visitors’ curiosity. Born Living takes a different step of getting your feet on the ground by finding the best long term homes ranging from artist lofts to furnished apartments with an interactive guide of what’s happening around the neighborhood.

Brown Blog Films – MORE INFO


Brown Blog Films love animation. This Irish company is Europe’s most exciting, original and successful creative-led animation studio. Their website is an example of a grunge design that does not make use of dark colors and dirty look background. It’s a bit cranky and vividly playful.

Kevin Lucius – MORE INFO


Kevin Lucius is a graphic designer from Chicago, Illinois whose works and designs simply exemplifies a grungy look that is truly captivating. His website showcases his collections of an out-of-this-world design that has been featured in several prestigious media companies and establishments.

Ectomachine – MORE INFO


The uncanny design illustrates what a grunge website is all about. It’s a bit creepy yet trendy and you can see the craziness of the details and elements in a good way. Ectomachine is a web design agency that provides an eye capturing designs with a mix of class and edge for designated audience.

Jason Bradbury – MORE INFO


The pixilated side bar comic icon and the graffiti background makes this a typical grunge website design that looks quirky and peculiar. Jason Bradbury is the host of the Gadget Show in the US and UK who has also worked as a TV presenter and producer in different shows for almost two decades.

That Indie Dude – MORE INFO


This grungy website is truly an eye-catcher for creative designers who want to take a different level of innovative and unique web designing. The person behind “That Indie Dude” is Alex Linebrink who is a freelance web and graphics designer and a social marketing consultant.

Ready Photo Site – MORE INFO


The wooden background, the rumbled photography equipment and the grunge typography of the logo look stunning and captivating. Ready Photo Site captures real life pictures and out of this world images that will surely gratify your eyes.

Narfstuff – MORE INFO


The ripped post cards and mailing envelope behind the clipped paper is very creative and fun to look at. Narfstuff uses bright colored pastel background that provides a vibrant style and cozy feeling.



That dirty look, Syc Fuk is all about fashion statement that epitomizes a grungy and scruffy look just like how their website illustrates. SYCFUK stands for Street Youth Couture From Unwanted Kids and is known for its edgy, unique fit and styling details.