More and more people use the Internet to find and read the news to stay updated on the run. As a result, the number of online news papers has been growing dramatically, and the large selection today is overwhelming. I think it would be fair to say that the competition is hard and that newspaper website design has to be attractive. Online newspapers does at the same time often use a minimal and clean design. It is essential that the design, layout and navigation give plenty of space for the content to do the talking.

Today every respectable newspaper company, has established an online version of the printed newspaper. They use the website to reach the growing group of people who want news be fast and easy to consume. Newspaper website design is still predominantly conventional and traditional, just like the print version of newspapers. However, some newspaper websites have a look and feel that is  fancier than most printed newspapers. It is, in fact, interesting and inspirational to watch how top newspaper websites work. I think we have collected some of the top ten website designs for newspapers in this post, what do you think?

Basically, a newspaper website design should not be compared directly with the magazine website style. The two has similarities, but newspaper websites are utilizing texts heavily and are based on minimal design. Magazine websites utilize larger images and colorful design in order to attract more attention. Nevertheless, designing for a newspaper website is quite challenging and a lot of websites have chosen to use WordPress newspaper themes to achieve a professional online presence. Listed below are 35 awesome best news website design examples.



Time is one of the most reputable published weekly news magazine worldwide. From print to online, Time has never failed to amuse its subscribers with its striking design that makes the news enticing to read.

Breaking News


This news bulletin online is quite unique and different compared to other top newspaper websites online because it only provides constant up-to-date feeds on what are the latest happenings from different parts across the globe.

Boston Globe


This site is consistently under the top ten newspaper websites in the United States. The simplicity of the design, which heavily derives from the design of the print newspaper, makes it readable to public.

Irak: Posguerra


This local newspaper site of Iraq presents a simple layout working on monochromatic and red colors. It uses a multimedia that can be feasible to use by online users who visit the site.



This interactive website of Glow, an online newspaper website in Denmark, allows the users to read articles and watch videos online. What’s interesting with this site is that local visitors can interact with the website by sending comments or insights about a certain topic featured on the website.

CNN iReport


This feature of CNN online is a citizen journalism initiative site allowing individuals from different parts of the globe to contribute videos or pictures of breaking news stories from their neighborhood. This web site may have a simple layout and design, but it can be interactive for visitors because it allows them to sign up and interact with each other.

Los Angeles Times


After it was established since 1881, the Los Angeles Times ventured online, allowing visitors to read breaking news stories in front of their computer screens. Since the layout is seemingly patterned to their print circulations, the website can still draw visitors online.

Patterned from its original national daily newspaper in Madrid Spain, this website design is quite interactive to online users as it features videos, reviews, blogs, and other multimedia facets that cannot be given by the print newspaper.

Newspaper Tree


Newspaper tree is a local online newspaper in El Paso, Texas that provides local and national news concerning their locality. This non-profit online journalism utilizes simple layout and formatting of their website, making it still look feasible to draw attention to local visitors.



The partnership with MSN, a web browser, and NBC, an American broadcasting television network, creates an innovative look of the traditional newspaper website design. This website steers away conventional layout for newspaper website design, but keeping the touch of the traditional look and the rules of the newspaper. No wonder it became the best news website design worldwide.



Newsweek has been providing sensible news stories and feature stories for decades already. The website makes use of a four-column layout, merging the two columns in between where the biggest stories are placed.



This local version of CNN in India provides local and international stories concerning their locality. What makes this website different from its mother station is that it makes use of more pictures, and the stories are arranged in a uniform manner.

Welt Debatte


Just like some of the website designs of some online newspapers, this Denmark-based newspaper website uses simple fonts and characters which are quite diverse from other online newspapers. On this website, blue is the heavily utilized color.

Roma Notizie


The Italian newspaper website is diversely unique compared to others. It contains a lot of subcategories and a number of referral links that make it more innovative and interactive, driving a lot of visitors online.

US News


US News provides breaking news stories from different parts in the United States. Its contemporary layout, along with few touches of contemporary style, makes it feasible for online subscribers to visit the website.

Dagens Nyheter


This website is highly influenced with multimedia, making news stories more reliable to read by online visitors worldwide. This local news web site on Sweden contains a wide array of feature stories that are categorized in categories.



Breaking news, multimedia and entertainment all in one. This website contains it all, however, it devours away from the traditional layout of the newspaper website. Nevertheless, the website still has the touch of conventional newspaper.

El Mundo


Locally produced in Spain, this website provides the substantial gist of information that every person in Spanish should be aware about. Although it uses the common layout for newspaper website design, the website contains a lot of multimedia pictures needed to supplement the news.

NY Times


New York Times has been one of the best-selling newspapers in America and in worldwide. With the use of its traditional layout from print newspapers to online web, this publishing company makes it the best among other newspapers globally.

The Onion


This online-based news magazine is making waves in the world of web browsing. The website makes use of contemporary web layout that makes it attractive to online users. Multimedia features like video and blogs are incorporated on the website.



Another website newspaper that makes use of contemporary form of layout is Nacional. Although it still touches the traditional method of web layout for newspaper sites, there are several features that are incorporated in the website making it sophisticated and fresh.

UX Magazine


The contemporary layout of this weekly online magazine makes it one of the most visited sites among online surfers from different parts across the globe. UX Magazine is known for its featured stories from all walks of life.

Design Taxi


Sleek and classy – two words that best describe the layout of this lifestyle website. Design Taxi has been existing in the online world for more than ten years already, and increasing number of people are able to pass by to this website.

Wired Magazine

Wired-Magazine presents dark and futuristic layout which fits on its contents. The site features entertainment, gear, science, and among others. Science freaks would probably get into the hype of this website.

Clutch Magazine


This digital magazine presents a contemporary layout with a touch of traditional web design for newspaper sites. Basically, this website is all about feature stories and tips like fashion, beauty, parenting, and among others.

Global AIDS Alliance


This organization makes use of the traditional newspaper website design which makes use of striking colors. Its method of presenting the organization draws attention from citizens on the Internet.

Blackbook Magazine


Presenting a newspaper web design in dark colors might be new to some, but it could uplift the number of viewing citizens online. For instance, this lifestyle magazine makes use of a traditional block and columns of newspaper web design but utilizes dark colors instead of the traditional white ones.

The Guardian continues to provide news and important information online. The layout they utilize seems to be freehand, experimenting colors yet upholds the traditional way of layouting the news.

One of the oldest newspapers in the history has paved its way online. Although it makes use of the traditional form of web layout for newspapers online, it is quite modified by arranging news stories from most to least important.

Giant Magazine


This lifestyle website utilizes the format of online newspaper sites in a quirky way. Although it preserves some of the traditional features, the site adds contemporary flavor to its layout, making it original on its own.

The Nest


Although the website doesn’t follow the traditional format of website layout for newspapers on the Internet, it keeps some of the traditional elements such as the block and the columns.

The Sun Magazine


This political gazette upholds the traditional layout of newspaper website design. However, it makes use of larger pictures beyond the usual requirement for a newspaper layout. Nevertheless, its layout fits the scope of the website.

La Gazetta Dello Sport


The Italian gazette online applies the mixture of contemporary and traditional website design of newspapers. It contains conventional blocks and columns, while playing with the images and colors.

San Diego Italian Film Festival


This web site employs a contemporary format of looting a news feature website. Although the block and columns are in traditional format, it works heavily on the images and its supporting information.



Online market stores are also utilizing layouts that are intended for newspaper websites. Take this site for instance. It utilizes the traditional block and columns, as well as the white spaces that is very common even in news prints.