Basically, people use all senses when they are hungry and need to decide on what to eat next. A restaurant website though can only offer visual reproduction of the tasty dishes they serve. A restaurant website typically carries several purposes. It has to attract new customers by reaching out to people who haven’t heard about the restaurant yet. It also has to showcase a number of delicious dishes and the cozy atmosphere in the restaurant. With this in mind, website design for restaurants should be visually and gastronomically appealing.

These days, a lot of terrific restaurant websites make use of various color schemes and attractive web designs that depict the facets of the restaurants. Some websites utilize moody warm tones to create an atmosphere while others make use of earthy colors to provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Listed below are 40 delicious examples of restaurant website design. I hope you can use this as inspiration whether you are a restaurant owner, a web designer or just with the ditty.

Mellow Mushroom – MORE INFO


Visitors will surely think of the restaurant as ‘the place to be’ once they visit this Mellow’s website. Aside from its homey feel, the design is visually enticing and appealing to every visitor’s eyes.

Back Yard Burgers – MORE INFO


This all-natural beef burger shop makes use dark colors like red, orange and black to make a ravenous atmosphere for online visitors to have their attention and order their mouth watering food choices.

La Porte Saint Claire – MORE INFO


The restaurant website design employs an image of one of their food dishes makes the restaurant’s site stunning among online visitors. Moreover, its elegance brings out the best of this site.

Barley’s – MORE INFO


The website presents a homely design rich in granular colors and brawny images. Moreover, the small details on the design, such as the lighting effects and the rollovers, provide the site a handcrafted feel.

Marie Catribs – MORE INFO


This all-American restaurant presents a vividly simple web design, along with its easy and trouble-free navigation that makes it browser-friendly to online visitors. If they will add some images from their food choices, the site is good to line up with some of the top restaurant websites online.

Jam Restaurant – MORE INFO


This is probably one of the best restaurant websites online because of its contemporary layout that makes people go over their site for a number of times. They are consistent with the use of classical and upscale elements, which matches with their physical restaurant’s interior.

Geogeske – MORE INFO


The design of the website draws heavily on one image, along with eye-catching whites and oranges. Every piece of design on the website works together in launching a comfortable yet urban atmosphere.

The Noodle Box – MORE INFO


Its website is simply visually enticing. Its big images and photographs of food dishes make the eyes of online visitors crave for one. It makes use of vibrant colors that are gastronomically good to the eyes.

Kraft Foods – MORE INFO


The Kraft Foods’ website utilizes eye-catchy colors for online users visiting the page all over again. Although the design follows the principles of traditional website layout, they intensify it with the use of their food images, making the site visually appeasing.

San Diego Brewing – MORE INFO


The simple yet vibrant-looking header looks visually stunning while it presents their contact information and the address of their base restaurant. What’s unique with this site is that they have interactive menu, allowing online visitors to choose what section they want to visit.

Olive Garden – MORE INFO


The website presents visually stunning and mouth watering images that will certainly make visitors drool to its food choices. On the other hand, they utilize a simple navigation that makes scanning easy and quick.

Benito’s Hat – MORE INFO


This well-known restaurant is named after a well-celebrated Mexican president. What’s great with this website is that it communicates genuineness and freshness using a collage of different fresh fruits and veggies which are all devoted under its culinary roots.

Pizzeria Napolicentrale – MORE INFO


The website makes use of a horizontal navigation in order to facilitate the online visitors in viewing different photos of mood-setting Italian elements. Moreover, the addition of beige picnic background provides an offbeat feel to the website.



The Latin restaurant in Denmark presents a visually comforting image that depicts what’s in store with their services. With its easy navigation and neatly layout restaurant information makes the website visually pleasing to online viewers.



The State presents a hip style on their website using nocturnal tones and images of people having fun, depicting the restaurant as a sociable night hangout. What makes it appealing to visitors is that they seem to provide focus on the food.

Pizza Express – MORE INFO


The website employs more photos of their food and of the restaurant, which presents its personality online. The homepage is well-arranged and neatly placed on section. Nevertheless, the whole package of the site says that the restaurant is a good-looking piece.

Farinella Bakery – MORE INFO


The restaurant stands its personality as enjoyable and disarmingly sincere, as it presents their cake and other food services in diverse personalities. What makes it the best restaurant website design because of its consistency of the design that can be seen especially in every detail.



The Sono’s flash website utilizes authentic Japanese design elements which work well to generate an aura about it. Although there is a little concern on some details on the web design, it remains to be one of the few restaurant websites that has a unique feel.

Taste Spotting – MORE INFO


Despite of the traditional look of the web design, this website maintains its classy feel as it presents their food menu in an organized and elegant way. Moreover, the choice of their food images is visually tasty.

Nature’s Table – MORE INFO


This website is among cool restaurant websites on the list because of its overall appeal to online visitors. The use of stunning food pictures, the arrangement of the sections, the characters, the colors – everything is in harmony.

Pizza Luce – MORE INFO


The use of tattoo-like scribbles and eccentric pictures on its web design makes Pizza Luce as the perfect place that presents Minneapolis’ customs and food culture. Unfortunately, some of the sections of the website seem too shallow for its overall design. Nevertheless, the site is still captivating to many visitors.

La Vista – MORE INFO


This Spanish Mediterranean restaurant in New Zealand makes a clever move by placing a Flash overlay on the website, which adds closeness and life to the brusque image. Also, the menu is simply remarkable: very clean and neatly organized.

Payless Markets – MORE INFO


The restaurant website design utilizes some elements on the traditional layout, while incorporating contemporary styles and characters that contribute the site’s comfy feel to the online visitors. Moreover, they utilize photographs that add to the freshness of the site’s look

Georgian Wine Society – MORE INFO


The website utilizes a matte-like painting on the backdrop which brings the visitors into the head space. However, the interesting story about the wine making in Georgia makes the site to be more receptive on visiting it once again.

Catered by Kate – MORE INFO


This UK-based website draws heavily on the simplicity on it. One of the best sections in this website is the About page, which presents the creator providing the visitors with a welcoming touch.

Culinaria – MORE INFO


The best thing about this website is its mind appeasing quote, which provides the site with a human touch. Moreover, the simplicity of the restaurant website design wraps the total package of the restaurant.

Giraffe – MORE INFO


The contemporary cowboy feel of the website is very pleasing to online visitors. Moreover, the choice of colors is blended very well, focusing heavily on blue green. Overall, the website design is stunningly modern.

Can Jubany – MORE INFO


The clean layout of this French restaurant site, which draws heavily on chocolate brown, provides an elegant feel along with its rich content. The home page will welcome visitors with a short clip that narrates a short story.

Caravan – MORE INFO


With the use of a single picture saying all about the shop, along its savvy and simple design, this website is certainly a must-see for online visitors, especially those who are fond of food and drinks.



This Indian-inspired restaurant shows a homey feel with its wood-like background while presenting the contents in a cozy way. With its enticing images of food, visitors will surely have a delight of visiting the site again.

Chipotle – MORE INFO


The use of earthy tones, humor and great animations make the feel of the site more relaxed yet very crafty as a very appealing restaurant website design among online visitors.

Brooklyn Fare – MORE INFO


The website utilizes imagery consisting bookish food photographs, real employees, and a sea foam background, which makes it withstand among any other websites online. It draws heavily on the consistency of its layout and resolute photographs.

Cannolificio Mongibello – MORE INFO


This Italian restaurant website utilizes light colors that tend to focus photographs of their enticing food selections. Moreover, it’s organized selection makes it easy to navigate by online users.

Canela – MORE INFO


This Portuguese-inspired restaurant makes use of a conventional layout, which draws heavily on the color red and a number of rich photographs in order to provide rich flavor and complexity.

McDonald’s – MORE INFO


McDonalds, being one of the world’s largest fast-food chains, retains its sophistication with its red color trademark and tempting set of food choices. One nice thing about this site is its little sections on the side of the home page.

Solegiallo – MORE INFO


The contemporary feel of the website design can draw a number of visitors online, especially its classy feel and organized contents. Moreover, the images of the food choices are very sumptuous that it could blend with the site naturally.

Culinary Culture – MORE INFO


The simplicity of the site intensifies with its mouth watering and rich photographs of their food dishes they sell in their restaurants. Moreover, its organized categories and selection make it easy to navigate for online visitors.

Pick Nick – MORE INFO


The use of a cartoon-like background makes the website attractive to online visitors. Moreover, its huge images of food selections compliment the design of the website. This is one of the websites that will make people visit it all over again.

Brew Shop – MORE INFO


The website is full of personality, presenting a number of comical photos and a number of good humor. Its design contains substances, which draws people to visit the site all over again.

Taco Bell – MORE INFO


Another fast food chain utilizes a number of bright colors and shades in presenting the website in a quirky manner. Moreover, the images also complement the design of the site, making it as one of the best restaurant website online.