The power of simple and minimal webdesign should not be under estimated. Often less content and disturbing design elements is great for usability and conversion. I recommend you read up on the principles of minimalistic web design, but it is also useful just to collect inspiration on great examples of simple website designs.  This article will give you a large set of great websites that have all been stripped and only contain essential design elements. You can also look for inspiration and even kick start your project by browsing some minimal and simple website templates.  Each one of these examples will give your site a neater and more modern look that your visitors will surely be impressed.

The great thing about simple WordPress themes is that they look good on any website regardless of the niche. Therefore, whether you are in the tech, real estate, medical, law or any other industry, our design examples will easily transform your website into one that users will always want to visit.

Now to get you started, go ahead and check out our detailed list below so you can finally discover the WordPress design that is best for your website.

Cool and Simple Website Designs

Awesome Fontstacks – MORE INFO


The is probably the most clean and minimalistic font website design. I like that the few colored alements spring to the eye and this is a great example of how minimalistic web deisgn can be used.

mmminimal – MORE INFO


Mmminimal is a very clean, minimalistic website design with a portfolio look and feel

Squiders – MORE INFO


Squiders is an England-based company that create some of the coolest and most creative designs on the web today. Just looking at their simple website design alone tells you that they’re absolutely serious about their craft. Squiders’ simple web design is commendable because it’s very organized. They have a nice little logo on the top left, as well as thumbnails of the projects they’ve done over the years. Web development businesses should definitely have websites that look as good as this.

A Way Back – MORE INFO


This is a very minimalistic and simple blog website where you can see content elements like the red video background are pushed forward effectively!

We Are Pollen – MORE INFO


Another great minimalistic portfolio website design this time from We Are Pollen. The intensive use of white space at the top gives a minimalistic look and fell that visitors see when they arrive.

Pseudoroom Design – MORE INFO


Like typography? Then you’ll surely appreciate this simple web design that uses basic typography on the headings. The result is a modern theme with a neat background that works. The navigation menu is impressive as well: instead of the typical drop-down menu, it simply lists the links for you to click right away. There’s also an area on the top right if you want to add your own logo.

Postmates – MORE INFO


If you want a simple web design with a generous space for a featured image, then Postmates is one design you should consider. This theme has a minimal look: it’s got a nice menu on the top with an area in the center for your logo, plus lots of space below to talk more about your company or blog. As previously mentioned, it has a featured image area where you can proudly display your products and services.

Motion Theory – MORE INFO




Avioc is an Indonesian web design and development company. They may be a small team of developers and designers, but they really know what they’re doing. Their website is just an example of how creative and knowledgeable they are in their field. First off, they have a simple nav menu on top with a cool and colorful logo in the middle. Then they got this content slider where you can get a sense of what they’re all about. After that, they have more links to their projects and information about their company. Simple and straight to the point—that’s the mark of a successful web design.

East Innovations – MORE INFO


East Innovations is another great example of a simple web design that works. Its grayish white background gives it a professional look, and the combination of the gray and red fonts provides just the right amount of contrast. It has a nice photo slider as well that features whatever is new on the site. All in all, East Innovations works because it keeps the design simple yet interesting for users.

Jung Creative – MORE INFO


This German company specializes in smart and simple web design and graphics, so it’s no wonder that their own website expresses this. Jung Creative may have a very simple web design, but the graph on their homepage shows just how imaginative they are with colors and minimalistic styles. Keeping it simple is actually beneficial for them because you can focus more on reading the services they offer, and this helps them attract the clients they want.

Mini Online Museum – MORE INFO


As the name suggests, this website is all about showcasing the Mini car. You can really learn a lot about the history and the legacy of this remarkable vehicle. As to the website’s theme, you can be sure that it has a simple web design as well—a light gray background, black font, functional navigation menu, detailed footer and some nice photos of the Mini make for a humble design that’s actually quite cool.

Adam Burton Photography – MORE INFO


Love photography? Whether you’re an amateur or professional lensman, you’ll surely appreciate Adam Burton’s simple web design. He’s a photographer who has his own website, and naturally his website has a featured gallery to showcase his best works. There’s also a nice sidebar on the right that displays his recent blog posts, events and social media information. It’s a perfect theme for all photography lovers, so consider it especially if you want to set up your own site on the web.

Ecoforms – MORE INFO


Ecoforms is all about using green alternatives, and they convey this message very well by choosing a simple web design. They used earth-friendly shades of brown, green and yellow that all go well together. It’s also got a static left sidebar which is a nice touch to the design. It truly is a clean and straightforward design but it works because you think about greener solutions whenever you visit their site.

Anglesey Online – MORE INFO


For a truly eye-catching yet simple web design, you should check out Anglesey Online’s site. The colors, typography and clear graphic all work well together.

Vincent Loiret – MORE INFO


Vincent Loiret’s website is one of the most interesting designs in this list. Instead of having the vertical scroll that’s usually on the right side of a website, he uses a horizontal scrolling system that smoothly displays his most recent works. It’s a wise choice because you get to see what he does right away rather than having to scroll all the way down. This simple web design easily captures people’s attention, which means it’s an effective theme to use.



Another one of the top clean and simple website design examples comes from JVM Design. What’s great about it is that it has a static navigation menu on top—it doesn’t move no matter how far you scroll down, and it’s a nice tactic because you’ll always see the company logo. This simple web design is also clever in the way it uses typography and a brown-and-orange combination for the website colors.

Gage Salzano – MORE INFO


Gage Salzano is a graphic designer based in Chicago, Illinois. In his work, he always strives to create designs that are smart, functional and of course good to look at. You can see it in his own website: the colors used are wisely chosen, the site is easy to navigate, and most of all, the site has a simple web design that’s fitting for his profession. Gage Salzano’s theme is a great example especially for those of you who want to start a graphic design website.

Dreamtime – MORE INFO


What’s really amazing about this simple web design is how easy it is on the eyes. After all, the thing that you want most from your visitors is for them is to read your content, and Dreamtime’s design effectively does it. It captures your attention with its light background, clean content area as well as the attractive colors.

Paravel – MORE INFO


Paravel is another impressive site that belongs to the clean and simple website design examples. Why? Their simple web design is extremely minimal and direct to the point. As their website says, they’re just three guys in Texas who design, code and love… and that’s exactly what you get to see. Three animated guys riding horses—what could be cooler that than?

Bywave – MORE INFO


If you prefer a simple web design that also creatively uses typography, then Bywave is the one to follow. Their use of large and small font faces really makes the website artistically interesting, while the blue-and-orange color combinations catches your attention against the gray backdrop. But even though there’s a lot of typography and colors happening, the design remains clean and intact—and that makes Bywave even more awesome.

Trendy Pet – MORE INFO


Many users consider Trendy Pet to be a perfect illustration of a simple web design. It’s so modern, sleek and elegant that you might end up purchasing one of the products for your own pet! Trendy Pet is definitely a favorite in these clean and simple website design examples.

Maksimer – MORE INFO


Maksimer is a Norwegian web development company. What’s great about their website is that all the elements go together: the light gray background, text-based logo, short description as well as the bright colors on the graph are all very wise design choices. Overall, Maksimer has a simple web design that’s ideal for tech websites.



Aeris is a communications network that clearly believes in the power of a simple web design. Their website looks absolutely tidy and professional, and that’s very important when you’re running a business site. You want people to take you seriously, and the best way to do that is of course to use a clever but simplified design.



Telly is an incredible tool for making and sharing your videos online. But what’s more amazing is the site’s simple web design: the artistic logo, the neat background, and the high-resolution images all make the website truly stand out. The little icons on the lower right part of the site are also a nice touch.

Brandon Hawthorne – MORE INFO


Last but definitely not the least is the simple web design of Brandon Hawthorne’s site. Brandon Hawthorne provides a wide array of services ranging from marketing, branding and advertising to photography, social media and lead generation. He’s basically about transforming your business into a successful one. One look at his website gives you the feeling of professionalism and creativity that you’d want to trust your business’ success to him. His website is a solid example of how powerful a simple web design can be.