Landing page templates are webpages, which appears after you click on an article or advertisement. Typically, the landing page displays directed sales copy as a logical extension of a link or an ad. Landing page designs is used frequently in online marketing. The purpose is to stimulate the effectiveness of an ad and increase the sales of a promoted product at the same time. At present, a landing page template is used by all kinds of businesses to promote their products, and ensure sales to their target market.

Landing page templates complete the sales funnel or direct website visitors from ad to checkout. However, although most people know of the importance of a landing page, not everyone knows how to set it up. You can choose to build yours from scratch, but it will require so much time to create and optimize it.

This is the reason why people opt for predesigned premium and free landing page templates. Even a premium design is much cheaper than building one from scratch. They are also more professional and have expert supports.

Researching and locating the best landing pages for you needs will take precious time. To help you get started, I have compiled 45+ of the best landing page templates. I hope this will help improve your conversion. Feel free to browse on each item in my list and choose the best one for your particular case. If you click on the links provided with each template, you will continue to the main source for more information.

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Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links (at no extra cost to you). I recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing any product or service. This article is not a guideline, a recommendation or endorsement of specific products.

JustLanded – Landing Page  – MORE INFO


JustLanded is a landing page template designed for one thing only, to turn a visitor into a paying customer. It focuses on the key elements used in successful landing pages: the product itself, building trust, providing an option to buy your product and an easy way to contact you. JustLanded is very lightweight with fast content delivery in mind – a crucial asset for any landing page – and easy to extend and to customize.

Converting Landing Page – MORE INFO


Converting Landing Page is a premium HTML landing page. It has got clean structure and professional design as well as many extra page templates, which allows you to use it as sale platform as well as an informational landing page.

mfx – Responsive SlickHost Landing Page – MORE INFO


This responsive landing page is designed to give your users the best optimal site on whatever browser, tablet, or phone they are on. A hosting plan for everyone. Attract your customers to sign up, via beautiful call to actions.

Product Landing Page (free) – MORE INFO

product landing page templates

This is another great free landing page template that works great for those who would want to sell stuff especially digital products online. The features of this landing page template include order button, contact form, and even customer testimonials.

LANDA – Landing Page  – MORE INFO


LANDA is ready to use with your image or video presentation. Hover over the keyboard in live preview to see the possible difference. This is a HTML/CSS template. LANDA is just like any other HTML template, except it’s meant as a great landing page for your project.

The Flow Landing Page – MORE INFO


This is a cool HTML landing page template. It has exceptional features for high conversion making it great for different kind of businesses. It is responsive and features both Flex and Parallax slider.

Dash of Green (free) – MORE INFO

dash of green landing page templates

This is one of the free landing page templates created by Socialeers that boasts of a simple layout with a clean green and white color scheme. It works great for getting visitors sign up.

D’lite Responsive HTML Landing Page Template  – MORE INFO


This is a responsive template that is W3C valid and has PSD file included.

Airstream Landing Page – MORE INFO


Sell your products or services with the new Airstream landing page. All elements have been designed and positioned in a method to get your message across and tailored to client goals with ROI in mind. The template comes with one HTML and one PHP file (contact form).

DM3THEME – 6in1 Services Marketing Template – MORE INFO


DM3THEME is clean and functional HTML landing page, that allows you to market products or services. The theme is equipped with two working PHP scripts: Email Subscription Form and AJAX Contact Form. The package is equipped with six color schemes and straightforward documentation file.

Land Ahoy – A Responsive Landing Page Template  – MORE INFO


This is said to be one of the cool landing pages templates if you want to convert more. Their landing page designs are very responsive and optimized for almost every gadget today. It comes with best practices for higher conversions: clear call to actions, credibility statement, features/benefits area, inline form and testimonials. Two layouts included (with or without tabs), with multiple background options. PSDs and an icon library also included. Form can be used as an email signup, contact form, or request for more info—whatever is applicable to your needs.

Lando landing page with facebook template  – MORE INFO


Lando is a clean landing page with facebook layout variation, you have 3 different layouts t choose from: Service(with video and subscribe form) Iphone App(with video and image + download button), and for a Product/Sercive, with trial call to action button.The code is very clean and heavily commented, which will give you all the freedom you need and easily you can modify/combine the elements to create a new layout for your needs.

Squarecut – MORE INFO


This is a responsive landing page template that boasts of minimalism with a one-page template for software or application with tabbed navigation. It features twitter bootstrap, flex slider, prettyPhoto, and working contact form.

Bottom Line Premium Business Landing Page  – MORE INFO


Bottom Line is a premium landing page geared towards businesses. This is also one of the better landing pages as it is more geared towards business and is packed with lots of awesome features to make your landing page template as professional looking as possible.

Younic – MORE INFO


This is a nice landing page template. It’s fully responsive and with a 5-star rating from previous consumers who purchased it. This landing page template even features two color variations – red and grey.

Materia Landing Page Template – MORE INFO


This is one of the cool premium landing pages templates that works great for marketing products online as it features a full screen and very responsive layout. It is even SEO optimized with HTML5/CSS3 features.

Bravia Impressive Landing Page – MORE INFO


This simply has to be included among the best landing pages as it now features a newer version for retina devices while still featuring HTML landing page templates. It also features Diapo slider.

Polar Responsive Landing Page – MORE INFO


This is one of the responsive landing page templates for promoting your website, apps, themes, or even your products online. It features seven showcase devices, stunning buttons, and tons of useful elements.

Thinkfast Landing Page Template – MORE INFO


This is one of the available landing pages templates if you want to promote and market your products or services. It features general sales page with a call to action and a fold featured area.

Stitched Product Page – MORE INFO


The landing page designs of Stitched mainly feature a slider, Google fonts, image gallery, working subscribe form with PSD included. It is actually one of the landing page templates that offer the cheapest regular license.

Refresh Landing Page Design –  MORE INFO


This is one of the landing page templates that specifically targets user interface lovers. It has the ability to give off a clean and professional look with a highly efficient CSS/PHP.

SLENDER Landing Micro Site – MORE INFO


This is a highly customizable landing page template that allows users to add panels or steps depending on their need and preference. It boasts of three gorgeous styles and three tour panels.

InSales Powerful Sales Page – MORE INFO


This is a nice landing page for business owners who want to market their products and services and dramatically increase their sales. New additions to the features include pricing tabs.

Simpler Landing – MORE INFO


This is one of the preferred premium landing page templates that offers various customization options with 11 fully independent sections that a user can arrange according to his/her own business preference.

Conversio Dating Landing Page – MORE INFO

conversio landing page templates

This is probably one of the best HTML landing page templates that are optimized for social networks and dating websites. It paves way for high registration and sign-up rates with minimalist but classy design.

Nostalgia Responsive Landing Page – MORE INFO


This is a highly responsive landing page template that also feature full-screen slider that suits both personal and corporate themes. It boasts of minimalist design but with contrasting style that makes it attractive to visitors.

AppLand Landing Page – MORE INFO

appland anding page templates

This is one of the landing page templates that could easily give your website the punch it needs to get more visitors and drive more traffic to your site. Their landing page designs are built with bootstrap and with 3D parallax effects.

Audience Landing – MORE INFO

audience landing page templates

This is one of the most unique, but best landing pages as it gives users the options of either using it as a single landing page or as a full site. It is also very easy to use and maintain.

Click & Play App Landing Page – MORE INFO


This is a premium landing pages template that is well suited for promoting iPhone and iPad applications. It boasts of a simple and clean yet professional design that is packed with lots of features.

Klix Squeeze Page – MORE INFO

klix landing page templates

This is one of the popular landing page templates because it features a mixture of micro site and click-through landing pages templates. It is a great tool for marketing your products effectively.

Puree Landing Page Template– MORE INFO

puree landing page templates

This is a  cool landing page template that is highly responsive with built-in video support. This landing page template boast of compatibility with all popular browsers as well.

Soshal Business Landing Page– MORE INFO

soshal landing page templates

This is another one of the famous business landing page templates that offers cheap regular license, responsive, and has six color variations. It also features twitter feed and W3C valid.

Health Point  Landing Page – MORE INFO

health point landing page templates

This is probably one of the best of the landing page templates that are specifically created for health-related websites. It puts emphasis on the first page while offering lots of customization options.

Electron Clean Landing Page– MORE INFO


This is grouped into the highly responsive best landing pages 2012 with its clean landing page designs that gives more focus to the product. It also features a modular design with swipe enabled carousel/lightbox.

WhiteBox Landing Page Designs – MORE INFO


This is one of the best-looking simple landing page designs that can fit just about any niche. It also boasts of interactive features that make it look even more attractive and exciting.

That’s It – landing page  – MORE INFO


This is HTML5 + CSS3 landing page that works fine in all major browsers and IE7 +. Template is powered by jQuery. Code is clearly written and there are comments for each considerable part.

Nice app – Responsive Landing Page – MORE INFO


Fully responsive application or service landing page.

Donation landing page template – responsive  – MORE INFO


Donation is premium and high conversion of landing page template made for charity fundraising or donation page. This template will adapt on any screen from a widescreen monitor to a mobile phone so the template responds dynamically to optimize viewing for that screen size. Also has working paypal donation form with 2 donation options: one time donation and monthly donation.

Everix Landing  – MORE INFO


Everix Landing is professional & clean landing page template, it has unlimited color themes (comes in 8 pre-made color themes), 4 layouts each + 1 layout without slider.

Conversion – Premium Landing Page  – MORE INFO


Conversion is a premium HTML landing page. Its great structure and clean, professional design as well as a variety of page templates allow it to fit to both transactional and reference landing pages.

Christmas Season Landing Page Template  – MORE INFO


Welcome to the Christmas Season Landing Page. This design is sure to put you and your visitors in the Holiday Spirit. With it’s clean and defined action areas to it’s lightbox and customer quote rotator area – you’re sure to grab the attention of your potential customers.

Invokr Premium Landing Page  – MORE INFO


Invokr is a premium landing page template specifically designed to promote your products or services. It comes with a targeted slide down contact form which allows you to focus your visitors on getting them to take the action you want and in turn increasing your overall conversions.

Integro – A Corporate Landing Page  – MORE INFO


Integro is a Corporate HTML /CSS landing page. It has a clean, professional design with a Definitive Call to Action. Integro is a powerful Landing Page with features like Live AJAX Form Submission, Pricing Table, Lightbox, Tooltips, 2 Types of Galleries and Image Sliders. You get started with Integro within minutes & only handful of Customizations with well documented HTML / CSS / JS & PHP .

Landisimo – Landing Page with Facebook Template  – MORE INFO


Landismo si a clean landing page suitable for any kind of product, service or iPhone application. It also contains a facebook fan page with 2 layouts variation and 5 color variation ,you can now start a marketing campaign on facebook.You can simply create your own layout because of the structure of the template, you can choose which elements you will show or not.

Smoothie Responsive Landing Page  – MORE INFO


This responsive landing page is designed to give your users the best optimal site on whatever browser, tablet, or phone they are on. This theme is very lightweight due to the very minimal design, and clean markup. All of the background colors can be changed with ease in the CSS since it’s all color with no images.

Interactive – The Landing Page  – MORE INFO


Interactive is Simple, Clean & professionally Designed Landing Page. The Flow And Composition Of Landing Page Is Very Important. It Needs To Be Interactive, Turning Maximum Visitors Into Clients. Interactive Helps You To Introduce Yourself As Professional Player.