30+ Best Tumblr Themes For Your Inspiration

by Anders on December 4, 2012

Using one of the best Tumblr themes is vital in establishing an online presence on Tumblr. Whether you are a professional artist, a social media tactician, a web developer or a graphic designer you need an online platform for showcasing your best pieces of work. There are multiple viable options available such as WordPress.com, About.me, TypePad, Blogger and more. However, if you want to have yourself established online easily and quickly with a wide choice of stunning themes, Tumblr is a good choice.

With more than 77 million blogs, Tumblr is one of the big players. It is a microblogging platform that allows users to post short blog posts or tumblelogs. Tumblr is somewhere between the ultra short Twitter posts and a regular blog. You can post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to your tumblelog, and with the right Tumblr theme, your tumblelog can easily be transformed into a stunning online portfolio.

To help you get started, I have compiled a list of 30 best Tumblr themes. Some of these themes are free while others are paid versions. Free tumbler themes are in most cases as good as premium versions. It is a matter of taste actually. However, If you like to have dedicated support this is most prevalent with paid themes.

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Luomo – A Responsive & Expressive Tumblr Theme – MORE INFO


Luomo is an modern Tumblr theme with an expressive, responsive design. It is designed to display your media at its best. With Luomo, you can tailor each post to complement the way your content looks and feels. Luomo adapts to the screen size of the device you’re using to view—your content will look awesome on any device.

Pierre – A Super Clean Tumblr Theme – MORE INFO


This is a simple and clean Tumblr theme. It is easy to customize and it supports Disqus, Flickr, Twitter, Dribbble, Instagram, Google Adsense and Google Analytics. Pierre Theme is responsive and it looks great on mobile devices (Android, iPhone, iPad, Desktop, etc).

Block Digital Free Tumblr Theme – MORE INFO

Block-Digital best tumblr themes

This theme has solid black lines on a white color, which will highlight anything you want.

Pandemonium Magazine – Tumblr – MORE INFO

pandemonium best tumblr themes

This is simple and aesthetic Tumblr theme. It’s easy to customize, almost without any knowledge about programming. It can display all types of articles, such as photo, audio, video, text, quote, chat or link. It supports many features, e.g.: Flickr, Twitter, Google Analytics, Disqus, custom slideshow and more. Indeed one of the best Tumblr themes.

UltraTiles – Customizable Magazine Style Theme – MORE INFO


UltraTiles is a minimal tile based theme with a magazine style post layout. It has a huge array of features so you can customize the theme how you like.

Silent Alley – Responsive Multi-Color Tumblr Theme – MORE INFO


SilentAlley is a cool Tumblr theme with three color styles included. It’s support full screen background image and you can change it easily, so I think it’s suit for photographer,artist or designer use.Meanwhile, you can change some parts of color,e.g. Links color, article title background and so on, it’s unlimited color.At some level,it’s not confined to that three defined styles, you can try your plenty of imagination to customzie this theme.

Color Shades Free Tumblr Theme – MORE INFO

Color-Shades best tumblr themes

If you do not want to look at white spaces anymore, you can use this fun slider. It would even allow you to choose a color palette from a widget that floats.

MetroFolio – Clean Portfolio Style Tumblr Theme – MORE INFO


MetroFolio is a clean portfolio style Tumblr theme made for creatives out there, whether you be a graphic designer or product designer. It’s been made to have a portfolio look for a professional presentation of your work.

Domericano – Minimal Blog/Portfolio Theme – MORE INFO

domericano best tumblr themes

This is a minimal, stunning and clean Tumblr theme that utilizes Masonry effect and optional endless scrolling. It is easy to install and ideal for all kinds of portfolios and blogs.

912px Free Tumblr Theme – MORE INFO

912px best tumblr themes

This is one of the clean tumblr themes free for download. It is stark, classic and solid. It features a scroll that highlights your profile.

Heterotelic Tumblr Theme – MORE INFO

Heterotelic best tumblr themes

This is a 2 column theme that features an image slider banner, DISQUS comments, social icons for profiles and social share icons for every post among others.

Fredrik – An Adaptive Tumblr Theme – MORE INFO

fredrik best tumblr themes

This is a Tumblr theme that features a grid based index page, a classic index blog based page and others.

Ipsemet Free Tumblr Theme – MORE INFO

ipsemet best tumblr themes

If you like a lot of air around every post, this theme is for you. the title has a pop of color in a gray background with drop shadows.

Optic Responsive Tumblr Theme – MORE INFO

optic best tumblr themes

This is a responsive theme for Tumblr that is ideal for all kinds of blogs and features a masonry jQuery plugin. It is ideal for showcasing artworks with the emphasis on posts.

Rapture Tumblr Theme – MORE INFO

Rapture best tumblr themes

Rapture is ideal for personal blog, business blog, group blog, portfolio – just about anything. It has an image slider that you can use for showcasing your best creations that can be switched off if you do not want it.

The Stitch Free Tumblr Theme – MORE INFO

The-Stitch best tumblr themes

This theme is unorthodox but creative. It has plenty of fabric textures and showcases your contents in an accordion menu.

Orson – A Clean Tumblr Theme – MORE INFO

orson best tumblr themes

This is an adaptive and clean theme for Tumblr that aims to present your content on all devices. Orson is highly customizable.

Mason – A Masonry Inspired Tumblr Theme – MORE INFO

mason best tumblr themes

This is an adaptive theme for Tumblr that aims to present your content in any device with a view based on masonry.

Pop Gallery Tumblr Theme – MORE INFO

Pop-Gallery best tumblr themes

This is Tumblr theme that is ideal for galleries, visual portfolios and handcraft shops. It allows unique thumbnails for sold, reserved and new items to be presented.

Watercolor Free Tumblr Theme – MORE INFO

Watercolor best tumblr themes

If you want to have some colors in your header, you can try this Tumblr theme. The suggestion paper texture could do miracles to your contents below.

3xistence – Responsive Tumblr Theme – MORE INFO

3xistence best tumblr themes

This is a theme that was designed specifically for showcasing your stunning images in high resolution. It also works on mobile devices.

Boxes Free Tumblr Theme – MORE INFO

Boxes best tumblr themes

This theme is designed in grid style. Its raised tiles keep everything classy.

Timeline Tumblr Theme – MORE INFO

timeline best tumblr themes

This is a premium theme for Tumblr that was created for viewing your tumblogs in timeline style. It is ideal if you have an enjoyable and active lifestyle.

Notes – A Clean and Responsive Tumblr Theme – MORE INFO

Notes best tumblr themes

This is a responsive theme for Tumblr that took its inspiration from note paper. It has support for all kinds of Tumblr posts.

Boston Polaroid Free Tumblr Theme – MORE INFO

Boston-Polariod best tumblr themes

If you have a number of high resolution images to show off, this theme is for you. this theme will hang your creations in a fine wide canvas.

Squared Magazine – Tumblr News / Magazine Theme – MORE INFO

Squared-Magazine best tumblr themes

This theme was designed to provide a great magazine feel to your tumblogs. It featues all kinds of magazine functions such as widget, related posts and latest articles.

Castles In The Snow (Free) – MORE INFO

Castles-in-the-Snow best tumblr themes

This is a grid style Tumblr theme that combines diagonal textures and bold lines. Perfect for keeping your posts popping out of the page.

Focus – A Minimalistic Tumblr Theme – MORE INFO

Focus best tumblr themes

This is one of the best Tumblr themes that is adaptive and minimalistic. It aims to present contents without the clutter on any device.

iPad Interface (Free) – MORE INFO

iPad-Interface best tumblr themes

This theme will provide your readers with an interactive experience that tunes in with a touchscreen menu.

They’ve Gone Plaid (Free) – MORE INFO

They've-Gone-Plaid best tumblr themes

This theme presents chunky texts on a plaid and subtle background. The plaid colors can be customized.

UltraMnml – Clean & Responsive Tumblr Theme – MORE INFO

UltraMnml best tumblr themes

This is a responsive, minimalistic and ultraclean Tumblr theme that was created for power blogging. It has support for all post types and ideal for all kinds of Tumblr blogs. UltraMnml is also responsive you can also use it on mobile devices.

Vision Tumblr Theme – MORE INFO

Vision best tumblr themes

This theme is perfect for agency, business portfolio or freelancing. It features a home page post contents snippet so you can present more at one time.


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Amazing collection of themes, i like timelines because of its reponsiveness


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