Some people believe that email marketing is utilized mostly by large companies that can afford the expenses. These people think that email marketing is quite hard if you run a small business. However, this is not true. Let me explain!

WordPress newsletter plugins will allow you to systematically keep in touch with your costumers and even attract new potential leads to your business. Some newsletter plugins will allow you to manage every step of your email campaigns easily, from the subscription process to the creation of different mailing lists, sending emails and other related tasks. Most of these plugins rely on a newsletter service provider though and not all of them are easy to use. By the way, WordPress is by far the most popular CMS (content management system) today, and more and more business websites are build using WordPress. It is an open source CMS, and it is powerful, flexible and free.

In this article we present 10 useful WordPress newsletter plugins. Each of these plugins has their own cons and pros, so I encourage you to spend some time investigating each of them. I think not all of them are intended for the bigger campaigns. Also please be aware that our list does not count all  newsletter plugins. Please add your comments or suggestions below. Tell me what you think and let me know if you are using a WordPress newsletter plugin not included in the list. Feel free to share this post with your friends.

Newsletter Sign Up (free)

Newsletter Sign Up is a sign-up-form plugin that will help you enhance the size of your costumer mailing list. It will allow you to have a sign up form different places on your website, and it is known for its “signup to our newsletter” checkbox in the “leave a comment” form. To get your newsletter campaign up and running you will also need to have a newsletter service account like MailChimp or YMLP. It will work with most newsletter service providers.

newsletter-sign wordpress newsletter plugins

Email Newsletter (free)

Email newsletter plugin will give you the option to send HTML mails to registered users, and it will also allow you to send mails to users who has posted a comment on your website. There is no configuration in this plugin. The plugin has easy installation and it can have a sign up form added by using “Simple contact form”. Another free plugin from the same author..

email-newsletter wordpress newsletter plugins

ALO EasyMail Newsletter (free)

This WordPress plugin will allow you to create and send newsletters as well as manage and gather subscribers. It has support for multi-language and internationalization.

alo-easymail wordpress newsletter plugins

Simple Campaign Monitor Signup Forms

This newsletter plugin will give you 3 different ways for adding signup forms in your WordPress site. It’s very powerful – you can use shortcodes, dedicated widgets or template tags. When a visitor fills out the form, they are immediately added to your email subscription list. You will need an account at Campaign Monitor.

simple-campaign wordpress newsletter plugins

MyMail – Email Newsletter Plugins for WordPress

A very simple, yet powerful WordPress email plugin for creating, sending and tracking newsletter campaigns.

mymail wordpress newsletter plugins

WooCommerce MailChimp Subscribe – WordPress Plugin

This plugin will display a newsletter signup checkbox on WooCommerce checkout integrated with MailChimp. The plugin also includes a dashboard widget for MailChimp List Health.

woocommerce-mailchimp wordpress newsletter plugins

Simple Mail Chimp Signup Forms

This plugin in will provide you with a number of methods for adding email list signup forms to your website. When the form is filled out, the subscriber will be added to your email subscription list automatically. (Mail Chimp account needed). You can display your signup forms using a dedicated widget, shortcode or template tag for advanced users.

simple-mail-chimp[3] wordpress newsletter plugins

Subscribe Popup

This WordPress plugin will allow you to have a subscription box to your site or blog that is highly customizable. Once it is raised, the popup box asks readers to submit name and email address. The data is then submitted to the MailChimp newsletter system or stored in the database. All of the saved data could be exported in the form of CSV files, which can be used with other newsletter systems. This plugin is ideal for extending the functionality of your WordPress site.

subscribe-popup wordpress newsletter plugins

Subscribe & Download

This plugin will allow you to distribute files via subscriptions. Users only have to submit their contact details to download something from your website. After submitting data, users will receive a download link through email. All data that are submitted can be sent to the MailChimp newsletter system or saved in a database. They could then be exported as CSV files that can be utilized with other newsletter systems.

subscribe wordpress newsletter plugins

AJDE maintenance mode countdown timer – WP Plugin

If you have a new product coming or maybe need to take down your website for some reason, it is recommended to let visitors know what is going on, and to let them sign up for your newsletter. AJDE is an easy to use plugin that will add a countdown timer screen to your site. Data displayed on the countdown page can be changed through the WordPress dashboard.

ajde wordpress newsletter plugins