Free retro fonts are quite popular in web design and print design. You can find vintage fonts and retro fonts everywhere in your surroundings today. Vintage items are defined as objects that are once popular during late 19th century to early 20th century. The good old days just does something good to us, and with these beautiful free fonts you can get a realistic look and feel of the past.

One of the most critical elements of a website design is the typography. Fonts play an essential role in presenting the contents of the website to online viewers and visitors. It is easy to change the font and use the one you like on your website if you use WordPress. Most premium themes support this feature. The ordinary text element of your website can easily be transformed from an ordinary typography into an attractive and elegant vintage style. You can choose from plenty of typography designs and styles as you will see in this article.

Basically, a usual retro font used in posters is bold and big while logos and taglines often use calligraphy and handwritten vintage fonts. Some designers prefer premium fonts. However, there are several free retro fonts that offer high-quality typography that can be used at no cost. Below are some of the inspiring free retro fonts to help you find what you need for your next project. Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

Mister Sinatra Font – MORE INFO

Mister Sinatra Font

These free retro fonts are inspired from a popular musician in the 50s, Frank Sinatra. This typography features bold and narrow fonts and special characters, which are often used as headings of the chapters in a novel.

FHA Condensed French – MORE INFO

FHA Condensed French

This typography has probably created as a wood type for headlines, display and posters. In fact, the exaggerated sharp serifs on the fonts were common during 19th century era.

Vintage One – MORE INFO

Vintage One

Vintage One is a comical retro-inspired typeface that presents font letters, numbers, and other grammatical characters, which are perfect for headline or section title use in websites.

Rogers – MORE INFO


Rogers Font is an example of free retro fonts that contain classic upper and lowercase letters, as well as Arabic numerical and plenty of special characters. It can be used as fonts for article contents in vintage-themed websites.

Remachine Script – MORE INFO

Remachine Script

This non-commercial typography is one of the most downloaded free retro fonts online due to its simplicity and elegance. This kind of font has seen in different sites with vintage themes.

National Currency Font – MORE INFO

National Currency Font

This vintage font was inspired from the letterings and typography found on several old stock certificates produced in the 19th century. Moreover, it comes with two guilloche borders.

Handshop Typography C30 – MORE INFO

Handshop Typography C30

This 50’s font-inspired typography was often coined in several advertisement posters in 19th century. It features uppercase fonts with different shades and style. It is intended for personal use only.

Antique Book Cover – MORE INFO

Antique Book Cover

Antique Book Cover typography presents narrow fonts (both upper cases and lower cases), which stylized as formal letterings commonly used in book pages and title covers.

CM Chipped Paint – MORE INFO

CM Chipped Paint

CM Chipped Paint features astounding fonts and characters inspired from the late 90s. It presents outlined and bold fonts and characters, which resembles from the letterings we see in various bars.

Intaglio – MORE INFO


Intaglio is an uppercase typography that features outlined letters and characters inspired from 1960s to 70s. This can be a great font and lettering typography to use in websites.



This font is inspired from the official typography of old Idaho. It features basic fonts, lettering and special characters in bold form. This is deemed as one of the most utilized fonts in Idaho during 19th century.

Life Savers – MORE INFO

Life Savers

This typography is inspired from the 50s candies’ advertisement, ‘Life Savers’. At this time, most of the advertising agencies are hiring lettering artists when creating ads in posters. All of the texts were beautifully hand drawn.

Great Victorian – MORE INFO

Great Victorian

Great Victorian is a popular typography commonly surfaced in Europe. Basically, the fonts convey elegance and style, keeping its simplicity and stance. It is perfect for websites holding a Victorian era inspired theme.

Wooden Nickel Back – MORE INFO

Wooden Nickel Back

Wooden Nickel Back is a classic typography that features bold lettering and special characters. This type of font is quite familiar back in 19th century, and it is perfect for websites with vintage themes.

Upper East Side – MORE INFO

Upper East Side

Upper East Side is another retro-inspired vintage font, which is prominent during 1980s. It features upper and lower cases, as well as special characters. It is perfect for sites with retro themes.

Airstream – MORE INFO


Airstream is one of the cursive free vintage fonts that present bold letterings and special characters perfect for typography logos and taglines. It creates additional appeal to websites with wordy contents.

Anagram – MORE INFO


When speaking of the typography name, it is a type of word play that resulted from rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to create a new term or phrase. This typography makes use of uppercase letters and special characters.



This novelty vintage font features a cursive type of calligraphy with a touch of conventional means of writing the letters and fonts. It is utilized in some logos worldwide.

Deftone Stylus – MORE INFO

Deftone Stylus

This elegant typography features a freehand calligraphy that is almost similar to hand written fonts and characters. This vintage typography is perfect for websites with a throwback approach.

East Market – MORE INFO

East Market

East Market is one of the free retro fonts that suit websites with classic themes. It contains upper & lowercase letters and special characters. It’s a must try for retro sites.

Forque – MORE INFO


Forque is a classic typography theme that features only uppercase letters and special characters. It is commonly used in various retro-themed industrial websites online that viewers will enjoy.

Riesling – MORE INFO


Riesling is a classic vintage font used by several websites with retro-themed website designs. It comprises narrow upper and lowercase letters and characters, combining basic and classic typography.

Kelmscott Roman – MORE INFO

Kelmscott Roman

This 90s inspired typeface features classic look of letters, number and special characters that can also be utilized as a font in formal contents in a period-inspired websites. These are available for downloads.

Anastacia – MORE INFO


Anastacia is a classic typography composed of various forms of uppercase letters, numbers, and a handful of special characters. This type of retro font is commonly used in creating typography logos.

Ritzy Remix – MORE INFO

Ritzy Remix

Ritzy Remix is a vintage typeface consists of bold letters, numbers and other special characters that are perfect for retro movie posters and period-themed websites. This will surely add classic element to each site.

Star Avenue – MORE INFO

Star Avenue

This popular classic typography features Arabic numeral, upper and lowercase letters, and grammatical marks. It is inspired from classic sci-fi movies and television series like Star Wars and Star Trek.

Isadora – MORE INFO


Isadora is a tribal-inspired vintage typography that features uppercase letters, numerals and special characters. It is like an Indiana Jones-themed typeface that suits websites with wilderness theme.

CF Old Photography Credit – MORE INFO

CF Old Photography Credit

This vintage typeface is intended for personal use. It features narrow uppercase letters, numerals and special characters. These fonts seem to originate in early 40s to 50s.

Margot – MORE INFO


Margot is inspired from early typographies from Greeks and Cyrillic ranges. It features quirky upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. These can be utilized as font designs for period-themed websites.

Retro Loops Font – MORE INFO

Retro Loops Font

The use of this retro Hawaiian font-inspired can be a delight for graphic designers who have vintage-themed website projects. It features upper and lowercase letters with swirling ends, as well as numbers and special characters.


CF Paris

This romantic-looking classic font design is often seen in archetypal themed headlines, content articles, and section titles in website design. This is freely available for personal use.